Friday, December 3, 2021

Mold it! Stretch it! Expand it! SLIMYSAND™ Aqua Splash Molds like Sand and Stretches like SLIMYGLOOP® — Endless Sensory Fun, with the Easiest Cleanup! #WaterPlay #SensoryPlayTray, #SlimySand #SensoryPlay #Sponsored

 Disclosure: I was sent samples as part of the Horizon Group USA Blogger program, in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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(Available in a variety of colors -- collect them all!)

Looking for a fun sensory gift for your kids this holiday season?  Look no further than Slimy Sand Aqua Splash from Horizon Group USA.  This sensory play sand can be stretched, shaped, sliced and crushed.  And, if that wasn't enough, it can also be used in and out water.  

The kind folks at Horizon Group USA sent along a 1.5 lb reusable bucket of their aqua blue play sand for my girls to help me to review the other day, and they both all smiles when they saw the bucket, as they knew they would be in for hours of fun, molding, stretching, shaping, etc. this product. :-)

More about Slimy Sand Aqua Splash Sensory Play Sand:

"Stretch it. Shape it. Slice it. Crush it! Dive into a world of water play fun with Slimy Sand Aqua Splash™, the sensory play sand that’s stretchable and moldable in and out of water! With 1.5 lbs. of vibrant blue Slimy Sand Aqua Splash inside a reusable bucket — this tactile playset makes for endless sensory fun! 

Open up the bucket, reach in and grab the Slimy Sand Aqua Splash, and feel the difference — it molds like sand, but stretches like SLIMYGLOOP®! Fill the bucket with water and begin molding, stretching, slicing, and crushing the


Slimy Sand Aqua Splash under the water! When you’re all finished playing, wring out the water from the sand, let it air-dry, then store it in the resealable bucket! Collect every color and pair with impression plates, rollers, molds, and more!"


Look at all the colors you can collect and play with :-)

I really like how this sensory play sand comes in a reusable container as we have owned other play sand and it comes in a plastic bag you have to cut open, and then are left with finding a storage container to keep the sand in once your kids are done playing with it. I have found in these instances, they forget to zip the storage bags I give them, and then I find the play sand all over the house; or, they forget to put the sand away, and I end up throwing it out.  But, with this reusable bucket, which can also be used to mold and shape the sensory play sand like if you were at the beach and sculpting a castle with a water pail, my girls know to pick up after themselves and put their sand back in the bucket and top with the lid. Then, they can bring to their rooms or put on the shelf, so it is there and ready when they want to play with the sensory play sand again.


Both of my girls really liked how this play sand can be played with wet or dry. And, they were both impressed with how you can stretch it one minute, and then mold it the next. It really does stretch really far...and, the girls like seeing who can stretch the farthest.  We have had the 1.5 lb. bucket of Slimy Sand Aqua Splash sensory play sand for a few days now, and it continues to be played with my by my girls.  I ended up going online after the first night of play, to order more colors for the girls.  

We got the pink color today, so now they each have a bucket of play sand to play with, and are looking forward to school ending today, so that they can sit at the dining room table and play with their play sand, and trying out cookie cutters and molds we picked up at the craft store.

With the holiday fast approaching Slimy Sand Aqua Splash sensory play sand would make for a great stocking stuffer, or to fill as basket with a few different colors, molds and play utensils for an extra special and fun sensory experience for your kids.  

My girls are hoping Santa brings more colors for them to collect and play with, and can't stop raving about Slimy Sand Aqua Splash to their friends, who now want some for themselves, as they think it is so cool that you can stretch it, get wet, mold and do so many things with it.  You can learn more about this super fun play sand by visiting

 Disclosure: I was sent samples as part of the Horizon Group Blogger program, in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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