Friday, December 14, 2018

R.M. Palmer Company is Back with Customer Favorites as Well as New Products for Christmas 2018 -- Get Them While You Can! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

It's that time of year again....R.M. Palmer Company releases new holiday candy, as well as brings back favorites we all love.  I, for one, look forward to the different holidays just to see what new chocolatey treats they come up with, to help us celebrate, while also helping to satisfy our sweet tooth.  Where are my chocoholics at?  You will want definitely want to be in the know about all these chocolate treats I am about to mention will put a smile on your face, before you open your mouth to devour each and every one... :-)

First up, let me introduce you to some of the new additions for 2018, which I was recently sent to enjoy with my family thanks to the kind folks at R.M. Palmer Company.  I welcomed these treats with open arms, and a salivating mouth... :-)

New for 2018! Solid Cookies & Crème decorated with cute snowman attire makes a sweet stocking stuffer for that extra special someone. 4.25 ounces.

New for 2018! Our popular Penguin Pals are now available in a new flavor – Smooth & Creamy. These chocolaty penguins are wrapped in adorable foils and are great for sharing. 3 ounces.

New for 2018! Celebrate the true meaning of the season with seasonal messages and our delicious Double Crisp® Praying Hands. 1.5 ounces.

New for 2018! What better way to enjoy a wintery treat than with our smooth and crunchy Peppermint Bark Coins? Packaged in clear mesh with a festive tag, it can also be used as a gift topper. 1.8 ounces. Also available in bulk.

Bella was quick to claim this new cookies and cream snowman candy for herself :-)

OMG, these are all just too cute, and tasted so good. Come on, I had to do a taste test of each to make sure they were worthy of sharing with my loyal readers...and, that they were!  See I took one for the team here, and added a little extra to my waistline, just to narrow down my favorite Christmas R.M. Palmer Company chocolate...and they all are winners in my book.  No surprise there, right!  :-)

I will say, though, that was excited to see and try the Peppermint Bark coins, which are white candy coins with peppermint crunch. Usually I get the plain old, doesn't really taste like chocolate gold coins for my girls' stockings, but this year, I am definitely picking up more of these to add to everyone's stocking, as well as add to gifts I am giving to family and friends.  White chocolate with peppermint crunch -- what more could you ask for!

In addition to the above new products, which are only a few -- head on over to to check out the other great product additions for Christmas 2018 including this hollow football for that special football fanatic in your house.

And, now for the returning favorites from R.M Palmer Company, that are sure to make fans of this chocolate company smile from ear to ear, when they wake to find these and some of the new additions in their stockings on Christmas morning....

Who could resist an adorable puppy under the tree? These unique form-foiled hollow puppies are looking for good homes this season! Available in 2 popular breeds: a Dalmatian and a Golden Retriever. 2.5 ounces.

Decorated white and milk chocolate flavored, Puddles is available in four adorable snowman designs. Get him before he melts away! 2.5 ounces.

This adorable standup bag offers a whopping 186 pieces of everyone’s favorite flavors: Peanut Butter, Cookies & Crème; Double Crisp® and Fudge. 56 ounces.

Like I mentioned, I was sent a box of Christmas candy from R.M. Palmer for my family to enjoy, and it made our day, especially mine, as I can't say "No" to a great piece of chocolate. :-)  

My girls were so excited to find that the form-foiled hollow puppies were brought back this year, as they loved them last year. 

They were almost too cute to eat, but my girls, like their mom had to sample them, and my girls are happy to report these tasted great. :-)

In addition to sampling the different R. M. Palmer Company candy, the girls tried to get creative with the candy that came in the Santa' Holiday Mix bag.  

With 185 pieces of candy per bag and two bags sent to us, there was enough candy for them to use with their gingerbread village they had been working, as well as see what fun edible art they could come up with.  Just look at what they made this afternoon...

Tomorrow, we will be making a few more fun crafts using all this candy we got, thanks to the fun craft ideas we found on the "Making Candy Fun" tab of the R.M. Palmer Company website.  We will be making these candy ornaments and Sno Fun Mesh Candy bags for my girls to bring to their upcoming Christmas parties to hand out to friends, as we would not be able to eat all this candy ourselves...well, we could, but it is better to share. :-)

Get the craft instructions for these cute candy ornaments here

Learn how to make these super cute Sno Fun Mesh Bags 
with chocolate Snowmen balls here

These are just two of the many cute candy crafts you and your family will have fun making and gifting this holiday season, using the R.M. Palmer Company you pick up.  

To learn more about these fun crafts, as well as learn more about their Christmas candy offering, head on over to

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Santa Dog: The First Sleigh Ride is the Perfect X-Mas Gift Bundle for Your Kids and 4-Legged Loved One + It's a New Magical Holiday Tradition to Start with Your Family (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

The holidays are all about being with the ones you love, as well as sharing traditions with your family, year after year.  Dec. 1st for most families mark the arrival of an elf friend to watch over your kids and make sure they are behaving, or maybe a Santa Cam added to the tree (which we started this year with the girls), or maybe you skip all that and just do the advent calendars.  Whatever your family does to get into the holiday spirit is what makes the holidays special for you. But, what about your pets?  They are also looking forward to Santa's arrival, and hoping he fills their stockings with treats and new toys.  If only there was a book/plush set that was made for your pets and kids to enjoy together.  I know, I know, many dog owners share about how their dogs are not on good terms with the elves who come to visit, and sometimes, just sometimes they sneak in the night and catch the elf and turn them into new dog chew toys.  This happened to a friend of mine last week and the kids were devastated when they woke to woke Candy Cane the elf was missing. The mom frantically looked high and low for an elf to replace the chewed up one, so that it could return the next morning and put her kids' mind at ease.  Ahh, the stress of those crazy elves.  I am thankful my girls aren't into the elves and I don't have to remember each night to move them.

My girls, though, are all about the new Santa Dog: The First Sleigh Ride book and plush set we received earlier this week. 

It has been a rough week and half in our house, as we lost our older dog to heart failure last Thursday, on the way to the vet.  The girls watched their first beloved pet pass away, and have been grieving ever since, along with our other rescue dog, Milly, who is missing her best friend.  So, this book came at a good time, as it helped my girls and their remaining forever furry friend share snuggle time while reading this cute holiday story about a dog and boy as they learn the true meaning of the true meaning of Christmas, and the special bond between a child and their furry four-legged friend.  Even though my girls miss Lily, I heard them talking this afternoon how this story, which they completed today after spreading out the 58 pages over the past few days, made them think of Lily and how when my husband and I rescued her back in Dec. 2008 that she found us, and was meant for us.  I had finished my cancer treatment in May and was hoping to find a friend for Abby, my beloved Papillon mix which I adopted as a baby right before I started treatment and she was by my side throughout the treatment (sadly she passed away four years later due to complications with seizures she developed and continued to have).  We drove to a shelter right outside of NY and were hoping to rescue a Maltese I had saw on the rescue league's website. But, when we got there, that dog had been adopted.  We walked through and checked out all the other dogs, but none caught our eye.  Thinking it wasn't our time for another dog, we started to walk out of the kennel, only to see a little black dog scurry over towards my husband's side as we were about to leave.  She left out the cutest littlest "arf" and our hearts melted.  And, as they say the rest is history. :-)

Our cute little Lily

Lily and her big, little sister Abby

Milly misses her best friend Lily

Lily had been not only my beloved Abby's forever friend during her time on this Earth, but she filled my husband and my hearts from the moment we held her.  And, then when my girls came along, she found space in her heart to love them just as much, and gave my girls the gift of unconditional love, only a furry companion can.  She never expected anything in return...well maybe a few treats and snuggles...and was also ready to cover you with her kisses. She could make bad days turn to great just by snuggling up next to you and licking your hand gently.  And, her little bark, which she has right up until the end, melted your heart each and every time she left out an "arf". 

As my girls and I sat with Milly these past few days to read Santa Dog: The first Sleigh Ride, we couldn't help but be reminded about the true meaning of Christmas. And, this is the time of year family's consider adding a furry friend to the family. Before you make this life-long commitment to them, make sure you are ready to give them your whole heart, and know one day that they will take a piece of it with them when you go to Heaven.

If you are looking for a unique holiday tradition to share with you kids and four-legged friend, as they like to be included in the holidays, too, why not consider picking up this cute book and plush set.  What is so neat about this book, not just the story that your kids will love reading, but you also get a cute Santa Dog plush for the kids and a squeaky Santa Dog toy for your furry friend. My girls were so happy to share this special plush Santa Dog with Milly , and she was happy to receive the gift...come on, what dog can resist a new chewy/plush toy to throw around and play with.

You can learn more about Santa Dog and order your very own bundle set by visiting today.  Then, get ready to snuggle up on the couch with the whole family, including your pets, as you read this cute story, while your kids and pet hold their cute Santa Dog plush toys.

More about Santa Dog: The First Sleigh Ride Bundle Set:

In his Christmas debut, learn the story of what made Santa Claus’ dog leave the North Pole and become Santa Dog - the gift giver to every good dog around the world. A magical, emotional, 58-page illustrated book for children ages 3-12. 

"Join Santa Dog and a little boy named Theo on this paw-warming story which is sure to become a family classic as they both uncover the true meaning of Christmas. The Santa Dog Holiday Gift Bundle comes complete with the full-color children’s book and matching Santa Dog plush toys for your child and pet, which will bring everyone together during the holidays and create lasting memories throughout the year.

The perfect Christmas gift bundle for any 2-legged and 4-legged loved ones on your list, and a new magical Christmas morning tradition!"
Bundle includes:

  • Full-color 58-page illustrated book 'Santa Dog - The First Sleigh Ride'
  • 9-inch plush toy for children
  • 6-inch plush squeaky toy for dogs
Toy details:
  • Full-plush exterior
  • 100% polyester
  • All new material
  • Surface washable
  • Not for children under 3 years old


Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Get Organized in 2019 with the Help of Personalized Planners and Calendar, To-Do Notepads, and More for the Whole Family from Stuck on You (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

The Coolest Kids Name Labels & Gifts  ~

If you like personalized gifts and stationary, then you will love the selection of products from Stuck on You.  

"Australia based Stuck On You was founded in 1995 by Carrie Felton, a mom of three boys.  A global leader in personalized products for baby & beyond, Stuck On You products are available in more than 15 countries.  Felton created Stuck On You to celebrate the individuality of every name, bring joy to new parents with unique, timeless products for every child, save families time, energy and money and help them to lead a more organized life.  

In addition to a broad offering of labels, the Stuck On You collection includes activity and personalized books, durable and stylish bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles, stationery, bag tags and gorgeous gifts for all ages."


Yesterday I received a sampling of personalized products from the folks at Stuck on You, and my girls were so excited.  Why?  Because, included with samples were two personalized sticker advent calendars for them, as well as monthly chore charts and "Best Year Ever 2019" notepads with their names on them.  I guess my girls get their love of personalized gifts from me, as I love when I am given a gift with my name on it...hence all the coffee mugs the girls make or get me when they find it has my name on it. :-)

Here are the girls posing with their new personalized gifts from Stuck on You...

Even though we had already started our other advent calendars, the girls were quick to add the stickers for the past 11 day to get caught up.  

And, then they brought these calendars, which come with a magnetic strip to add to the back to hang, and put them in their bedrooms, along with their sticker sheets to finish the advent.  And, this AM when they woke up, the first thing they did after making their beds and changing was to add a sticker to their advent calendar from Stuck on You, before running downstairs to tell me how many days were left until Christmas.  It is funny, the girls have a LEGO advent, a sock one, a puzzle one and a chocolate advent, but this sticker one is by far their favorite.  I think they like it most as it has their names on it, and came with their favorite color background -- which I was able to personalize just for them. :-)

In addition to going crazy for their sticker advent calendars, the girls also loved their chore calendars/charts and personalized to do notepad.  I also personalized these with some of their favorite things -- colors and images.  I opted for Llamas for Savannah and teal background, and unicorns and pink background for Bella.  At first the girls thought the chore calendars were just plain old calendars to populate every month, but then I showed them the chore column and explained how it worked.  Right now we have chore charts on the fridge which they track their chores each day. But, they liked the idea of having a calendar/chore chart in their room for them to look at and check off each day.  And, it also helped them remember when we paid them their allowance every other week.  The girls were quick to put their January chore list together and circled their allowance pay days, before showing me. :-)  Gotta love kids.

As far as their to-do lists, the girls started putting together a list of books they want to get in the new year to read, as well as places they want to go and things they want do.  Even though my oldest daughter's birthday is not until July, she is already writing down ideas for her birthday theme and decorations she would like. :-)  

The samples from Stuck on You were not all just for my girls.  I also found that a personalized family calendar was also sent, which I loved!  I had a similar one that I used for this year, but it was too big and took up a lot of wall space.  That is why I am loving this smaller sized, full-year calendar, which still gives me space to write everything we are doing, birthdays and special dates to remember, as well as add stickers, which are also included to note dentist and doctor appts., lunch dates, parties, don't forget and so many more, that will definitely come in handy in the new year.

This is how the wall calendar planner looks like, along with free stickers to add to calendar to note important dates.

I was so surprised to get this package from Stuck on You, but my girls and I loved all the personalized goodies we were sent.  If you are looking for a great selection of personalized gifts to give, or even get ready for 2019 with new personalized address labels, to-do notepads, notebooks, wall calendars, etc., then you will have to check out the Stuck on You website.  I was just checking out their value packs and calendars to order for my mom, so she is ready for 2019.  

Prices are great, and now that I have seen the quality of the product up close and love it, I will not hesitate to place an order for my personalized stationary, labels, and gifts with Stuck on You.  And, I know that once you receive your first personalized order from Stuck on You, you will see why I and so many other customers love this mom-run business and continue to do business with Stuck on You.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Stuck on You and check out their wide selection of personalized products including Bento Boxes, labels of all kinds (address, clothing, etc.), Scout labels, personalized bags of all sorts including library duffel, book and lunch bags, as well as baby labels, and stationary to get you ready for the new year.  

And, right now most of their products are on sale, making this the best time to get your order in, while also saving some $$$.

Follow Stuck on You on their social channels below for new product additions, special offers and sales, and more:

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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