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Introducing the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus -- It's Like Having a Housekeeper, But Without the Monthly Bills! -- Makes a Great Family Gift for the Holidays (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

If there was one thing you would get if you won the lottery, what would it be?  For me, hands down it would be a housekeeper, to help clean our house, as I never seem to have enough time in the day to do it, and if I do have spare time, the last thing I want to be doing is cleaning.  Oh how I remember growing up and wishing I was an adult as they had all the fun...funny how when I pictured being an adult, it didn't include bills or cleaning a whole house every week.  Then, when you throw kids into the mix, cleaning becomes something that has to be done multiple times a day.  Well, I don't gamble, so my chances of winning the lottery are slim -- so, I guess I will continue to play housekeeper in addition to all my other hats I wear as a mom.  But, thankfully I am finally able to get a little break on the cleaning front, thanks to the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus, which I was recently sent to review.  

Do you own a robot vacuum?  There are so many on the market, and I have seen so many commercials on television for them...but, I never expected to get one as they were always so pricey.  So, when I was contacted to see about reviewing this new robot vacuum which has been a huge success in Asia and recently launched in the USA, I jumped at the opportunity.  I will admit, I was skeptical at first that the robot vacuum actually would get your floor clean, as I had read review on other robot vacuum brands about how poorly they clean or that they don't work at all, and people were upset they were out all that money (in upwards of $900).  But, what caught my eye about the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus, and that I loved was that this robot vacuum was affordable -- under $400. It was also available through Amazon and had 4 out of 5 star review for a recent product release.  I did take the time to read many of the reviews and liked seeing how many people loved their new UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus and how they can't live without it. That made me excited to get a review unit to try out, as I really wanted to put it to the test and see if it would make my life as a busy mom a little easier, as I find myself sweeping or cleaning the hard wood floors in our home at least twice a day. Even though my girls are older, they still seem to make messes, and then forget to pick them up, or don't think it is that bad (knowing I will end up cleaning up anyway).  

Here is more about the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus, including features, so you get a sense of how this robot vacuum works...

"The UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus is not only functionally efficient, but also aesthetically pleasing in its sleek design.  Many people shopping for robot vacuum cleaners may find all the options overwhelming and do not know where and how to start. We recommend the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus, which we believe is the best robot vacuum cleaner available.  

Here are a few reasons why the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus is your best choice:

  •  Automatic dust collection, Worry-free cleaning

To have a more thorough cleaning experience, UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus is equipped with an automatic dust collector. After each cleaning session, it will automatically discharge dirt in the dust box into the disposable dust bag. The dust bag has a large capacity of 4.3L, which can be left unattended for several weeks. When the dust bag is full, simply take out and throw it in the trash.  An orange light on the dust bin will flash to notify you that it needs to be emptied.  Many robotic vacuums have small waste receptacles which need to be cleaned frequently.  When the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus returns to the charging base station, the dust and debris are automatically transferred to a large capacity bag which is made of filter-grade material.  No other robotic vacuum removes dust as effectively from your home.

  • Cutting Edge Technology elevate the cleanliness of your home

Equipped with upgraded eighth-generation laser navigation technology and ASAR-V9 dynamic path planning system, UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus has the ability to quickly and accurately map out areas in the house. It will then calculate the cleaning path to efficiently clean the whole house. When the smart sensor detection system detects an area that is dusty or dirty, UONI V980 Plus will clean the area repeatedly to ensure thorough cleaning.  The UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus will operate effectively in the dark as well so your house will be cleaned and dust will be removed even while you are sleeping or away.


  • Pet Hair Removal Made Easy

For families with pets, they know how pet hair gets everywhere! The UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus, equipped with double-sided brush + V-shaped floating roller brush not only gathers dust in two directions, but it also contacts directly with the floor thereby effectively cleaning hair sticking to the floor. Even if pets like to sleep or play under beds and tables, UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus can access spaces less than four inches to clean all loose hairs, leaving no uncleaned corners.


  • Easy to Control and Easy to Use

UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus, has multiple control methods. After connecting to the smart phone app, you can turn on many more intelligent functions, such as setting cleaning tasks, schedule cleaning times, and setting cleaning zones. The UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus has a user-friendly remote control. If you are buying UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus for your parents or someone not great with technology, you don't have to worry about them not being able to operate it. The UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus can also connect to voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant allowing it to clean up with a single command.


Life is getting hectic and faster so let artificial intelligence handle the boring and redundant chore of keeping your floors clean and dust free! Looking for a recommendation for the best robot vacuum?  Your best choice is the UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus."


We have a dog and a bird in the house, and they are part of the reason I am always sweeping or cleaning up the floors a few times a day.  Our dog is getting older and is shedding more; and, or silly parakeet likes to spit her seed shells all over the floor, outside her cage.  And, with everyone home and walking all about, we are bringing dust and dirt in from outside, or pushing around pet hair and bird seed, throughout the house.  But, thanks to the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus, I can finally get a break when it comes to cleaning the floor daily, as all I have to do is ask our Alexa to run the robot vacuum, or control it with that app both my husband and I downloaded to our phones.  Download and setting up the vacuum with this app was a breeze -- even my two girls can use the app to set up cleaning schedules the robut vacuum, or turn it own when they bring it to their rooms to clean their floors.  The UONI Robot Vacuum V980 can also be controlled with Google Assistant.

I have compared this robot vacuum to others on the market, and find many of this vacuum's features, like the dual vacuum and mop feature, setting schedules and controlling with an app or through Alexa or Google Assistant, or the real-time mapping technolgy, are not available with other higher priced robot vacuums.  It is really need to see how the real-time mapping technology works, and how you can set no-go zones, like the stairs, or near my youngest daughter's LEGO builds she likes to do in a corner of our living room are not disturbed by this robot vacuum.  

If you are wondering how loud this machine is, I can report it isn't loud like you would expect. I have seen other robot vacuums that sound like a large fan going or making a whistling noise as it moves about and cleans. This one is on the quieter side. The only time is gets loud is when it is emptying the dirt, but that is only for a few seconds.  And, once you see all the dirt and debris this robot vacuum has collected, you will be glad it docked and emptied its dust collection into the dust box built into the docking base.  The first time I saw how much dirt was picked up and emptied into the dust box, I was amazed.  What had I been doing all these years, as I never swept up so much dirt, but...maybe that is why I had to go back and forth and do it a few times a day, as my broom and dust pan methods weren't cutting it.  The UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus really does a deep clean of your floors as it passes over them. And, if by chance it gets stuck, it will talk and notify you, so that you can go and set it down flat so it can resume its cleaning, or snatch up anything that may have got caught.

We have had the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus for a few weeks now, and I don't know how I ever lived without it. I joke to my husband that I finally got the housekeeper I always wanted, but without the monthly bill. :-)  And, don't think I am the only enjoying the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus...look at this video I found on my phone that my two girls took the other day.  My youngest wanted to show off this robot vacuum to her friends and post it to her YouTube channel. I couldn't help but laugh as I remember telling her to go upstairs and clean her room   I then went to do laundry, and came back to find her bedroom floor clean, and her laying in bed reading a book.  Now that I saw this video I know how she is cleaning her floor.  :-)  If that doesn't make you laugh, we went to the mall the other day to do a little holiday shopping and the girls went to see the mall Santa for a photo and free candy cane.  When he asked what my girls wanted for Christmas, besides gift cards and a new phone, my youngest said she wanted her very own UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus for her room.  Santa was surprised and asked her why she wanted a robot vacuum, and then she started to go on and on about the amazing features (which I shared above) that this robot vacuum offers. It was like she was a walking advertisement...but, she was serious.  She is now saving her money so she can get her own, to control and keep her room in tip top shape. I guess she is learning at an early age how to get out of sweeping the floor. Well played. :-)

With all the holiday shopping you have been doing for everyone else, have you picked up anything for yourself?  Or, have you found the perfect "family" gift to gift your family from Santa.  If you answered, "No," to either of these questions, why not consider ordering the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus from Amazon.  It makes a great gift for busy parents looking for a little help in keeping the house in order, and really does an amazing job...without breaking the bank.  I can see now after experiencing and using the UONI Robot vacuum V980 Plus in our home for the past few weeks why it has so many 4 and 5 star ratings on Amazon. It does what it says it will do, and is affordable.  So, why not treat yourself to this robot vacuum and sit back like my daughter does, and let it clean the floors for you. :-)

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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