Wednesday, August 21, 2019

9 Reliable Tips for Saving Money this Fall

Still have summer on the brain? That’s fine for now — it’s only August, after all. But if you want to set up your budget for financial victory in the upcoming months, you’ll want to take a whiff of those pumpkin spice products that are starting to pop up on store shelves and get yourself in the mood for fall.

Autumn can be a great time to allow your naturally-frugal side to thrive as you cozy up for winter. A little less leaving the house, a little more enjoying the comfort of your home. With a little mental preparation, you’ll save yourself (and your wallet) some unneeded anxiety in the coming months.

1.                   Open the Windows
Air-conditioning costs can cripple your summer budget, and heating costs in the winter can creep up unexpectedly. While the cool fall weather allows, open your windows instead of turning on the AC when you’re craving some air. Crisp autumn breezes won’t last forever, but you (and your bank account) can enjoy them while they’re here.

2.                   Plan Your Meals
With school, sports, after-school lessons and events, the rest of your life goes back on a strict schedule come September—so why shouldn’t your dinner plans? Planning out your weekly meals can save you a pretty penny on groceries and cut down on food waste. Plus, cooler weather means the arrival of crock pot season, AKA the season of bountiful easy recipes.

3.                   Student Discounts
If you’ve got a student in your home this fall, or you are one yourself, don’t forget to take advantage of student discounts in your area. Everywhere from restaurants to retail stores to local museums and more offers student discounts to savvy consumers if you just remember to ask! Just don’t forget to bring your ID if you plan on using it.

4.                   Seasonal Sales
Tis the season of sales! From back to school savings and sales on all your favorite fall items, to holiday prep and more, remember that there’s always a discount. Bide your time when shopping and always wait until you find great savings to pounce on a purchase—this time of year, you’re guaranteed a low price at some point during the season.

5.                   Thrifting
That said, some of your shopping should absolutely be done at your local thrift store. As people pack away their summer wardrobes and begin to pull out their scarves and sweaters, nearby consignment and charity stores will receive a huge influx of last season’s sweaters, just waiting to come home to your closet and save you a lot of money.

6.                   Declutter
Spring cleaning isn’t just for spring. As the weather cools down, you can even be one of the people donating to those thrift stores as you declutter and clear out old or unused items. From clothes to kitchen gadgets to summer reading books, decluttering can be a fantastic way to keep your budget in line. You might just discover something you’d forgotten you had—or you’ll realize just how much you had to start with.

7.                   Keep the PSL on the DL
We’re all guilty of enjoying our favorite handcrafted espresso beverages when colder weather comes knocking, but be careful of exactly how much you’re spending weekly on that latte. You might need to create a Pumpkin Spice Mocha fund in your budget to keep your cravings under control, because don’t forget: Christmas is just around the corner.

8.                   Learn to DIY
From Halloween costumes to autumnal home d├ęcor, Fall is a great season to discover (or rediscover) your inner crafty self. Not only will you get a little boost to your creative side, but homemade creations often make the best memories.

9.                   Start a New Saving Plan
While you’re refreshing and scheduling and watching discounts, take the time to rebuild your budget. This season can be a great time to evaluate your excess spending as well as recurring costs like insurance and utility bills. If you take the time to get things under control now, you’ll ensure that your fall rolls into a stress-free holiday season. Happy Holidays to your future self.

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