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5 Tips to Make Your Home Life Easier


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If you love household hacks, you’re in the right place; read on to find out the best way to peel oranges without any mess, the best way to wash a blender, and what those mysterious scraps of cloth on new clothing are actually for; we have all the answers for you in the article below. 

Orange Peeling 

Everybody loves an orange, especially in the winter when there is less sunshine and fewer chances to absorb important vitamin D the trouble is that peeling oranges can be awkward and stingy, especially with you or a family member has a little paper cut on their finger or hand. 

There is a better way to peel your oranges, clementines, and tangerines in the morning without the mess; simply put your favorite citrus fruit on the chopping board and cut both ends of it with a knife. Cut a line down the side of it, and the orange will unfurl perfect segments without mess. 

Blender Cleaning 

Blenders are amazing kitchen appliances that are useful at any time of the year; however, they are particularly good in the winter when we need more vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruit. One thing that might put you off using a blender is the problem with washing them. 

Blenders can be awkward to wash and sometimes end up becoming congealed in the sink, but there is an excellent way to wash your blender without too much effort. When you finish making your smoothies in the morning, fill it with soapy water and blend it again to clean out the jug.   

Expiration Dates 

When it comes to expiration dates, food items are generally upfront and clear about when they go out of date; they have to be to avoid any health issues, but things are different when it comes to moisturizers, lotions, and other products you are more likely to find in the home bathroom.  

Products such as moisturizers and lotions also have use-by dates; once the lid is open, they must be used within six months or twelve months, depending on the symbol on the back. Look at the back of the product for a symbol with an open lid that has a 6M or a 12M indicating dates. 

Milk Trick 

Whether it is soya milk or cow’s milk, the majority of milk is bought in cartons these days; the trouble is that milk from cartons can be difficult to pour, sometimes it will spill out of the top, especially when the milk is newly opened, but there is a neat trick that you need to know about.

Instead of pouring the milk in a conventional way, turn the cartoon around and pour the milk backward; this means pouring the milk so that there is more carton on the pouring side than there would be usually; it prevents spills and is recommended by Highland Park Housekeeping.     

Fabric Scraps 

Have you ever wondered what that scrap of material is on new clothing? It sometimes has a button on it and could be a repair patch but seems too small for that. In reality, this little scrap of cloth is to test the material in the wash so that you don’t use the wrong detergent on the clothes. 

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