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Nowadays, more and more companies and PR reps are turning to mom/lifestyle bloggers to spread the word about new trends and products in the marketplace, as they are realizing that moms are the #1 consumers and decision makers for their families on products and services.  And, as a mom myself, I am always on the lookout to find products that will help makes moms lives easier, as well as spread the word about news and products that would be useful to them and their families.  

Through product reviews (including giveaways and coupons), I am able to try out and provide an HONEST and IN-DEPTH review of products sent my way.  I will not share or write about a product that I don't back 100% or would not use with my family.  And, don't expect a cut and paste review post.  I take the time to thoroughly review and try out each product with my family, including 2 daughters, in order to write up a review that other moms can feel confident reading and making the decision whether or not to buy for their family. 

Do you have a product or service that you feel would be beneficial for moms and their families?  If so, I would love to hear from you. 
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Review Guidelines:

I an open to discussing all products and services, except those that are not family-friendly or are X-rated in nature.

In my review, I will feature your company name, logo, text links and product photos and descriptions.  Also, where applicable, I will include personal photos of my family using your product, to help show the ease and usefulness of it.  Personal photos that I include in my post are copyright and cannot be used on your company website or other social media sites, without my consent/permission.

In addition to having me write up an honest review of your product/service, I can also run a giveaway and/or offer a coupon code to readers.   Giveaways are a great opportunity to increase exposure to your product.  And, all giveaways link back to you. In addition, you are provided FREE advertisement through various social media channels, as I post the giveaway on various giveaway sites, in my RSS feed, as well as my Facebook and Twitter pages.  In total, your review/giveaway post will be seen by over 50000+ readers.  Giveaways usually run for 2 weeks with the hopes of bringing as many people to your site. A winner will be chosen using and will be notified of the win within 24 hrs.. They have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. If I run a giveaway, I request that you send the prize to the winners.  I will provide you with the winner's contact information once the giveaway ends, usually within 72 hrs.  It is then up to you to send the prize to the winner(s). 

For coupon codes, I request that you send along a unique coupon/promo code, as well as expiration date (if any), for inclusion in the post.

Review Policy:

Because I don't charge for writing up a review, I request that samples sent to me have a value of NO LESS THAN $50.00 (not including shipping and handling).  I will also not accept TRIAL SIZES, as it is hard to write up an honest review with TRIAL SIZE products.  Instead of charging for my services, which would cost $100+, the use of a product sample is used as compensation for my time writing up a post about your site/product, setting up the giveaway and promoting your post/giveaway, picking and contacting winners,as well as sharing your product/service with over 30000+ loyal mom consumers, who turn to me for an honest opinion on products/brands/services.

Review of your product/service will be posted within 2 weeks of receiving sample in the mail.  As soon as review posts, I will forward the URL to you, so that you can cross promote on your sites. 

**NOTE- Any and all items I receive are non-returnable and will not be used as the giveaway item(s) or sent back.**

Types of Products I Review:

I am experienced at reviewing books, DVDs, toys, games, food, health care items, clothing and accessories, organizational products, house and home products, websites, software, and more.

Again, I am always looking for unique products that would be of interest to moms and their families.  And, with 4-5 annual gift giving guides run throughout the year, moms are turning to my blog for gift giving ideas.

Advertising Opportunities on My Blog:

If you would like to have me feature your company through a banner, text link, photo, etc. on my blog site, I offer the following options: 

  • All ads will appear in the far right sidebar.
  • A text-link costs $40/month or $180 for the year (above the fold +$10.00).
  • A 125×125 logo or button costs $8/week or $40.00 for a month. (above the fold +$10.00)
  • All ads are subject to approval and ad space availability.
  • All ads are subject to a 2 month minimum and payable at the time that they first appear on the site.

Questions, Comments, Etc. -- Email me at rmccoy1234 at gmail dot com.

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