Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Yes, FILA is Still Around, and OG Watches USA Has Cool FILA Watches Available for Every Member of the Family (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

A few posts back I shared all about a new wind up Evel Knievel toy perfect for those who grew up in the 70's, like myself. Well, I am back with another iconic brand of the 80's and 90's -- FILA.  Yes, you read that right, FILA.  And, while I don't see their clothes that often, I am now seeing a FILA watch every time I look down at my wrist to check the time, thanks to OG Watches -- the only home to FILA watches.  

Were you a big FILA fan growing up?  Just last year after purging my clothes closet, I finally said goodbye to my favorite FILA windbreaker jacket. I had it all through college, and hung on to it, as I thought it was cool. It was red, white and blue -- the colors you think of when you think of the FILA brand, and even though I no longer fit it, it was still nice to see whenever I opened my closet and ruffled around looking at my clothes.  You know you have clothes that you hang onto thinking you'll fit into them again one day, or that they hold sentimental value to you. But, when you start to see your closets bulging at the seams, you realize you have to say that hard goodbye...and, that is what I did when I donated my FILA jacket.  Let's hope it is bringing someone else joy in wearing the windbreaker at it did me all those years ago.  While it was hard to give up my prized FILA windbreaker, I am not happy to have FILA back in my life with a cool retro styled watch.  And, I am not the only one who gets to admire their FILA watch, as I was also sent one for my girls to wear.  

Buy now for only $94.50

I ended up buying another FILA watch shortly after having samples sent to me for review, as I knew my girls wouldn't want to share a watch, and they both thought it was cool, and wanted one of their own.

The FILA watch I was sent is considered the OG Watches best selling, and I can see truly is a fashion piece all its own, and can be worn with casual and dressy attire.  Now, I know most of us are working from home, or haven't dressed up in a long time due to Covid.  Heck, I stopped wearing a watch as I didn't need to continually check the time to make sure I wasn't running late for something, or having to get the girls someplace.  But, after receiving the FILA watch from OG Watches recently, I am back to wearing a watch, just so I can look down and admire it! :-)  That may sound silly, especially because I am talking about a watch, and I know a lot of people have stopped wearing watches, and use their phones to check the time -- but once you see this best selling FILA watch up close, you will see why I love wearing it. It really is eye candy for your wrist, and will catch people's attention when you are spotted wearing it.

"If fashion is your passion, this FILA watch is the perfect touch for your casual street style. It is a timepiece that will complete any outfit and turn heads while doing it! Skate down the boardwalk with a rolled-up sweater; make sure you show off the stylish accessory on your wrist. If you’re looking for attention and want some eye candy on your wrist, look no further than this chronometer. Be loud and proud about your fashion choices with the modern-day yet retro and bold style that the FILA brand brings to all its’ wristwatches." 

This watch features the following:  

  • Size: 40mm
  • Water Resistance: 50m
  • 3 Hand Movement: Yes
  • Comfort Strap: Yes 
  • All Around Style: Yes
  • Male, Female, or Unisex: Unisex
  • Color: 
    • Strap/Band: White
    • Case: Stainless Steel
    • Face/Dial: White
    • Accents: Red, White, and Blue

Just the other day I ran to the market to grab milk, and as I was checking out, the lady at the register commented on how she liked my watch, and then noticed it was a FILA watch. Like me, she didn't think FILA was still around.  She thought I was wearing a retro watch or something. But, then I shared how OG Watches is the only one who carries FILA watches, and that this was one of many cool and stylish FILA watches available for women, as well as great selection of watches for men and kids, too. She quickly grabbed her phone to type in the link and save it, so she could check it out for yourself on her break.  I could see her eyes light up with excitement as she quickly scrolled through the watches. She said a handful caught her eye, and it would be hard to narrow down her wish list.  :-)  After seeing all the watches myself the other day, when buying another FILA watch for my youngest daughter, I couldn't agree with her more, as I found myself wanting to put together  a wish list for Santa, for another few FILA watches.  But, for now, I am content with my FILA {st}atement Unisex Analog Watch 38-199-004, and love waking each day to check out the time, and throughout the day glancing down to admire the iconic red, white and blue colors of this oh so stylish FILA unisex watch.

If you loved FILA as a kid or teen, and wished you had your own FILA watch, well, now you can, when you head on over to the OG Watches website.  Just be warned, all the watches will catch your eye, and make you want them all.  Good luck in narrowing it down to just one.  But, I know that you can do it, and once you receive your FILA watch to wear, you will not want to take it off -- just like I never wanted to take off my FILA windbreaker back in the day.  :-)

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the OG Watches website today and browse their selection of stylish FILA watches for him, her and kids today -

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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