Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Fans of Rainbow Rowell's "Fangirl" Will Love the New MANGA Adaptation, "Fangirl, Vol. 1," Now Available from Viz Media (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Is your teen into MANGA or graphic novels? If so, and they are looking for a new book to read, I recommend you check out Fangirl for them. This book is an adaptation of Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl, just turned into a MANGA (a Japanese style comic book/graphic novel).  My girls, even though they are a little young to read this book, love graphic novels, especially ones put out by Viz.  Just before bed, my youngest daughter was reading a Pokemon book from a box set she got recently at the bookstore, that was a release of Viz Media.  But, after hearing friends talk about the original Fan Girl book, I was curious to see how the MANGA version compares.  So, I had Viz Media sent me along a copy of the Fangirl Vol. 1 MANGa for review, and I picked up a copy of Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl.

While I enjoyed Rainbow's book, I have to saw I really found myself liking the graphic novel MANGA version, that closely aligns with the book.  We see Cath, who is a major fangirl trying to navigate through her fanfic life and real life, with college and boys on her mind.  She is nothing like her twin sister, Wren, and needs to feel comfortable in her own skin to step away from the computer screen and live life in front of others without filters or a facade she has created for herself with her popular fanfic following.

Fangirl is a real page turner, and the illustrations of this MANGA really do pull the reader in and make the story come to life.  You feel like you are peering into Cath's life and seeing it unfold as you read through the pages.  I was able to finish this book in one sitting, but, when I got to the end, I wished I had slowed down, as I wanted to read more, and wished there was a second volume to the book.  I guess for now I will have to go back and re-read this book until more books, hopefully in a long line of books to the series, are released.

Fangirl would make for a great stocking stuffer for MANGA fans and fans of fanfic.  Be sure to check out this book and other available now from Viz Media by visiting


More about this MANGA release:

"Cath doesn’t need friends IRL. She has her twin sister, Wren, and she’s a popular fanfic writer in the Simon Snow community with thousands of fans online. But now that she’s in college, Cath is completely outside of her comfort zone. 

There are suddenly all these new people in her life. She’s got a surly roommate with a charming boyfriend, a writing professor who thinks fanfiction is the end of the civilized world, a handsome new writing partner…


 And she’s barely heard from Wren all semester!"

Created by Rainbow Rowell, Adapted by Sam Maggs, Illustrated by Gabi Nam

Release October 13, 2020

ISBN-13 978-1-9747-1587-9

Trim Size 5 3/4 × 8 1/4

Imprint VIZ Originals

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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