Friday, November 27, 2020

"Jeet Kune Do: A Comprehensive Guide to Bruce Lee's Martial Way" is a Book Every Bruce Lee Fan Must Have (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do is the iconic book presenting the martial art created by Bruce Lee as explained in the master's own words.

My husband is a huge Bruce Lee fan, and has a bookcase full of books all about Bruce Lee.  So, when I saw that Tuttle Publishing was releasing a new Bruce Lee book this past October, I knew just the person to help me review "Bruce Lee Jett Kune Do: A Comprehensive Guide to Bruce Lee's Martial Way."  And, when the book arrived in the mail, my husband was all smiles, and couldn't wait to dive right into the book and read it, comparing it to other Bruce Lee books he has read over the years.  He really liked the personal workout program that Bruce Lee followed, and has incorporated some of the exercises into his daily at-home workout routine.  He said he was able to add these exercises thanks to how they were sharing and broken down based on days of the week and what part of the body he was working out.  

Compared to other Bruce Lee books, my husband said that this one is written more in quotes, and not like other books he has read. While at first he didn't think he would like the way the book was set up with quotes and snippets, as he sat down to read the book in its entirety, he found himself liking this setup. He was able to make notes in the pages, and flag pages he wanted to go back to and read again.   The book doesn't dive deep into things - pretty much just summarizes things or giving you a brief overview.  If you want to study more on a topic or see examples on how to apply them to your life, then you will find other Bruce Lee books do a better job at being more in-depth.  But, this wasn't an issue with my husband, as he has read hundreds of Bruce Lee books over the years. He said he preferred this short abridged notes and quotes from Bruce Lee and how the book was set up and read.  Overall, it was a well comprised book that Bruce Lee fans will enjoy reading and referencing time and time again.

If you have a Bruce Lee fan in your life, or you are a fan of this amazing martial artist, then you will definitely want to check out this new release from Tuttle Publishing. It would make for a great gift idea this holiday season, and make for a great winter read.

More about this book:

"In 1970, Bruce Lee suffered a back injury that confined him to bed. Rather than allowing this to slow his growth as a martial artist, he read feverishly on Eastern philosophy and Western psychology and self help books, constructing his own views on the totality of combat and life. It was during this time that Lee wrote 7 volumes containing his thoughts, ideas, opinions, and research into the art of unarmed combat, and how it applies to the everyday life. Some of this material was posthumously published in 1975, but much more existed.

This landmark book serves as a more complete presentation of Bruce Lee's notes on his art of Jeet Kune Do. The development of his unique martial art form, its principles, core techniques, and lesson plans are presented here in Lee's own words. 

It also features Lee's illustrative sketches and his remarkable treatise on the nature of combat, success through martial arts, and the importance of a positive mental attitude in training. In addition, there are a series of "Questions Every Martial Artist Must Ask Himself," that Lee posed to himself and intended to explore as part of his own development, but never lived to complete. Jeet Kune Do: A Comprehensive Guide to Bruce Lee's Martial Way is a book every Bruce Lee fan must have."

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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