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Don't Forget Your Furry Friends This Holiday Season -- Cyber Monday $25 Off Deal Extended at DOGTV on Their Popular Purina Just Right Gift Box + Enter to #Win 1 of 2 Boxes up for Grabs ($100 Value) (Review) #DOGTV #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

DOGTV celebrates the fun of being a dog and the joy of living with a dog every day.

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Now that the holiday season is in full swing and people have started shopping for gifts for family and friends, I wanted to share a little reminder to not forget about your furry friends while out and about.  I know that with the craziness of the holidays we may forget to get our furbabies a gift, or two or three. :-)  They provide us with unconditional love day in and day in and never ask anything of us, but that doesn't mean they don't like waking up on Christmas morning to find their stocking full of treats and new toys, or a few gifts under the tree to unwrap alongside the family. 

We have always been a dog family and rescue all our animals.  At one time we had three rescues, and loved and treated them as if they were our children -- before our two girls came along.  When the holidays came along we would spoil them with gifts, to show them just how much they meant to us.  Even after we welcomed our girls, our furbabies remained the center of our world and we made sure they found goodies under the tree and in their stocking on Christmas morning.  Now we are down to only one rescue dog as the others have passed over the rainbow bridge, and I have found that she needs a little bit more attention now that she is the only dog in the house.  Our dachshund  has always had anxiety issues due to being abused before we rescued her, and she has been on doggie prozac to help with her symptoms.  But, I have always looked for alternatives to heavily medicating her as I know too much medicine will only hurt her organs and cut down the years we have her in our life.

This year, I found myself looking at online streaming programs for dogs, and tried the 1-month trial over at DOGTV.  My oldest daughter was the one to initially turn me on to this streaming service as she saw while browsing  for animal content-related channels on ROKU.  As soon as I set up our free trial account and started to play the relaxation dog videos, I couldn't believe my eyes.  Our dog, who is 12 years old and just likes to lay around, got up from her bed, and walked over and sat in front of the television.  She was actually watching the dogs on the television intently. Without a single bark, she sat there for the duration of the video, and just watched the TV screen. We even had someone ring the door bell, which usually would trigger her to go crazy and run around barking, before charging down the stairs to our lower level to lunge at the glass patio door and find things to shred up.  Her go to is usually cardboard boxes, which the vet told us is a common thing for dogs with anxiety to do.  But, she wasn't phased by the door bell ring, and just sat and watched DOGTV.  

DOGTV divides their scientifically designed programs into three segments that are scheduled based on their assessment of a dogs’ daily cycle and designed to keep your dog happy throughout the day.

Once the video was over, she turned her head around to me sitting on the couch and gave me that look like saying, "Aren't you going to put another video on for me?"  When I put another video on, she continued to sit and watch it. Eventually, she walked back over to her pillow and laid down to rest.  But, instead of just falling asleep, she found a spot on her pillow where she could prop her head and watch the TV screen.  She sat like this for a couple of hours, controlling the TV with her new favorite doggie content to watch.  When my youngest came in the room and tried to change the channel, my dog let her know she wasn't having it. She jumped up on the couch and tapped her hand on the remote, trying to pull it out of her hand.  I let my daughter know the dog was watching TV, and she put her video back on. Together they watched the dogs on DOGTV, and my daughter noticed a mood shift in our dog.  She was more calm and relaxed, and really in tune with what was on the television.

Usually when we leave the house, even to just run a quick errand, it triggers anxiety in our dog. She will run after us and lunge at the patio door and then shred things up.  And, usually she will have an accident while waiting for us to return. But, I have found since downloading the DOGTV app and putting it on for her before we leave, that she is content sitting or laying there in the living watching the relaxation videos.  

The dogs and calming music of the videos really help ease her anxiety and she forgets we even left.  When we return, she greets us with an excited welcome, and then will return and watch her show, or want to play with us.  We don't have to go through the house picking up stuffing she has pulled from her squeaky toys, or shredded up cardboard. And, there are no more accidents, which is a huge win for her, as this was the reason she originally had issues getting adopted out before we took her.  We have put in the work to get her to feel comfortable in her forever home, and now with the addition of DOGTV, I feel like she will be able to relax and feel comfortable when she is left alone, or just wants to relax after playing with my girls.

With the holidays fast approaching, I am making a point to keep DOGTV going in our house.  The kind folks at DOGTV recently sent their The Purina Just Right Gift Box for our dog to enjoy.  And, boy did she love all the goodies included in the box.  

The Purina Just Right Gift Box is a fun gift that rewards the dogs in our lives and the people that love them. The contents of the box were curated in order to bring comfort, joy, and enrichment to our furry friends.

I personally loved how it came with a FREE 12-month streaming subscription for our dog, so she doesn't have to lose out once the one month membership was up. Since activating our DOGTV service, I have had family and friends visit and they have seen a world of difference in our dog's behavior.  

She is more relaxed and welcoming when people come in, and when she is done greeting everyone, she usually goes to lay down on her dog bed and relax by rolling around with her new cozy DOGTV blanket or nibbling on her rubber bone toy or cute popcorn plush toy, her new favorite plushy which she sleeps with.

She now prefers chewing on this rather than hunting for a box to break apart or toy to destroy just to get the fluff out.  

I was so impressed with the contents of the The Purina Just Right Gift Box, and have been raving about it with family and friends who have dogs.  

I remind them that the holidays are fast approaching and how the The Purina Just Right Gift Box would make for a great gift for their pet(s).  Our dog loves her The Purina Just Right Gift Box and her 12-month DOGTV streaming service is just the icing on the cake.

Right now DOGTV is offering an amazing deal on their popular The Purina Just Right Gift Box.  By using coupon code cmbox25 at checkout, you can save $25 off a 1-yr. Purina Just Right Gift Box . It brings the price down from $100 to only $75!  Act fast as this offer is only valid for a limited time!  Each box includes a 12-month DOGTV Gift Card, DOGTV Blanket, a Popcorn Plush Toy, one Rubber Bone Toy, a Just Right bandana, and a sample of EverRoot supplements. *Currently, boxes are only available for shipping to US customers.

If you don't want to commit to 12-months of DOGTV, there is also an option to sign up for 6-months.  And, to give you taste of what DOGTV has to offer, you can sign up for a free trial.  Then, after that you can sign up and pay month to month, or do the 6 or 12-month plan.  I know that once you and your furbabies sit and watch DOGTV, you'll be hooked and want to sign up.  My dog loves DOGTV and it really has made a world of difference for her. She is more calm and enjoying her golden years being loved on by my family and I, and having her own go-to streaming channel when we head out or she just wants to unwind and relax. DOGTV for the win! And, your dog can be enjoying it, too, when you surprise them with their own The Purina Just Right Gift Box this holiday season, complete with a year of DOGTV for them to enjoy.  So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the limited $25 off Cyber Monday deal, or sign up for a FREE trial and use code CYBER to get 2 Months FREE.  You and your dog will not be disappointed!


Each box is valued at $100!!!

Thanks to the kind folks at DOGTV, they graciously sent along 2 extra The Purina Just Right Gift Box for me to giveaway to two (2) lucky Inspired by Savannah readers.  If you want a chance to win of those these two boxes up for grabs to surprise your pup with, all you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck! 

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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