Thursday, May 14, 2020

Feeling Frugal? Discover Some New Ways You Can Save Money This Month

Things are a little different at the moment, and whether you’re working from home or you’ve been furloughed, everyone is looking at their current financial standing with a fresh set of eyes. It makes sense to tighten our belts and make as many savings as we can right now, after all, there’s something really exciting about saving money. And when you find new ways to boost your income, add to your savings pot or get yourself a step closer to paying off those debts, it’s a great feeling. If you’re struggling or worried about your debts, then Creditfix can help

So, with this in mind read on to discover some new ways you can save some money this month. 
Axe Your Gym Membership – Permanently
All gyms are closed right now, and many clubs are giving their members a payment holiday. This is great news as you’re saving money already. However, if you’ve become accustomed to working out at home, you’ve discovered a passion for jogging or you’ve purchased plenty of at-home gym equipment, why do you need to go back? Axe your gym membership permanently. You just don’t need it! 
There’s so much free content out there at the moment. From kids school resources to free online magazines, free movies, apps and other online memberships. So, if you normally pay for these kinds of things, now is the time to cancel all your subscriptions and save yourself some cash. 
With many of us in isolation and stuck at home, there’s never been a better time to declutter and sell on what you don’t need. Clutter is stressful, so this kind of activity is both calming and beneficial for everyone – especially if you’re all stuck at home. Consider going through the following.
  • Clothes in ALL wardrobes/closets
  • Your children’s toys/boardgames
  • Kitchen appliances that you don’t use
  • Garden tools you no longer need
  • Ornaments and bric-a-brac
Cut the Cables

We’re all spending a lot more time at home. So be careful not to feel tempted to subscribe to even more streaming services. There’s plenty of new and old TV shows available for free out there, so avoid shelling out more money for entertainment you already have! 
Learn to DIY
From painting the living room wall to hanging wallpaper in your bedroom. If you normally hire someone to do these kinds of tasks, then take the opportunity to save a little money and learn to do it yourself! Leave anything electrical or gas related to the experts though! 

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