Friday, September 30, 2022

5 Educational Day Trip Ideas For The Whole Family


Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

Cultural institutions like art galleries, museums, and libraries are lovely places to learn and grow as a person. Even if you can’t go all the time, it’s worth leaving the house and going somewhere to learn something new.  And even more so if you can take your kids somewhere to inspire them as thinkers, learners, and humans. And what’s better than an educational day trip? These excursions offer structured activities that let your child explore the world in ways they aren’t able to at school or home.  Here are five examples of educational day trips that all the family can enjoy:

Science Center day trip

Science centers typically host science-based events for kids and adults of all ages. Depending on what they specialize in, you could be viewing rare and even dangerous artifacts - in a controlled, safe environment, of course.  And your child could have the opportunity to take part in experiments and challenges like making a working volcano. In addition, science centers often have hands-on learning stations and interactive exhibitions that foster creativity and inspire kids to be curious about the world around them, and parents can join in too!

Museum Trip

If you’ve got the time, a museum trip can be a great day out for the family. Most museums host special events and programming aimed at children, as well as family-friendly hands-on and interactive exhibitions. Museum admission is also usually cheap or even free -particularly for children.  There are museums for almost every interest: art, history, nature, and more. If your family is looking for an educational day trip, try a natural history museum.  

Art Gallery day trip

Art galleries are excellent places to hold a child’s attention. You can spend hours looking at the art, trying to understand it, and discovering more about the artist and why they created the piece. Kids can learn about different styles and themes, and they can appreciate and learn from artwork from different cultures and periods. Additionally, many galleries are interactive so kids can make their art inspired by the work. 

Zoo or Aquarium day trip

Zoos and aquariums are more than places to see animals. They offer chances to learn about the environment and our relationship with the planet. Many zoos and aquariums host special events and activities only accessible with a ticket. For example, you might be able to see feeding times, learn about animals in their habitats, or see other limited experiences only available a few times a year. This gives kids a rare chance to connect with real animals and see them up close.  Interaction with animals and nature allows your kids to understand the world in a tactile way, and many places offer this; you can find aquariums that allow animal interaction in Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, and all over. 

Historic site visit

A historic site is a great place to get kids interested in history. While adults often study history as a subject, kids may not get as much exposure. A visit to a historic site lets them explore the past and see how it connects to the future.  And it’s a great way to get your child moving, as many historic sites are outdoors where you can let your kids roam free. In addition, many cities and state parks offer access to historic sites. These excursions are often accessible or very affordable. You can also see living history reenactments at some locations. These theatrical performances let you see how past events were lived and experienced. 

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Celebrate National Coffee Day Today with Central Perk Coffee (Review) #CentralPerk #CentralPerkCoffee

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

It is always a good mail day when there are no bills, right?  And, it is an even better mail day when you walk to the mailbox and find a surprise waiting for you. Well, both of those things happened to me this AM when I went to get the mail -- no bills for once, and a 10 oz. container of medium roast Central Perk Coffee was waiting for me.  Insert big grin here. :-) 

And, the coffee sample couldn't have come at a better time as today is National Coffee Day -- in case you missed it being blasted all over social media with deals and free coffee. 

But, thanks to the sample I didn't have to head out and wait in long lines just to get my caffeine fix.  Instead, I headed back into the house and heated up some water, so that I could try out this new coffee with my husband, who is working remote.  We have become AM and mid-day water cooler/coffee break buddies since COVID hit and remote working became a thing. 

Before I scooped this medium roast, premium Arabica coffee into my french press, I had to enjoy the fresh aroma of this coffee. OMG, this limited edition medium roast ground coffee smelled so good.

was dragging when I got up this AM, but just smelling this amazing coffee, followed by a cup woke me right up and gave me that extra pep to my step I always look for with my daily AM coffee.  My husband was quick to ask for a second cup, not because he needed it to wake up or for the caffeine fix, but because it tasted so good.  And, I had to agree with like this deserves to be enjoyed with a second cup.  

Happy National Coffee Day! Grab Your Cup Of #CentralPerkCoffeeCo 

Today & Enjoy With Your Friends

 Photo courtesy of Central Perk Coffee Company

We are both looking forward to our mid-day meetup to savor another great tasting cup of Central Perk coffee How You Doin'? house blend together.  This is definitely the way to go to celebrate National Coffee Day today, don't you think?  

Right now, new Central Perk Coffee subscribers will receive a complimentary collectible can of “How You Doin’?” coffee, a medium roast ground varietal - this is the one I was sent to sample and LOVE!!!  This individually numbered limited edition tin was created exclusively for true FRIENDS fans and coffee lovers, and is only available while supplies last, so don't delay in ordering.  Hint, hint...this coffee would make for a great holiday gift idea for family, friends and to gift case you wanted to get a jump on holiday shopping.  Head on over to and get all your holiday shopping done in one transaction.  Then, sit back this holiday season sipping away at your Central Perk Coffee, as you watch all your favorite holiday movies. :-)

Here is more about Central Perk Coffee:

"Comprised of industry experts from the coffee, specialty food and beverage, hospitality, and entertainment worlds -- including Top Chef and multiple James Beard Foundation Award Winner Tom Colicchio -- Central Perk Coffee can be ordered now, nationwide by visiting


In celebration of National/International Coffee Day – fans can order from their line of artisanal quality coffees made with the highest quality premium Arabica beans available in three select varietals:

  1. “How You Doin’?” (medium roast)
  2. “Pivot Blend” (medium/dark roast)
  3. “We Were on a Coffee Break” (dark roast)

Lovingly roasted and shipped direct to consumers through a customizable coffee subscription service or a curated multi-blend variety pack, each blend is available in whole bean and ground formats, as well as BPI Certified compostable single serve coffee pods compatible with Keurig K-Cup® brewers. Single Central Perk Coffee products are also available. All Central Perk Coffees are sustainably sourced, produced and packaged using responsible environmental practices."

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to and get your Central Perk Coffee fix on.  While you will not have it today to enjoy for National Coffee Day, there is always International Coffee Day coming up!  But, do you really need a reason or holiday to enjoy a great cup of coffee?  I don't think so. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

4 Tips To Help Your Kids Thrive & Be Well



You love your kids and want to see them live a long and happy life. Therefore, what you do as a parent right now matters and will have an impact on their future.

If you want to make a point to ensure your kids grow up to be happy and healthy and can reach their full potential then it’s worth considering what you can do to make sure this becomes a reality. Here are four tips to help your kids thrive and be well now and in the future.

1. Be A Good Listener

One tip to help your kids thrive and be well and help you become a better parent is to be a good listener. Instead of always doing the talking and directing, try to lend an open ear and hear your kids out. Commit to being fully present and in the moment when they come to you with questions or concerns. Eliminate all distractions and focus on what they’re saying and what advice they may want from you. Open and honest communication is important between you and your kids and will help you develop a stronger bond and closer relationship.

2. Find the Right Help & Support

Another tip to help your kids thrive and be well is to find the right help and support for them. Don’t ignore or look the other way or expect them to always figure it out on their own, as they might need you. Take into account their individual needs and struggles and then secure the resources they need so they can thrive and be well. For example, if you have a child with a disability then you may want to look into hcs provider that can offer help, or if they’re having difficulty in school then maybe you can get them a mentor. 

3. Model Good Behavior

Be a good role model as well and model the behavior you want to see in your kids so they can thrive and be well. They are observing and watching you all the time and you want to make sure that you act how you expect to act. For instance, it will be beneficial for them to see you cooking healthy meals, exercising regularly, and going to bed at a decent hour. The better job you do at showing them what you expect from them the more likely it is that you’ll get the results you desire. They can then take these behaviors with them into the future as they grow into adults and go off on their own.

4. Teach Them Responsibility

Your kids will have a better chance of thriving and being happy and well down the road when you teach them responsibility. This can entail delegating chores and tasks to them and then allowing them the space and freedom to perform these responsibilities and make mistakes. Use any mistakes or errors they do make as learning opportunities and chances to teach them. While they will go to school to learn, their home life and your guidance will also have a major impact on them now and down the road. 

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