Friday, October 14, 2022

Gift Eco-Conscious Friends and Family with Travel Cups and Water Bottles from Brand Factory This Holiday Season (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We did a lot of hiking and family walks during COVID. And, once the gym opened back up, my husband and girls returned for their daily workouts together.  When they returned we found they needed new water bottles, as their old ones were left in their locker there, and prior to opening back up, the gym did a deep cleaning and threw out things left behind in lockers, which included the girls' favorite water bottles.  When browsing for new bottles, my girls had one request...seeing that their old bottles, and many other gym members' bottles were thrown out and ending up in landfills, they wanted to get an Eco-friendly bottle, or one that was made with sustainable products.  I never thought to buy water bottles and travel cups made of sustainable products, but after seeing how my girls are trying to do their part to protect the planet, I found myself searching online and being surprised at the different brands out there offering sustainable products.  

One brand that kept popping up in my search was Brand Factory.  They offer a wide variety of products for home, car and on the go use, including travel and water bottles -- all made with innovative materials you wouldn't think could be turned into a sustainable product.  I looked further into this brand and their product offering and was surprised to find that they use coffee grounds and husks for some of their products.  Yes, you read that right...they found a way to re-purpose coffee grounds, husks and sugarcane, and turn them into functional and stylish products we can use on a daily basis.

Before I was able to order new water bottles for my girls, I was contacted by the folks at Brand Factory and asked if I wanted to check out firsthand their Moka coffee cup (made out of coffee grounds and husks) and the Suga water bottle (made out of sugarcane). 

Moka - Available in 12 and 16 oz sizes

I jumped at the opportunity, and a few days ago received both in the mail to review.  When I first held each product, I couldn't believe that they were made with innovative materials.  They were so stylish (more than most travel coffee cups and water bottles you see on the market today), and also very durable.  I also liked the colors of both samples I received -- sand in the 16 oz. Hip Moka coffee cup, and ocean in the 22 ox. Hip Suga water bottle.  Blue is my favorite color, and this ocean blue really is pretty.

"Suga - “This reusable bottle is made from renewable sugarcane” is printed on the side of this recyclable, sustainable, BPA free, 22 ounce water bottle that features an easy carry handle. Durable enough for the freezer and dishwasher, Suga is available in four earthy tones: Sand, Sky, Ocean, and Pebble. Available for $10 at"

My husband and girls couldn't believe it when I said these two products were made with coffee grounds, husks and sugarcane.  They held them and then tried them out firsthand.  Everyone agreed they were well made and durable.  My oldest daughter called dibs on the Suga water bottle, as she liked the slim book and color.  My husband wanted the Moka coffee cup, as he liked the feel of the cup. He knew that this cup would be a conversation starter with colleagues over zoom calls, as he is still working remote. 

Seeing that my youngest daughter and I needed our Brand Factory cups, I pulled up the website and we browsed their product offering.  I ended up getting myself another Suga water bottle in ocean, and my daughter went with the Hip Bottle, which reminded her of a camping canteen and me of a flask.  We are waiting on our order to arrive, but are enjoying hearing my husband and daughter talking up their Suga and Moka bottles.  Everyone they talk to and tell what make up their bottles are shocked and in awe.  Then, they want to take a closer look, and can't believe that these sustainable products are made with things we would otherwise discard on a daily basis.

22 Oz. Suga Water Bottles - Available in Ocean, Pebble, Sand or Sky 

I am so happy that both of my girls are doing their part to help protect the Earth for generations to come, and love talking to friends and family and offering up ways that they too can help the environment by using products like these that use innovative materials to create sustainable reusable products, instead of added more waste to landfills and polluting bodies of water.  And, now that we all know about Brand Factory and their product offering, we are quick to offer up more information and the website when people compliment their Suga and Moka cups.  And, once my daughter and I get our bottles, we will showing them off and raving about them, too.

"MOKA - It’s printed right on the side of the cup, “This cup is made from repurposed coffee grounds and husk that would otherwise be discarded.” Moka is recyclable, reusable, sustainable, freezer and dishwasher safe, BPA free and yes, made with coffee ground and husk. Moka is also heat resistant, barista friendly with 12 and 16 ounce sizes, and fits into standard cup holders. Available in the earthy shades of Sand and Pebble. Available for $8 - 10 at"

With the holidays fast approaching, why not consider switching things up this year and give Eco-friendly and sustainable products products like ones from Brand Factory to friends and family.  If we all do our part, we can help protect our planet for many years to come.  Every small step or change from each of us will make a world of difference.  

"Beyond using unique materials, Brand Factory's low waste design process only uses the materials needed without sacrificing function to create a healthy balance of form and innovation. Brand Factory also manages their own factories, so every aspect of the production cycle is sustainable and ethical. What's more and especially important right now, these sustainably produced products are also extremely affordable."

Learn more about Brand Factory and browse their amazing line of sustainable products here:  You will be amazed at what they create using innovative materials like coffee grounds, husks and sugarcane, to name a few.

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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