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The New Activity Ark Box Lets Your Child Explore the Bible in a Fun Way - Each Box Includes 5 Interactive Activities to Help Kids Grow in Their Faith (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for writing up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Activity Ark

Activity Ark is a fun new way to teach your kids the Bible.  
With each box, kids explore a new Bible topic!

I recently learned about Activity Ark after reading a press release that came through my email.  I was excited to learn about this new  faith-based subscription box (shipped every 3 months) which is geared towards children ages 4-9, and put together by experts in childhood education and the Bible, as I have been looking for something like this to add to our homeschooling.  While I do teach about religion in our day to day schooling, I wished there was a fun subscription box I could get, like the other arts and crafts and educational based ones, to help tie in lessons from the Bible with the girls.

Here is more about the new Activity Ark, which you can order and cancel at any time (no commitment necessary):

"Activity Ark is a box of awesome hands-on activities that helps your child explore the Bible.  Each box focuses on a different Bible topic and includes a hands-on project, activity sheets, a reading book, family discussion materials, and a toy, game, or surprise. 
Single Box
Every box is developed by our team of creative designers, experts in childhood education and the Bible, and kid testers (who are not shy to give us some really tough feedback!).
Our goal is to inspire kids and create shared experiences for families to enjoy together. We hope you enjoy your Activity Ark adventure as much as our early explorers do!"

What is inside an Activity Ark box?:

This is the box we received, and I am sharing my personal review on below...


My Thoughts:

We were recently sent the God's Creations/Adam and Eve Activity Ark box to try out and used it today in our schooling.  

I started by reading the Adam and Eve book to the girls, followed by asking them the Family Discussion questions included in the box.  

I loved how these questions not only tie in with the story we read, but also have the girls thinking about God in a new light.  One question I had the girls answer was -- "What qualities do you like most about yourself?  What makes you a good person? -- I really liked hearing how the girls view themselves and what qualities they think make someone a good person.  Savannah said she was caring and considerate, while Bella said she was helpful and liked being part of a team and working together.  Both girls agreed that a good person listens and does what they are told, unlike Adam and Eve who ate the apples even though God told them not to.  We continued our discussion for a good 15 minutes, and the girls really got into it.  I loved hearing them share opening and even feel comfortable to ask me questions about God or share things about kids they have come in contact with were not that nice.  There are so many bullies out there, even in the early grades.  While it is a sad thing, it is also good to know that kids are willing to open up and share their feelings with parents and teachers, and hopefully things don't escalate.  

After we were done reading the book and having a little family discussion, we dived right into the fun universe craft.

My girls love to craft, and when they see glitter, they get so excited.  What was great about this craft, which tied into what the theme of this month's Activity Ark box was -- All God's Creations -- was that all the supplies you need (minus the water) were included.  So, I didn't have to worry about looking around the house or having to run out to the store to pick up supplies to complete. 

Another thing I like about this craft is that the instructions are spelled out in easy to understand language so that even the youngest of kids enjoying this box and its content can comprehend.  There are also color photos with each step, making following along with this step-by-step craft easy and fun.  

We started by adding 5 drop of blue paint in the jar I filled 1/3 of the way with water.

Then, Bella stirred it up.

We then added cotton balls (about 15) that we stretched apart to the jar and then repeated steps 1-4 over with red paint, and then the blue paint again.

Glitter makes everything awesome.  And, this craft had a few layers of glitter!

"This is so cool!," the girls kept saying.

My girls were able to do the craft on their own without much help from me. I just filled the jar each time for them, as not to overfill.

Here is our completed Universe Jar

When the craft was done, the girls took turns giving their new Universe jar a shake.  They loved the three layers of color -- blue, red, and purple, along with all the glitter floating throughout the layers.  Their Universe they made was so beautiful, as was the one that God made and we were learning about.  

After the craft, the girls sat together and completed the little activity book that is also included with each Activity Ark kit.  

This month's activity book had a maze, word search and spot the differences activities for kids to complete.  Under each title section, there was a sentence or two reinforcing about the creation topic we were learning about. 

So, not only were the girls having fun completing fun games and activities, but they were learning about the topic at the same time. 

As a reward for completing the different activities in the box, the girls were able to enjoy glow-in-the-dark stars, which put on their ceilings in their bedroom to look at.  This will be a fun reminder about this great box we enjoyed doing together, and about God and all that he created.  

Overall, we really enjoyed this new Christian-based subscription box.  It took about an hour and half to do all the activities in the box, including the wonderful family discussion and reading time we enjoyed together. My girls can't wait to get another Activity Ark box, so that they can learn more about the Bible.  

If you are a fan of faith-based products or have been looking for a Christian-based subscription or activity box to share with your children outside of Sunday school, or as part of your homeschooling like I was, then you will want to check out Activity Ark today. Once you try this box with your children, you will see why we had so much fun with it, and can't wait to order more.


Right now you can take advantage of discounted pricing on these wonderful Christian-based educational boxes, which delight young children ages 4-9 years old. My two girls really enjoyed their first Activity Ark box and can't wait for more to arrive. :-)  

You can order one box to try, or a seasonal or yearly rate.  If you go with the seasonal or yearly subscription, you will receive a box every 3 months, giving you time to enjoy each box, and not have them piling up each month, like some of the other subscription boxes you may be signed up for for your children.

Head on over to Activity Ark to start your subscription or try out a box today!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for writing up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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Check Out These Christmas Favorites as Well as New Additions from RM Palmer -- Great for Stocking Stuffers and to Fill Your Candy Bowls (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

RM Palmer Candy Company Logo

I am been sharing some amazing gift ideas for every member of the family with you over the past month and half, and as the holiday shopping season winds down, I wanted to be sure you were in the know about the wonderful holiday chocolate varieties available from RM Palmer.  When it comes to the holidays, I make a point to have an assortment of candies and chocolates available for family and friends to enjoy when they come to visit.  And, you can fill a stocking with adding some delectable treats, right!  Well, the folks at RM Palmer are there to help make filling your candy dishes and your children's stockings a breeze this Christmas thanks to their fun and oh so tasty chocolates and treats.

All I want for Christmas is more Palmer.

This afternoon was like Christmas come early for me.  Being a huge...did I say HUGE....chocolate lover, I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened a box from RM Palmer.  To give you an idea of how much candy I was sent before I show you photos and get both your and my mouth watering, let's just say the box weighed a little over 12 lbs.  And, there was no fluff or added padding to fill the box.  It was filled from bottom to top with this season's new chocolates from everyone's favorite chocolate company, RM Palmer.  

OK, so you ready to see what great and oh so delicious RM Palmer Christmas products I was sent?  Check out this photo...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all this chocolate goodness in one box -- Thanks so much RM Palmer.  You made my Christmas!


Ever since I started blogging back in 2008, I have made a point to share all the great season selections from RM Palmer.  I have been of this candy company for years, and grew up having Santa and the Easter Bunny leaving me tasty treats to enjoy.  And, now that I have kids of my own, I fill their stockings and Easter Baskets with their favorite RM Palmer chocolates.

Available at most major retailers and grocery stores including Stop N Shop, Family Dollar, CVS, and Rite Aid, you will find the following Christmas selections this year....

Introducing the Santa Big Pop for 2017 -- 
This GIANT 3 ounce Double Crisp is decorated in cheery Santa foil and perfect for sharing...or save it all for yourself!

New Santa's Favorites Mix -- I loved this bag, as it had all my favorite in one BIG bag. Yum! - Santa is on his way…instead of making cookies, leave out his favorite chocolates! Peanut Butter Cups, Fudge Bells, Milk Chocolate Balls and Mini Crisp Kringles are sure to please when Santa comes down the chimney. At 30 ounces, you will have plenty left over to share while opening presents on Christmas morning.

OMG, 30 oz of delicious milk chocolate foiled chocolates featuring cute Christmas characters including Santa and Snowmen - A delicious assortment of our most popular candies, this 30 ounce bag includes: Milk Chocolate Flavored Discs, Santas, Snowmen, Balls and Bells. Be the hit of the office or at home all season long when you fill your candy dishes with this festive mix.

This bag alone would make any chocolate lovers Christmas wish come true-- and it would surely tide them over for quite some time into early 2018 with 186 pieces of chocolate. - This adorable standup bag offers a whopping 186 pieces of everyone’s favorite candies: Sno-Fun Balls, yummy Cookies & Creme Patties, crunchy Mini Crisp Kringles, creamy Fudge Bells and smooth delicious Peanut Butter Cups.

Get in the holiday spirit this year with Santa’s very own Merry Mix. Peanut Butter Cups, Fudge Bells and Milk Chocolate Flavored Santas and snowmen will keep you and your family feeling merry all season long! 44 ounce bag is a jolly good value, too!

I was excited to see this at CVS the other.  It is such a fun and unique way to give cash or a gift card this Christmas.  - Everyone loves getting money or gift cards for Christmas. Pick up our Holiday Cash Cards and and add the extra special touch to your monetary gifts! Each card includes 2 solid milk chocolate half dollars and includes a place to insert your cash gift or gift card for everyone on your list.

Delicious Double Crisp® Santa and Bear shapes, decorated and ready to be snapped apart for sharing with friends and family. Each tasty 2.5 oz. treat can be snapped into 7 smaller pieces, making it perfect for portion controlled snacking too. A real value as a stocking stuffer.

A delicious chocolaty teddy bear filled with smooth and creamy caramel is the perfect gift for loved ones! Something extra special to add on to a gift.

OMG, look how cute these Ugly Sweater Double Crisp Gift boxes are?  Not only are these great for stockings, but to give to those hard to shop for people on your shopping list. - Admit it, we’ve all either given or received an ugly sweater at least once. Now you can have some fun with it by giving friends and family a gift box of Palmer Double Crisp® Ugly Sweater pieces. Each candy piece is foil wrapped with a holiday themed ugly sweater design that will surely rival the ones in your closet.

**You can find all available RM Palmer Christmas candy by following this link --  The ones I mentioned above are new for 2017, as well as a few favorites of mine. :-)


Don't these chocolates look so good?  My daughters saw the cute Stocking Puppies chocolates at the market the other day and wanted one.  

Who could resist an adorable puppy under the tree? These unique form-foiled hollow puppies are looking for good homes this season! Available in 2 popular breeds: A Dalmatian and a Golden Retriever.

I told them they would have to wait to see if Santa brought one for them.  But, today was a happy mail day for them, too, as they saw me take the two hollow  Stocking Puppies milk chocolate treats out of the box and asked for them. 

We'll take these, Mom. :-)
I like how out of all the candy we were sent, which was a lot, that they said they would be satisfied if I let them each have the Stocking Puppies we were sent, along with the sharable Santa and Caramel Jingle Bear.  

My husband loves Yoohoo, so they said he could have that 1 lb Yoohoo Candy bar, along with the double crisp snowman bar.
Delicious Double Crisp® bars wrapped in a festive Santa or Snowman wrapper. These bars are chocolaty smooth and crisp ’n crunchy and are the perfect stocking stuffer for kids of all ages.

After I gave them and my husband those candies, the girls said I could have the rest of the RM Palmer candy.   :-) 

Savannah says these are for Daddy. :-)

Isn't that thoughtful of them. But, then I heard them whisper to each other that I wouldn't be able to eat all that candy myself, and would be offering it to them, too. They know me so well. :-)

Making Presents Fun

Do you have a favorite RM Palmer candy?  I love their double crisp chocolate bars and anything milk chocolate as their chocolate is always rich and creamy and lingers on your tongue. So, I was happy to see these two chocolate offerings as part of the two big Christmas assortment bags I was sent.  Fans of cookies and cream chocolate will also be happy to find this included in the Santa's Holiday Mix bag, which weighs 3 1/2 lbs.

As you wind down your holiday shopping and began to wrap gifts and take final inventory of last minute things you need to pick up, why not add RM Palmer candy to your list?  With an amazing Christmas selection available, that would make for great stocking stuffer ideas or to fill your candy bowls with, you can't get wrong with RM Palmer.  They are a popular candy brand who have been around for years, and has become a go-to for holiday candy.  I, for one, am all set with candy this Christmas, thanks to this candy shipment today. But, like my girls said, I will be offering it up to them and family and friends who come to visit.  But, first I will pull some of my favorites and stash away, to enjoy during my "me time" or when I am in need of a chocolate pick me up. :-)

You can learn more about RM Palmer, including the different Christmas products I have shared above, as well as locate a store near you who carries this candy brand by heading over to  And, if you are having trouble finding your favorite RM Palmer candy in stores, make sure you check out their new online store, and have some of your favorite Palmer candy shipped directly to your house in time for the holidays.

Savannah trying to decide which of the chocolates she will keep -- I know she is wishing she can keep both. 


And, if you love to get crafty with the kids and want to use the Christmas candy from RM Palmer in a fun way to to gift to family and friends in a way that will stand out, make sure you check out the crafts and recipes section at RM Palmer.  I plan to make these cute Sno Fun Snowmen with the girls to hang on the tree and have their cousins grab when they stop by the tree to grab their gifts on Christmas Day.

Learn how to make these cute mesh bag snowmen candy holders here -

And, if we have time, I want to try my hand at these candy ornaments -- that is, if I don't eat all the candy before then. :-)

Trick-or-Treat Packs
Learn how to make these cute candy ornaments using 1-2 bags of Palmer's Santa's Favorites here -

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to RM Palmer and check out these wonderful Christmas candy offering today, so that you can make your wish list/shopping list, and then find a local retailer selling this candy, so that you can purchase before your Palmer favorites are all gone. 
Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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Last Minute Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Peppa Pig Fans (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I'm a Peppa Pig Parent!

Still looking for a few last minute gift ideas for that Peppa Pig fan in your life?  If so, have I got some cute gifts that would put a smile on any Peppa Pig fan's face, just like they did with my two girls, who are still huge fans of this hit animated series, featuring everyone's favorite talking pink pig, Peppa.

As a thank you for being a Peppa Pig Parent and sharing all about Peppa Pig products, live shows and news over the course of this year, my girls received a holiday package in the mail the other day with some fun Peppa Pig items that would make great last minute gift ideas, especially to fill their stockings with.

Fans of Peppa Pig can never have too many books, right?  I have lost count of how many books and DVDs of the show my girls own, but I know they continue to watch the DVD's and pull the books from the shelves.  Just yesterday the girls were playing princesses and were using the Peppa Pig Pop Up Castle book I shared a review on last month.  

They think this is the coolest thing, and when they are not using their plastic or paper Peppa Pig characters, they are making their own to go with this cute pop-up castle book. So, when I saw the Christmas with Peppa Pig book in the box with the other goodies, I knew the girls would love it...and, that they did.  Savannah quickly grabbed it and told Bella to come sit on the couch with her, and they read it together. 

The girls really liked this book, and said it was nice to see that Peppa Pig and her family have similar traditions, like going to get a tree, then decorating it, and then on Christmas Eve making treats for Santa.  And, just like in the book, Santa comes through the door to deliver the gifts.  He did attempt their chimney, but got stuck.  Our chimney is too small so we told the girls when they were little that Santa said it was easier for him to come in the through the door, so we leave a magic key near the door so he can let himself in.

In addition to this cute board book, the girls also got a Pegga Pig Colgate toothbrush, along with Peppa Pig toothpaste, also from Colgate.  Luckily we didn't have any fighting, as I had picked up one Peppa Pig toothbrush like the one we were sent a week before and was waiting to find another so that I could add to the girls' stockings.  But, seeing that we got one in the mail and they wanted to try out the new toothpaste, I got the other one and added it to the box so they would each have one.  The girls really like these toothbrushes as they tickle their teeth and gums and give them a good cleaning :-)  As far as the toothpaste they said it smelled great and wasn't spicy like other toothpastes they have used.  Having a cute toothpaste and great smelling toothpaste with their favorite characters like Peppa Pig makes brushing teeth, which is always a challenge at night, easier.  Now, my girls are excited to brush in the AM and PM and can't wait for me to hand them their new Peppa Pig toothbrush with Peppa Pig toothpaste on it.

What goes with a great bedtime book and hygiene products, which make for great stocking stuffers?  Bedding, of course!  And, the holidays is a perfect time to change up your child's bedding with something new, as you gear up to welcome in the new year.  Unfortunately, the bedding we were sent is for a toddler bed, and both of my girls have full size beds, so I can't show you how it looks all made up. That didn't stop the girls, though, from enjoying the Peppa Pig bedding, as Savannah called dibs on the pillow case, Bella said she would use the top sheet in bed with her, and both girls agreed to leave the comfy comforter on the couch for cuddling and snuggling with.  On cold winter nights and in the AM when the girls wake, they always reach for a warm blanket to cover up with, to keep warm.  Now, they get to reach for a cute Peppa Pig comforter, which they both agree is super soft, and does a great job at keeping them warm.

My girls really enjoyed the Peppa Pig goodies we were sent, and as a parent, I love these gifts as they make for great last minute gift ideas and stocking stuffer ideas for fans of Peppa Pig.  So, with less than 2 weeks until Christmas, why not make a point to pick up a new toothbrush with matching toothpaste from Colgate featuring Peppa Pig, and think about updating your child's bedding.  Oh, and don't forget this cute Christmas board book, which my girls can't get enough of, and that will become a favorite come the holidays each year. 

You can find these products at your favorite local retailer including Walmart and Target.  And, to learn more about this popular show for young children, visit the official Peppa Pig website -- -- today.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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