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Fill Their Stockings with Healthy and Tasty Nuts This Year Thanks to Daily Nuts & Fruits (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

A Handful of Mix for your Healthy Lifestyle!

Whether you are on diet, calorie watch, un-junking you body, we got you covered!

**Only product in the market confident and capable to state 

every single ingredient amount on 1 OZ single packs!**

When considering what to fill your family's stockings with this year, why not consider nuts from Daily Nuts & Fruits?  They are the only brand that offers a product in the market, that is confident and capable to state every single ingredient amount on 1 OZ single packs!  

I was recently introduced to Daily Nuts & Fruits after they sent along a box of assorted nuts for me to sample with my family, and am now a fan of this brand and their different nut varieties.  Everyone needs to have a healthy intake of fats in their diet daily.  And, by reaching for a bag of nuts and consuming some, you can ensure that your fat intake is coming from healthy, unsaturated fat rather than harmful saturated fats. But, if you are a busy family that is always on the go, making sure you are reaching for and eating something that contains healthy fats can be difficult, especially if you are pressed for time.  But, thanks to the folks at Daily Nuts & Fruits, you can stock up on their pocket sized nuts and have them ready to grab for a quick snack or energy boost, at home or on the go.

Prior to staying home to raise my girls, I used to be a health educator and worked in a hospital, as went out into the community to educate kids and adults on healthy habits including eating healthy.  One question I used to get asked a lot was what could people eat, especially those on a diet, that was healthy and good for them.  I would always recommend nuts, as they are not only good to eat, but have many health benefits, including being a great source of healthy fat, fiber and protein. Nuts also contain vitamins and minerals including magnesium and vitamin E.  And, if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, nuts are oftentimes recommended by doctors and dietitians as a healthy snack to consume to help reduce these conditions.  Don't worry I am not going to bore with you a lesson on healthy fats or go over all the important health findings about nuts. Instead, I wanted to share with you more about Daily Nuts & Fruits and some of their nuts that I was able to try firsthand, and thoroughly enjoyed with my family.

First up is The Hipster Honey Butter Original flavored Almonds. Currently available in original, cinnamon and tiramisu flavors. 

I was sent a few boxes of their original flavored almonds to try. I have to say, I was loving the silly wrapper with the mustached almond guy in shades.  He looked almost too cool for the packaging. :-)  As soon as I tore open the package of the 1 oz. bag of almonds, I could smell the honey and butter roasted nuts. Mmm, just thinking about them is getting me hungry and wanting to get up and grab a bag.  These nuts come in 1 oz serving sizes, and are just the right size to fill you up when you find yourself hungry and wanting a snack.  And, with the sweetness of the honey butter flavor will also satisfy your sweet tooth.  I kept finding myself reaching in the bag for another almond. And, while I was sad when the bag was empty, I didn't feel hungry and needing to eat more.  I was left fulfilled and had more energy.


My husband and girls sampled this original honey butter flavored almonds and agreed that they were super tasty.  Even though my girls are not big almond eaters -- they prefer walnuts and pistachios, they did say that the flavoring made them more appealing, and had them reaching for more.


While I wish I has the opportunity to try the cinnamon and tiramisu flavors to compare with the original flavor, just sampling the hipster honey butter almonds allowed me to see just how tasty these nuts were and how big the almonds in this 1 oz. snack size bag where. 


They weren't all broken up or thing. Instead, they were plump and full of flavor.  I can't wait to try the two other flavors soon, but in the meantime have been enjoying reaching for and enjoying The Hipster original honey butter almonds.


After sampling The Hipster honey butter original almonds, I passed around a bag of the Original Healthy Mix for my family to enjoy.  This packs of nuts came with 7 premium tree nuts in each 1 oz. package.  

Daily Nuts Healthy Mix Original packs include Almonds (dry-roasted), Walnuts, Cashews (dry-roasted), Macadamias, Hazelnuts (dry-roasted), Pecans and Pistachios.

  • Conveniently and precisely packaged in 1 oz. single packets to assure long lasting freshness and taste.
  • Ideal for the nut lovers. Includes 7 varieties of tree nuts!
  • Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts, and Pecans are dry-roasted fresh at our facility on a daily-basis

When I am craving nuts, I like being able to have a sampling of mixed nuts. So, when I saw that the Original Healthy Mix from Daily Nuts & Fruits contained 7 different tree nuts, I knew I was in for a treat. And, just like with The Hipster almonds, each 1 oz. bag of Original Healthy Mix nuts have full intact nuts -- no crumbly or half nuts here!  I like how they list out the amount of nuts in each 1 oz. bag on the front of the bag, while showing what each nut is, in case those unfamiliar with a particular tree nut question what they are eating or a nut they are finding enjoyable. 

My family loved this healthy mix of nuts, and we found each snack sized bag provided a wonderful and tasty assortment of tree nuts that not only filled us up, but also tasted really good.  The nuts were unsalted, which I prefer, and provided a well-balanced and convenient snack that you could grab and go and enjoy, at home or on the go.  I was sent the 22 pack bag of Original Healthy Mix and found it was just the right size for my family of 4, and lasted us about a week of daily snacking.


Lastly, we sampled the newest addition to the Daily Nuts & Fruits line of nuts -- Just Almonds.  

These nuts are 100% natural, certified gluten-free, non-GMO and contain zero peanuts.  

They are roasted and lightly salted with sea salt.  Instead of being 1 oz. bags like the previous two nuts my family sampled, the Just Almonds pocket snack bags were 3.25 oz.  

Like the other nuts from Daily Nuts & Fruits, each and every package of Just Almonds listed what was in each bag, which I loved.

These almonds were also a big hit with my family.  We have been enjoying as a snack right out of the bag, as well as found other ways to enjoy them including sprinkling in warm oatmeal in the AM, adding to a side salad at lunch, and adding to baking for a nice crunch.  

You can really taste the premium quality of these nuts, and each bite is tasty and guilt-free -- just what a healthy snack should taste like.

With the holidays fast approaching, why not consider picking up nuts from Daily Nuts & Fruits to fill your family's stocking with, in place of candy.  While they may be surprised at first to find nuts in their stockings, once they sample the nuts, they will be hooked, and will be looking in their stocking for more!  You can learn more about the different nut varieties available by visiting  I can't wait to hear which of their nuts varieties you and your family enjoy most.  Happy healthy snacking! :-) 

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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