Friday, October 14, 2022

5 Tips to Make Your Home Winter Proof

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Everyone wants to stay warm and comfortable this winter, but it requires a little effort before the cold snap comes in. make sure you carry out some routine checks around your home in the next few months to winter-proof your home and enjoy the festive season free from any stress.  

Pipe Insulation 

Winter can be unpredictable at the best of times, sometimes, you will have a warm season, and you don’t think twice about the pipes, then you experience a cold snap one year, and all of a sudden, you have a flooded basement. Don’t allow this to happen; insulate your pipes in winter. 

The pipes most at risk are the cold water pipes that supply your kitchen tabs and bathroom. Water left in them overnight can freeze and expand, putting pressure on the joints and causing leaks. Pipe insulation is made of foam; it can be bought online and fitted using your DIY skills.    

Boiler Checks 

With the cold weather on the horizon, it’s time to check your boiler to make sure everything is working properly; boiler checks can be routine and carried out by homeowners, but if you want a more professional check, you need to contact a professional since it’s a legal requirement. 

First, check that your boiler switches on and off without any warning lights or issues; you can then check the efficiency of your radiators. Also, check the pressure gauge of your boiler; it should sit between 1 and 1.5; you might need to bleed the radiators if the pressure is too high.   

Pressure Washing 

The last thing you want is a major cleaning job in the spring when the worst of the winter weather has passed. If you don’t deep clean your driveway and patio steps routinely, you could end up with a grimy unattractive driveway throughout the winter and into the warmer months. 

There’s good news; pressure washing is easy and accessible; all you have to do is hire one from a property service that works best for deep cleaning driveways and patios with ease. When preparing your home for winter festivities, don’t forget about the exterior as well as the interior.   

Gutter Clearing 

Clearing your gutters needs to happen throughout the winter, but it’s especially important in the fall and soon after. Fall leaves are a major concern for homeowners as they can lead to flooding and create mold and rot in the eaves. Clearing your gutter leaves is easy if you have DIY skills. 

To clear your gutter leaves, you will need some gloves, a ladder, and a bucket. Some people throw the fall leaves and earth from the roof, but it’s more sensible to have a bucket that you can conveniently hook from a ladder. Clean your gutters regularly in the fall and sometimes in winter.  

Keeping Warm 

The cost of energy is rising steeply, and it’s likely to be a challenging winter for many households. If you want to save money on your electricity, make sure your home is well-insulated; also, make sure you put hot water bottles on your feet for extra warmth.    

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