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YOUniverse Crystal Growing Unicorn STEAM Activity Kit for Kids Makes for a Great Gift Idea for that Hard to Shop for Tween In Your Life #STEMFUN #Sponsored

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from Horizon Group USA in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

It seems that as my girls get older it is gets harder to shop for them, especially for the holidays.  They are reluctant to put together a wish list to help me shop for them. And, they are at the point I need to bring them clothes shopping, as they don't like anything I pick out for them, as I lack taste and pick uncool clothes. Go figure.  After asking what they wanted this year for Christmas, all I got was phones or tablets, which they already have.  So, I am left with either getting them gift cards so they can shop for themselves, or find things I know they will like once they sit down and start using it.  STEM and craft kits are always a hit with them, especially with the colder weather setting in, as they prefer to be inside where it's warm, rather than outside. But, being inside gets them so bored...unless they have something to keep them busy -- that isn't device or video game related.  Thanks to STEM and craft kits from Horizon Group USA, my girls are always entertained and create such amazing things with their kits.  Just the other day, my girls got their craft on, while learning about science concepts including crystalization, saturation and solutions with the YOUniverse Crystal Growing Unicorn STEAM Activity Kit for Kids from Horizon Group USA.

"Discover just how magical science can be with the YOUniverse Crystal-Growing Unicorn kit! Follow the easy-to-understand instructions to whip up your crystal-growing solution. Then, pour it into the provided container and watch the crystallization process in action as a simple chemical reaction occurs, resulting in gorgeous crystal formations on the 3D unicorn figurine! 

Once your crystals grow big and beautiful, discover how science and style come together — transform color pigments into paint and bring your unicorn’s magic to life! Recommended for ages 8 & up.

YOU*niverse Crystal Growing Unicorn Kit:

  • With a bit of chemistry and a lot of creativity, you can grow crystals on a unicorn and design sparkling room d├ęcor!
  • The YOUniverse Crystal-Growing Unicorn set includes everything you need to grow crystals on a unicorn figurine, including a ready-to-go crystal-growing mixture and a container that lets you watch the crystals grow!
  • Explore the color spectrum and create every color of the rainbow by combining the provided dyes in the paint palette — mix yellow and blue to make green, pink and blue for purple, and pink with yellow for coral!
  • From crystallization to evaporation and thermodynamics — this STEAM kit makes learning fun and stylish!
  • Encourage curiosity and exploration into the exciting world of science with a bonus poster full of engaging content and fun facts — hang it anywhere you please!
  • Whether you’re looking for an easy-peasy homeschool science project or a fun weekend activity, this science kit is perfect for any learner ages 8 and up!
  • Kit Includes: 1 Unicorn Figurine (4 in. x 2.2 in. x 4.875 in.), 1 Bag of Alum Powder (6 oz), 1 Crystal-Growing Container (5.53 in. x 3.83 in. x 5.5 in.), 3 Coloring Dyes (1 Yellow, 1 Pink, 1 Blue), 1 Iridescent Glitter Packet (1 g), 1 Acrylic Paint Pot (Metallic) 3 mL, 1 Mixing Stick, 1 Paintbrush, 1 Paint Palette, Easy-to-Follow Instructions


Both of my girls were so excited to find the YOUniverse Crystal Growing Unicorn STEAM activity kit along with the sensory sand the folks at Horizon Group USA sent our way to review the other day.  My oldest had seen this kit at Walmart and was planning to ask for it for Christmas, or use her money the next time we went to the store and pick up, as she loves crystal growing kits, and loved how this combined crystal along with painting -- two things she absolutely LOVES!  And, seeing just how excited she was to try out the kit, my youngest wanted me to pick her up her own crystal growing unicorn kit, so that they she, too, could grow her own crystals on this ceramic unicorn, and display and admire it in her room. So, I ran to Walmart and picked up a second kit, and for part of our homeschooling the other day, the girls prepped their STEAM kits, and then set them aside to let the crystals grow overnight.  

While we waited for the crystals to grow, we took a look at the color poster included with the STEAM kit, to learn more about the different processes that are occurring with the crystalization process.  Who knew that crafting could be so much fun...and educational?!  Whenever my girls do a YOUniverse STEAM kit, they love what they make, and forget they are learning important science processes and it is so much fun!  

This crystal growing unicorn kit didn't disappoint with my girls.  They both agreed it was easy to prep their unicorn, and then the next day when they woke, their unicorn was covered in crystals.

But, I have to say, my favorite part was when they started using the paintbrush and color dye paints and adding color to the crystals, that their unicorns really popped and looked super cool.  

They couldn't wait to snap photos of their painted crystal unicorns and share with friends in their messenger -- who then had their moms message me to ask where they could get the kit so their girls could make one, too.  And, whenever the girls have an opportunity to show and tell with their online classes, they are both quick to grab their YOUniverse Crystal Growing Unicorn to show off, and explain the science concepts behind it.  I love hearing the girls get excited to share all they learned about crystalization, saturation and solutions, and then have a beautiful final product to show off. This crystal unicorn really is a sight to see.  Now I want one, too! :-)

With the holidays fast approaching, why not take the guess work out of what to get that tween/teen in your life, and pick them up a YOUniverse Crystal Growing Unicorn STEAM kit. They will have so much fun watching the crystals grow, before adding some paint dye, and then admiring it on their desk or shelf in their room. We have done several YOUniverse STEAM kits, but this one is by far my girls' favorite.  You can learn more about this and other fun YOUniverse products by visiting  And, you can find these science meet style kits at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from Horizon Group USA in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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