Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Amazing Thank You Gifts For Your Child's Teachers

You could say that teaching is a work of the heart. A vocation that calls to those that dedicate their lives to educating our kids. Of course, that doesn't mean that teachers don't sometimes have bad days. In fact, they certainly do, as teaching can be challenging in many ways. With that in mind, providing a thank you for teachers is a great way to express your gratitude. Although deciding what to buy them can be confusing. Fortunately, you can find some fantastic suggestions on what to get your child's teacher in the post below. 

Wine and chocolates 

Probably the most popular gifts for teachers are wine and chocolate. Usually in a mug with a cute slogan. After all, you can get them in any supermarket and dress them up with some wrapping and a label to make them personalized. 

However, it is worth bearing in mind that not everyone drinks alcohol, and some folks don't eat things like dairy or sugar or need to adhere to a gluten-free diet. Of course, you have two choices here. The first being to avoid consumable gifts altogether, while the second is to check with your child teacher to see if they have any allergies or dietary requirements


A more unusual and fun option for a teacher thank-you gift is a piece of clothing. Of course, you do need to be careful here as some items could not go down that well. 

To that end, something like these personalized school shirts can work best. The reason being that you can have them customized with the name of the school sports team or a sweet message about teaching. They also come in AS to 5XL rather than actual sizes so you can make sure you get an item that fits without risking offending anyone.

Something Quirky!

While not every teacher may like the idea of a quirky or joke present, if they have a good sense of humor, you can purchase custom bobblehead dolls with their likeness!  It is also a little gift that easily stands up on their desk. Other quirky gift ideas can be a funny pair of socks or ties, or even a personalized face cushion!

A relaxing experience 

With teaching being so demanding and stressful. One of the best gifts you can offer is a relaxing experience. In fact, days out, such as a spa trip can work particularly well here. You may even be able to get a great deal on this if you look for a coupon online. 

Alternatively, an English afternoon tea or even a restaurant voucher will usually be gratefully received as well. In fact, even a Starbucks gift card is a nice gesture as the teacher you give it to can use it during vacation time, or save it up to use on school mornings. You know when they need that little extra kick of caffeine to get going! 

Resources for their classroom 

Finally, for some teachers, the best gift will be resources they can use in their classroom. In fact, what many people don't realize is that lots of teachers pay for plenty of things out of their own pockets. 

Therefore, with so many schools struggling with reduced budgets, providing resources can be a lovely way of thanking your child's teacher. Look out for things like grade-appropriate books, art supplies, even treats for the kids, as these will make the best gifts. 

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