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Make Your Gift Wrapping a Joy and Not a Chore This Holiday Season when You Use Wrap Buddies (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

One of my favorite things about the holidays is shopping for just the right gift for family and friends.  But, wrapping the gifts I get is another story.  You could say that I have a love/hate relationship with wrapping.  While I wish I could say all my packages look beautiful when they are wrapped and under the tree, that is not usually the case. And, don't ask to see my fingers after a long night of wrapping, as they are usually wrapped with band aids due to paper cuts from the wrapping paper.  Yes, I think I am the only one who get paper cuts from wrapping paper, as I never hear others tell of their battles with wrapping paper rolls.  I go to battle each holiday season and always walk away wounded and disappointed with the way my gifts have come out.

Of course, an invaluable thing to do first and foremost is to make sure that you have the right gifts in the first place. If you have that in place, then it is going to be much more of a joy to wrap them! So make sure you are thinking carefully about what you are going to buy the various people in your life, whether it’s a bhoma bracelet for your husband or a toy for your child. Then you can move on to knowing how to properly wrap them all.

Back when my girls were little I used to get away with putting all their gifts from Santa in gift bags and lining all around the tree. But, as they got older they questioned why Santa wasn't wrapping gifts like they saw in movies and at Nana and Papa's house.  Because they were noticing this, I had to step up my game and start wrapping gifts, as I knew they would like to wait on Christmas morning to unwrap their gifts from Santa, over dumping the gifts out of the bags onto the floor.  But, that meant that I would have to deal with wrapping paper woes.

Do you have to wrap gifts?  What really bothers you about the experience?  Is is that your kill your back kneeling on the floor trying to wrap gifts?  Or, do you struggle to keep wrapping paper rolls on the table while wrapping gifts?  I have tried both wrapping at the table, and wrapping on the floor. Floor wrapping kills my back and knees, and table wrapping has me struggling to hold wrapping paper rolls on the table as I try and measure out the paper for each gift and then try and cut the paper in a straight line before it rolls off the table onto the floor.  Wrapping is never fun...well it wasn't fun until I tried out Wrap Buddies recently.

While Wrap Buddies does not make my final wrapped gifts look beautiful, it does help alleviate some of the stress I dealt with with holding my wrapping paper in place on the table, and having a tape dispenser within arms reach of me. Come on, you know you have found yourself wrapping a gift and are in need of a piece of tape to keep the paper in place, and the tape is nowhere in sight.  You end up losing the nice fold you had, just to free up your hands to look for the tape.  Well, when you get Wrap Buddies, you don't have to worry about this wrapping woe either. :-)

So, what is Wrap Buddies, and why must everyone have one this holiday season (if you don't already)?:

"Wrap Buddies are the gift wrapping sidekick that will forever change the way you wrap. Simply use one on either end of a roll of gift wrap to hold your paper securely while you measure and cut. Integrated tape dispensers mean your tape doesn't ever get lost under your other wrapping supplies."


I was recently sent a Wrap Buddies to try out, and wish I had stumbled upon this product earlier, as it would have made Christmas gift wrapping more enjoyable...well maybe not really enjoyable, but at least less stressful.

This past week after the girls went to bed, I pulled out some of their gifts to wrap, so that I could try out the Wrap Buddies.  I wish I had snapped some photos of my Wrap Buddies, but I was nervous the girls would wake up and sneak downstairs and catch me wrapping gifts in the living room.  In years past, I would usually let out noises when I got a paper cut, or lost the tape, and would wake them, as they are both light sleepers.  So, I was trying to try out the Wrap Buddies while being quiet as a mouse.

I couldn't get over how easy it was to set up the Wrap Buddies on the dining room table, which really helped save my back not having to kneel on the hard wood floor in the living room.  And, having the tape dispenser integrated into the holder was a bonus. 

I really loved how the wrapping paper stayed put while I measured and cut.  And, when I was done cutting, the wrapping paper didn't roll up and fall to the ground. Instead, it stayed put for the next gift to be wrapped.

Overall, I had fun trying out the Wrap Buddies, and it definitely made starting my holiday wrapping for the year easier, and more enjoyable.  I have to admit I am looking forward to more nights of wrapping, as I will now have a trusty wrapping sidekick to help me out. :-)

So, before you go crazy screaming at the wrapping paper roll falling off the table, or killing your knees and back kneeling on the floor to wrap loads of gifts for family and friends, make sure you buy a Wrap Buddies for yourself.  This is one of those products you will try out and wonder how you ever lived without it.  And, while it will not make your presents look pretty like you see in movies, it will make your wrapping experience easier and maybe a little fun!

Head on over to the Wrap Buddies website to order one today for only $20.

The Wrap Buddies is available in either red or slate, and can be used long after the holiday wrapping season, as it can hold aluminum foil, butcher paper, cellophane wrap, etc.  

And, if you are a vinyl crafter, they work great as a transfer tape dispenser. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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