Friday, April 16, 2021

Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is one of the biggest and most important moments in someone’s life, and it can be tough to find a gift that feels right for the occasion. How do you mark something so important, and express your pride in someone you love for graduating? Here are some ideas for graduation gifts that any graduate will love. All you need to is wrap it. 

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A Pen

A beautiful, high-quality pen is a classic gift for graduation. Choose something beautiful and long-lasting, like a stylish customized fountain pen. Your graduate can use their new pen when they start their career, and will have something with them that makes them think of you and remember your pride in them for completing their degree. 

Look for a pen that looks smart and comes in a nice gift box to add a sense of occasion. 


Jewelry is always a nice gift for a special occasion, as it can be a keepsake to remind someone of the occasion every time they wear it. For your graduate, think about their taste. Would they wear something like a delicate initial necklace or a chunky bangle? A charm bracelet could be a good pick, as you can buy more charms later on to mark other special occasions. 

Leather Wallet

For men, a leather wallet, perhaps one personalized with their initials makes a great gift. A smart, quality wallet feels grown-up and will send them out into their world feeling adult and looking smart. Choose one in a neutral color like black or brown, and consider having it personalized to make it extra special. 

Home Gadgets

Graduation often marks a right of passage into adulthood, when young people move away from home properly, and strike out on their own. If the graduate you know will be moving into their first home, they’ll love a home gadget to help them get started. A smart home assistant like an Alexa device would be well-received or match the gadget to their personality. For example, keen cooks will love a kitchen gadget, whereas gamers would enjoy posh headphones or gadgets for their home entertainment system. 

Briefcase Or Handbag

If your graduating loved one will be setting off into the world of corporate work, gift them with a briefcase or smart handbag for work. Good work bags don’t come cheap and are often out of the budget of new graduates. You will be giving them something useful, but not boring. Like the wallet, you could have it personalized with their initials, or leave it plain. Choose a plain color that is appropriate for a corporate work environment, but to add some personality, you could look for one with a more fun, patterned lining. 


Students will use whatever bag they have to pack their things in for a weekend home, but now they’re out in the world, they should have proper luggage. Replace their old backpack with a smart roller suitcase. You could add a matching washbag set too. 

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