Monday, January 20, 2020

4 Fun Ways To Improve Kid's Spelling Skills

Spelling is an important skill for children to learn, but it’s a lot harder than it used to be because we use computers so often. When your children have a spellchecker to correct them, they are less likely to learn the correct spellings for words, so this skill can be lacking. That’s why it’s important that you make an effort to help them improve their spelling. But if you write out a long list of words and get the kids to learn it, they’re going to switch off because it’s boring. If you want them to be engaged, you need to find some fun ways to do it. Here are some great ideas for fun ways to help your child improve their spelling skills. 

Word Jumbles 

Word jumbles are great puzzles that will help your child to improve their spelling skills, but it won’t feel so boring because it’s part of a fun game. When the letters are all jumbled up, it helps them to think more about the sound that each letter makes and the different sounds that can be made when letters are combined. This means that it will improve their overall spelling ability as well as helping them to learn the words in the jumble. If you are writing your own word jumbles, you can use an online jumble solver to make sure that all of the answers are correct. As your child gets older and their spelling skills develop, you can start using anagrams and jumbles with more than one solution to give them more of a challenge. 

Educational Apps 

Kids respond well to fun games and apps, and it’s a great way to help them learn without making it boring. There are some great educational apps out there, like the Leapfrog Academy App, that are filled with some fun games. It’s a much better way to keep your kids engaged and stop them from getting bored when they are learning to spell. 

The Spelling Ball 

The spelling ball is a great educational tool that helps your kids to learn and gets them outside doing something active at the same time. It’s simple, you say a word, and then throw the ball to somebody. Then, they spell the word and if they get it correct, they choose another word and pass the ball on. If they get it wrong, they can throw the ball to somebody else and they can try. Being outside and moving around will help to get their brains working and make spelling more fun at the same time. 

Use Magazine Clippings 

Cutting out magazine clippings is a great way to practice spelling. If you get some old magazines and then get the kids to cut out the letters to spell certain words, it encourages them to consider each letter carefully, and look at how those letters fit together in the words in the magazine as well as the words that they are spelling. 

These are all simple but fun ways to get your kids excited about spelling and help to improve their skills. 

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