Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Spruce Up Your At Home Office or Bedside Table with the LumiCharge T2W LED Lamp, Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Phone Charger (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Usually I wouldn't describe a lamp or lighting for that matter as sleek or stylish.  Those just aren't words I use to describe things. But, after taking the LumiCharge T2W LED Lamp out of the box and setting it up on my bedroom end table, I found myself using just these words to describe my new lamp.  

"The Lumi Charge LumiCharge features a built-in LED screen that displays helpful information like the time, date and temperature to keep you on time and prepared for most anything. With the built-in motion sensor you never have to worry about running into anything in the dark again. When you enter a dark room a motion sensor will light up to show you the keys to turn on the Lumicharge. "


  • Beautiful LED Desk Lamp with high gloss metallic finish
  • Full Calendar Display with Date,Time,Temperature settings
  • Dimmable display back light
  • Day Light Savings pre programmed
  • 3 Color Modes (Soft White, Bright White and Soft Yellow)
  • Multiple Brightness level for each color option.
  • Wireless Phone Charger built in for Iphone, Samsung, Google and phones with wireless charging capability.
  • BONUS : Iwatch Holder + Cup Holder for pen/pencil/reading glass + Headphone/head set holder... Unclutter your desk space.
  • Bluetooth Speaker built in. Enjoy your music/playlist while working on your home work or office or gentle reading at home or office.
  • Pair your speaker and enjoy music through the Lamp.
  • Pair Amazon Alexa/ Google to your Lumicharge and access their voice features through LumiCharge-- T2W
  • Micro-SD Card and Aux (3.5mm) audio input also included.
  • 7Watts ; Brightness/Lumen >80RA , DC in 12V/2A

Just looking at the LumiCharge T2W LED lamp, it was so slim and sleep in appearance.  It didn't take up much room on my table, but offered so much with its features, which include the lamp for light, a bluetooth speaker so that I can listen to my favorite music when I wake, or am just lying in bed relaxing, as well as a wireless phone charger. Now, before I started using this all in love LED lamp, I had countless cords spread out all around my bedside table, to charge my phone, for my Alexa Echo dot, to charge my iPad, as well as other cords that just seem to be there. It truly looked like a mess, and not "sexy" at all. 


But, then I set up the LumiCharge LED lamp, and wow what a difference it made. I found myself not only with a cleaner and more organized table, but I had more space on it, too, to hold my favorite book, or even a photo of my husband and girls, which I found on the lower shelf on my side table, as I had run out of room with the excess cords and chargers that took over my table like a spider crawling all about.  I had to walk out of the room and walk back in just to admire my new lamp, and couldn't help but smile when I walked it and turned it on.  Not only was this an eye friendly light -- not too bright or too dim -- it was just right, but the display that showcases a calendar, pre-programmed daylight savings time, temp, alarm and more, was clear and lit in a pleasing way, which was also dimmable for nighttime use.  Usually these are all things I will ask Alexa to tell me throughout the day -- "Alexa, what is the weather?," "Alexa, what time is is?," or "Alexa, what is today's date?."  Now, with the LumiCharge T2W, I had all this information at my fingertips, and displayed in a sleek and stylish way!  

In addition to all this information being displayed, this LED lamp also had a wireless charging area that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly, while also acting as a stand for your phone.  I really liked this feature as it meant I didn't have to look at or fidget with charging cords. And, I really liked how the phone was cradled in the stand and was still accessible if I had to reach for it, and tap on it to check a message or notification.   

Music lovers like myself will love how you can pair the Bluetooth speaker of the LumiCharge T2W LED lamp with your Alexa or Google device, thus turning it into a voice enabled speaker + lamp. I think next to the wireless charging feature, the voice enabled feature is second favorite part of this LED lamp.  

It didn't take long for my husband and girls to take notice of my new bedside table LED lamp. And, once they gave all the features a go, they agreed with me, that this was truly an all in one lamp that was sleek and stylish.  They were quick to say that they each wanted one for their bedside tables or desk in their rooms.  After experiencing this LED lamp for myself, I couldn't blame them, as I was in love with it myself. I found myself retreating to my room to lay and relax and listen to music, or linger in bed in the AM as I took in the time, date, temp, all while listening to my favorite music.  With 3 hues and multiple adjustable brightness levels, this is the perfect LED lamp to use in a home office, lighting for your child's desk, or like I have been using it - as a bedside table lamp. However you choose to use the LumiCharge T2W LED lamp, just know you will in awe of this sleep and stylish lamp and wonder how you ever lived without it.  I plan to buy a few more of these LED lamps to surprise my husband and girls for Christmas, as I continue to see them eyeing my LumiCharge LED lamp, and know they will enjoy their own LumiCharge lamps.

You can learn more about the LumiCharge T2W LED lampk, along with other lamp styles and products available from the Lumi Charge, by visiting their website -  With the holidays fast approaching, why not clean up your bedtime style and get it more organized with this all in one LED lamp, or gift this LED lamp a student doing remote learning, or a spouse or significant other with a new home office setup. This is one of those products they will instantly fall in love with, and will make their life more organized and bright.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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