Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Supporting Your Toddlers Development in 5 Easy Ways

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Helping your toddler learn essential life skills is vital. You need to be constantly looking to support their 
development during these crucial years and ensure they have the skills to grow into healthy children and 
young adults before embarking on their adulthood journey.

What they learn during these early years can impact who they are and what they will be capable of doing 
when they grow up, and as such, knowing how best to support this as a parent can help you to help the 
outer child succeed in many different ways.

That being said, they are still toddlers, so your approach needs to be on a level that works for them and 
is age appropriate to get the best results.

Sending your child to preschool is something many parents debate the world over. This is a personal 
decision, and booking at preschools can help you give your child a way to socialize and learn from 
professionals. Preschools have many different learning styles and philosophies, so finding one that 
aligns with your own can help you support your child's development and prepare them for life ahead.

Read To Them
Not only does reading with your child allow you to spend some time with them, but it will enable them to 
learn more about language, words, and sounds. This can help them learn quicker, discover new words, 
and support correct pronunciations. Reading to your child can help them engage their imagination and be
 as involved as they want. From listening and speaking, it can help you pick the next word in a sentence 
or make their own changes to the story and act out scenarios and different words.

Free Play
Free play is simply that. It allows your child to play unstructured and without guidance to help their 
imagination develop. They can learn independence, improve dexterity, practice language and talk for 
improved communication skills, and learn about problem-solving. But simply free learning allows them 
to have fun, and children, especially toddlers, learn easier when things are fun, so giving them this time
 is vital for their development.

Get Out and About
A simple stroll around your neighborhood can be an excellent learning experience. From pointing out 
different buildings and what they are used for to learning street names and looking at road signs to 
helping them learn colors, numbers, and more. You can use any opportunity to help your child learn by 
just going for a walk and seeing what you can find. Plus, exercise is an added benefit for everyone too.

Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger hunts can be a great way to help your child to learn different things. The best part is it doesn't
 need to be something you physically set up. You can go out into nature and see how many different 
animals you spot or flowers you see. Or you can keep count of all the "red" items on your route. Keep it 
simple and fun; this is an excellent way for your toddler to learn new words and skills and get some fun 
and exercise into their day.

Helping your child to develop as a toddler doesn't need to be strict or complicated. By making everyday
 things like a trip to the shops fun, you can use them to help your child learn and teach them in a less 
formal way while still supporting their healthy development both mentally and physically.

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