Monday, May 18, 2020

Great Looking Hair - Women Over 50

When I was younger, much much younger, my gran used to come to our house on a weekend (I can’t remember which day, but I think it was a Sunday because I used to watch sports with my dad while my mum took my gran to get her hair done). Every week, without fail, they’d return from their hair appointments and moan inconsolably at how this week’s effort at achieving more youthful looking hair had yet again crashed and burned and left both of the older generations on the maternal side of my family looking, well, older. I remember their hair looking thin and desperate. Colourful to an extent, of course, from about an inch away from the roots to the tips, but ultimately all their money bought them was brittle looking stringy hair. Thankfully, that was decades ago. We’ve moved on a bit since then. But tips on great looking hair are always welcome...

Grow it before you show it 

You heard. Hair that’s on show should look confident and intentional. Hair that’s on show should look cooperative and not painfully pinned back in some odd direction that will literally make everybody you meet that day think “she’s going to regret that when her scalp’s on fire tonight”. What you need is hair that was grown with love. Hair that was nurtured and given firm roots inside a scalp that gives life and doesn’t simply cough up any old thin looking hair. You need a scalp cleanser (check out this scalp cleanser from The thinking behind this is so simple that it scarcely needs to be discussed - a dry and itchy scalp cannot grow thick and full looking hair (it just can’t). You know it makes sense. 

Colour me youthful 

The next tip is very important. If you want to look your age, that’s fine. Women who want to look older than they are, however, is a bit of a mystery. All these blue and pink faded looking dyes that have started to become as common in as many as one woman per office is, again, absolutely fine by us … as long as you are fine with looking about 85 years old with a terrible hair-dye-rush-job paid for at your local market where the stall sign reads something like Janine’s Blue Rinse ‘n’ Clean. No. Youthful looking hair means thick natural colours. For blonde women, don’t go white, go golden. For brunettes, avoid highlights that will wash you out and instead embrace the darker woodier tones.   

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