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Sew Your Very Own Crossbody Fox Bag and Acorn Coin Purse with Zipper with the Woodlands My Felt Bag Set from Petit Collage - The Perfect Beginner Sewing Kit for Kids (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Did you and your children take up new hobbies during COVID?  In addition to catching up on shows and movies, we found ourselves trying new things and being able to dedicate more time to hobbies, which now include sewing.  Growing up, I learned how to sew and weave in home economics class, as well as by my mom, who still loves carrying around a tote of yarn to crochet blankets and gifts for friends and family.  My girls were always impressed with the things my mom was able to make, and always showed interest in learning to sew and knit.  I showed them the basics of sewing, and they made a few little projects here and there over the years, but nothing that they wanted to keep around.  Well, that all changed when COVID hit, and we were stuck home.  I ended up picking up a few beginner sewing kits for them, and they went to town learning how to thread a needle, and sew different stitches.  But, the real excitement came when they tied off the final knot and had a handmade piece to show off.  From little pillows, to small quilted blankets and little plushies, my girls were churning out fun little sewing products left and right -- almost as quick as I could buy new kits for them to do.  Then, last month, as we geared up for my holiday gift guide and started to think about what to get family and friends for gifts, both of my girls agreed that they wanted to make gifts this year. They wanted their gifts to be personal and made by them, and they both agreed that they would show off their sewing skills with some of the gifts they would be making.  

My girls started to put together a list of things they wanted to make, and who would get what.  Then, they took to the Internet to look for patterns and kits.  My oldest kept looking at a super cute Woodlands My Felt Bag Set from Petit Collage. She is big into animals, and really liked the fox crossbody bag.  Everything she had sewed and made during COVID she gave to family and friends, so she was hoping to get this kit and make something for herself to use and cherish.  

So, I had the kind folks at Petit Collage sent along a sample of this kit for review purposes, and inclusion in my holiday gift guide.  When it arrived, my daughter went to town, sewing to her hearts content.  It took her a few hours to make both the crossbody fox bag and acorn coin purse, which came with a zipper for closer. And, when she was done with both sewing projects, she couldn't help but smile ear to ear.  She was so proud with how far she had come from doing very little sewing, not worthy of showing off a couple years ago, to now turning out stunning sewing projects this these two woodlands pieces that she couldn't wait to wear and show off.

Everyone who saw her fox bag and acorn coin purse wanted one for themselves, as they thought they were both so cute. They couldn't believe she sewed them herself.  All these compliments got her thinking about what to make and give as gifts this holiday season.  She decided she wanted to get more of these sewing kits from Petit Collage, as they come with everything you need, including pre-punched felt, a safe needle, buttons, yarn, velcro, etc. 

We ended up buying about of the fox and acorn kits, and she has been busy sewing at night time.  She is almost done with them all, and can't wait to surprise her friends and family with them.  Instead of wrapping them, she plans to put the completed fox bag and acorn corn purse back in the tin suitcase, and gift like that.  That way they have a place to store their own sewing supplies or these handmade gifts when not in use. I really like this idea, and love even more seeing both of my girls get into sewing, just like my mom has always done and still does.  Now, we have two more sewers in our family. :-)

You can learn more about this super cute DIY Woodland Fox Felt Bag and Acorn Coin Purse beginners sewing kit from Petit Collage by visiting

They also have an adorable stationary set that comes in a similar custom printed reusable storage tin with clasp closure and cotton carry handle, as well as other fun crafts and activity sets -- all great for gift giving this holiday season.

More about this great beginners sewing kit for kids (and adults):

"The DIY Woodland Fox Felt Bag from Petit Collage is a fun and fashionable craft kit for adults and kids ages 6 and up! Sew your own adorable crossbody fox bag and acorn coin purse with zipper closure. The cute design makes it perfect to give as a gift or keep for a fun craft night. This Petit Collage craft includes high quality pre-punched felt, embroidery thread, buttons, Velcro, child safe needle and an illustrated easy-to-follow instruction guide. It’s presented in a custom printed reusable storage tin with clasp closure and cotton carry handle. No glue required! Made with recycled paper printed with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, vegetable-based inks, this DIY crafting kit is designed with the health of our children and the planet in mind. It meets and exceeds all safety standards. Petit Collage is all about good design. We combine modern aesthetic with a sustainability criteria to create bold, thoughtful products to delight little ones. We strive to make our products beautiful and fun in equal measure."

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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