Monday, January 31, 2022

Taking Care of the Kids Is a Job for a Super Woman

Bringing an infant home can be exciting for toddlers and parents. However, it might be exhausting, demanding, and challenging to take care of two or more kids. Your older children might feel lonely, displaced, and jealous - feelings that might cause them to respond negatively and act out. You might have to come up with new ways to care for your kids, but you can find a lot of resources both offline and online.

Below is a guide that will allow you to successfully care for a toddler while taking care of your newborn infant.

Enrolling Your Toddler in Preschool

This will give you more time to care for your infant and give your toddler experiences only to kids. It also offers age-appropriate teachers, friends, or activities dedicated to their needs. You might also have to consider enrolling them in preschool a few months before giving birth.

It'll give them more time to transition to their new routine before your newborn infant arrives. Don't forget to time their first weeks after your delivery so that they won't be starting school at the same time your infant gets home. Letting them join preschool earlier will also eliminate the idea that you're sending them out of the house because of the baby. It'll help minimize the feelings of jealousy that might arise.

It'll also make your toddler more accepted, instead of feeling shut off. You can also ask about their day while driving back home. Or hang their pieces of artwork on the fridge's door. Your simple gestures will show that you still think about them.

Trying to Coordinate Their Naptime

Trying to coordinate their nap times is easier said than done, but it can go a long way in easing your burden for the day. Your toddler's nap is more likely predictable and stable, so you'll have to coordinate your infant's nap. You can try making them sleep at the same moment. It'll be much easier if they share the same room. Or try putting your older child to sleep first because they'll take a nap longer than an infant.

Then, make the newborn sleep. Or, you can do it vice versa. You can put your infant to sleep first before putting your toddler to sleep. It'll be a helpful tip if you also want to take a short break from your chores. Finding the right coordination might require a few tries, but taking the time to do it will eventually pay off over time. If it doesn't work, you can use your infant's nap time to spend quality time with the toddler and vice versa.

Giving each child undivided attention will help you feel more connected. It'll also allow you to be more grounded and present, so you'll have to check on how they're feeling.

Equipping Yourself With Busy Bags

It might be challenging to thoroughly care for the toddler if you're bringing in a new infant at home. You can use busy bags filled with games, craft supplies, simple toys, and self-contained puzzles designed to keep the older child engaged. You can also use bins or baskets. Keep these hidden in an out-of-reach place that you can also reach if you need to care for your infant, like during bath or diaper change.

You can fill the bags with things you think your toddler will enjoy, including soft books, paper, crayons, building blocks, and stuffed animals. Don't give your toddler ready access to these bags, so they won't have more interest in their contents. It's a tip that will help you keep your toddler more engaged.

Have Quality Time With the Toddler

Your goal might be to spend quality time with your newborn, but that shouldn't stop you from caring for your toddler. Your baby's naps or visits from relatives to check on the infant can be the perfect times to sneak in a mini outing, book, or game with your toddler. It'll help you deepen your relationship with your older child, ensuring that both get the benefits of undivided attention.

In fact, studies show that the transition to having a sibling is less likely to be disturbing and stressful if you spend quality time with them.

Don't Be Afraid to Seek Assistance.

Others might not admit that there will be moments where they'll need help. You can call a sitter to watch the baby while taking your older child out for a memorable time. Or, find help in watching both kids so that you can have time for taking a nap, your job, chores, errands, or self-care. Having the time to pamper yourself is also important.

Exercising is one of the most common postpartum activities moms do. It'll be more beneficial if you also seek the assistance of a fitness instructor with a personal trainer continuing education certificate. It'll be the quickest way to get back in shape after giving birth.

Many parents find it challenging caring for both an infant and toddler. Identifying the needs of each child, asking for support, and getting creative help are all important.

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