Friday, November 27, 2020

"How to Doodle Year-Round" Is a Fun Book to Gift Tweens and Teens Who Love to Draw and Doodle (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Do your kids love to doodle or draw?  Both of my girls take after my husband in that they are both are artistic and can draw.  My oldest daughter can look at a picture and draw it on a blank sheet of paper, while my youngest loves to design her own animals and fashionable clothing with her drawing abilities.  I am so happy they didn't take after me, as I can't even draw a stick figure person that well.  

I love watching my girls doodle and draw -- just not when we are sitting down for school work, and I catch them doodling on the corner of their papers, while trying to teach them a new math concept.  That is when their creative juices seem to flow and they come up with toothy animals and cheeky pets or designs.  While it is a distraction and not something I want to see, especially being their teacher, I can't help but think back to when I was their age in school and would fill my brown paper bag book covers with doodles (some which I thought were good), or my 5 subject notebooks with doodling and designs, when I should have been taking lecture notes. But, there is a time and place for doodling, and when your kids sit down to doodle, would't it be fun to know how to draw cute and super easy drawing for things like holidays, celebrations and special events?  If you said, "Yes," then I have the perfect doodling book for you to share with your kids -- "How to Doodle Year-Round: Cute & Super Easy Drawing for Holidays, Celebrations and Special Events," from Tuttle Publishing.  

More about this book:

"Create simple seasonal and holiday doodles using multicolored pens!

Want to draw a jack-o'-lantern with a toothy smile? How about a silly Santa out cruising in his sleigh? How to Doodle Year-Round helps you create these sweet and sensational designs—no previous artistic training required!

Kamo provides hundreds of examples, unlocking the simple secrets to drawing freewheeling, lively and amusing doodles. Unlike fine-art or manga, there are no rules and no art-school techniques to master. All you need is a free hand and a free spirit.

This book encourages doodlers to pick up a pen and start artfully scribbling whenever and wherever they are. Doodles can be dashed off on a piece of scrap paper or permanently enshrined on a T-shirt, bookmark, invitation or gift."

*Recommended for artists 16 & up*


I was recently sent a copy of this book to share with my girls, and they loved it!  I ended up picking up two of their other doodle books as my girls really got into this one and wanted more things to learn how to doodle.  What my girls really liked about this and the two other Doodle books from Tuttle Publishing is that the step by step drawing steps are shared in a playful and fun way. You don't feel like you are having to sit and add this little and then another thing.  Instead, the doodling steps are whimsical and fun, and with all the fun colors of the doodles, kids will love grabbing a sheet of blank paper to try their hand at a toothy jack o'lantern, a tree decked out for Christmas or even flowery and stylish spring clothing for the fashionista your child will learn how to draw.

My girls have only had this doodling book for a short time, but are halfway through the book.  With over 1000 drawings in the books, they are having so much learning fun and festive ways to draw for the seasons.  

They have used what they have learned to doodle, to add fun artful doodles to their pen pal letters to friends, and have even made their own gift wrap for friends for the holidays.    I can't wait to see what other fun doodles and drawings my girls learn how to draw, thanks to this and the other two doodle books available from Tuttle Publishing.

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Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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