Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Reconnecting with Your Desire for Success

 Reigniting Your Passion And Drive For Success

It's an understatement to say that we do our best to strive for success and consistent productivity because motivation is a word that is so ingrained into the modern world that it pops up everywhere, no matter where you go. You see it among the young college students pursuing education for their careers, the startup entrepreneur juggling every task to make a name for himself, and even the parents who do all they can to give their children the best life possible.

However, one negative impact of the global pandemic that's become a serious growing issue over the past months is how it's been undermining everyone's personal drive and desire for success. In fact, people you thought to be some of the most productive you will ever meet in life are now succumbing to episodes of procrastination and laziness, not out of choice but due to circumstance. As a result, most of the world's population is now asking the same question - how do I get back on track?

I Wasn't Always Like This, So What Happened?

Before we can address what steps it will take to get back into fighting form, we first need to understand why it's happening when we weren't lazy and unproductive. It all boils down to how Covid-19 broke apart all our long-standing habits and forced upon us the task of relearning them all to best match our current situation. As a result, this span of vulnerability has put us at risk of doing things we wouldn't normally find ourselves even considering.

What Can I Fix Right Now?

While there are different things you can implement into your life right now that will guarantee change, we want to preface this advice by saying that any permanent change won't happen overnight. Yes, there's no denying that these baby steps will help you gain composure, but don't expect anything too drastic because this is a marathon and not a race. Also, feel free to tailor-fit any of these recommendations to your liking because what's important is getting started.

#1 Figure Out What's Troubling Your Mind

Number one, you want to get in touch with yourself and figure out first what's troubling your mind. We need to identify and highlight the root cause of our unproductive nature so that we can strike the problem at its core. We recommend finding a safe and comfortable space where you can let out your emotions and practice self-reflection without interruption. Furthermore, don't bother with superficial things and dig deep into what's causing you anxiety, whether it's work-related, the feeling of failure, or some deeper-seated issue you've yet to face head-on.

#2 Start With Something Small

Number two, after you've identified what's stressing you out and preventing you from making any change or taking a step forward, you'll want to start with simple goals that you can work toward. Whether it's cleaning up your place, doing some household chores, or maybe fixing up your fitness regimen, any small goal you can start with can help rekindle that lost passion for giving your all. And, as you continue to fix it, don't stop with small things and slowly build them into bigger challenges like getting an online degree, working on that promotion, or scaling up your side gig.

#3 Get Rid Of Distractions As You Go

Number three, as you move forward with your personal success program, you'll start to identify and pick apart some of the distractions along the way. As you build back productivity, it's hard not to notice the aspects of your life currently holding you back, so slowly start getting rid of them and replacing these activities with something more beneficial. Of course, it will take some time to get used to all the changes, so go at a pace that's not super abrupt and easy to manage.

Focus On Self-Improvement

Overall, gaining back your composure and finding that desire for your success is not an impossible feat. All it takes is a bit of effort and the willpower to take that first step. As a reminder, know that relapses are bound to happen, but as long as you keep your mind focused on self-improvement and attaining self-growth, nothing is impossible.


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