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The New LeapFrog Academy App Provides Well[-Rounded Curriculum for Preschoolers in a Fun Safe Environment -- My Girls Can't Get Enough of This App! (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary subscription to the service from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

1,500+ Learning Activities with No Ads!

I am always looking for fun apps for the girls to play with.  And, if it is educational, even better.  I am so tired of seeing all those crazy apps that try to get the attention of kids and have tons of in-ad purchases, and don't provide any educational content at all. And, don't get me started on the different YouTube channels my girls stumble upon when using our iPads.  Even with parental blocks, they are still able to access people reviewing toys, opening blind bags, or doing Playdoh scenes.  If I let them, the girls could sit there for hours watching these silly videos.  Whenever I catch them watching one of thees videos, I remind them they have their own toys they could be playing with.  If you have young children, then you probably know the YouTube channels and videos I am talking about.

Well, instead of going on and on about these videos or apps that aren't worth your child's time, I did want to get the new app from LeapFrog on your radar called LeapFrog Academy.  If you are not familiar with LeapFrog Academy, here is a background on this wonderful interactive learning program for preschoolers...


"Our interactive learning app provides a well-rounded curriculum that helps build key developmental skills. Designed by educators and built by the leading brand in learning for kids, LeapFrog Academy™ provides educational activities for 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds that explore a variety of skills that are important to development.

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Log in to your existing account or sign up for this learning app and get a 1 Month FREE trial. The program includes more than 1,500 of our best eBooks, games, puzzles and videos.

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Each Learning Adventure provides a well-rounded curriculum that includes traditional school subjects blended with creativity, problem solving and social-emotional skills.

• Reading & Writing – Early reading, language and spelling skills build a critical foundation for learning. Become confident readers with lessons in the ABCs, syllables, uppercase and lowercase letters and rhymes.
• Math – Skills like counting, comparing and sorting help young learners think critically and solve problems to challenge them at the right level.
• Science – Explore scientific concepts including STEM skills, life cycles, human body, simple machines, observations and more.
• Critical Thinking & Problem Solving – Develops memory and planning skills by exercising logic and reasoning.
• Creativity – A strong foundation of music and art help children in their ability to create and imagine.
• Health & Feelings – Strong social and emotional skills allow children to develop and engage with learning that they can bring to their daily lives.

LeapFrog Academy™ Key Features:

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• More than 1,500 learning activities including eBooks, games, puzzles, videos, music and art across a variety of Learning Adventures that become more advanced as your child progresses.
• My Learning Lab, which provides extra activities that offer additional practice in subjects your child needs help mastering or more difficult activities designed to keep them challenged.
• Earn rewards by collecting marbles or completing lessons. Rewards include clothes, accessories, pets or pieces for their Collection.
• Up to 5 child profiles included with your subscription.
• The Parent Dashboard lets you choose and change your kid’s Learning Adventure and see what activities are offered in My Learning Lab. It also lets you see how your child is progressing, view your account, manage each profile and more.
• No Wi-Fi, no problem! Play most of your favorite activities by adding up to 24 of them to your Favorites. Then, continue to play your favorite games without an Internet connection.

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LeapFrog Academy™ learning app is a safe environment for children. There’s no advertising or ability for an external party to contact your child."


My Thoughts:

The folks at LeapFrog provided me with a complimentary subscription to try out with my two girls.  Even though Savannah is already 7, Bella is still only 5 and I thought this would be a good learning app for her, to help her catch up to where Savannah is school wise.  If you follow my blog, then you know I homeschool my girls.  And, I have tried to teach them at the same level in regards to math, science, history, etc.  But, when it comes to English and reading, I have not pushed Bella as much as I know she has a different learning style as Savannah.  Savannah was eager to learn how to read at age 4 and was able to teach herself by memorizing words. Bella, on the other hand, still has a limited attention span so we have to teach in segments throughout the day and take breaks, as not to overwhelm her.  I find myself having to stop and remind myself that she is still only 5, whereas Savannah is 7.  So, knowing where her weaknesses are and where she could use a little bit more help, I thought this new learning academy app from LeapFrog was perfect for her.

Both of my girls have grown up with LeapFrog toys, videos, you name it.  They love this brand just as much as I do.  And, whenever something new comes out, we are all eager to try it out.  My girls still love their EPIC's that Santa brought them last year, and watch our LeapFrog DVD collection, which helped Savannah with her reading and math skills when she was little, and then got Bella excited about learning through the fun and catchy songs and characters from the LeapFrog line.

Apps have always been popular with my girls, so I make a point to give them time during the day after we are done with hands-on learning to sit at either the laptop or the iPad and play a few educational games.  Since downloading LeapFrog Academy and setting up accounts for the girls, this has become a go-to for them whenever it is app time.  They both loved creating their avatar, and when they were rewarded with dogs (that follow them through the different worlds/levels), the girls were so excited, as they thought that was the coolest thing.  

What really got my girls excited about the fun educational app besides all the games, were the graphics.  Leave it to LeapFrog to outdo themselves again. I thought the graphics for their other apps you can purchase through the LeapFrog online store were great, but this new app is the best I have seen.  Each and every scene is full of vivid colors and the details to the worlds is simply stunning.  I found myself sitting down when they first started playing with this educational app and being drawn in and wanting to see what games they would play next, or what the next world would look right.

As far as the games, if you are familiar with LeapFrog content and how they deliver their educational content to kids, you will be happy to see this rolls over into this app.  The games and learning modules are easy for kids to understand and work through, without the need for parent support.  My girls really took to the math games, as math is strong suit.

In addition to the amazing content and graphics, I was also happy to see no pop-up adds, or need to buy additional things to enjoy the app.  Try saying that about most of the kids apps out there today.  They temp the kids with a free download and then have them asking you to buy them more coins, level ups, etc.

I don't know about you, but my girls love when they complete a game and are rewarded with things.  It doesn't have to be a physical prize to get them excited and have them want to continue on to gain more and more rewards.  So, when they started playing with this app and completing lessons, they found themselves collecting marbles and earning rewards, like pets (dog I mentioned earlier), new clothes, accessories, etc.  This rewards feature really got them addicted to the game and wanting to complete the different lessons.  Whenever the girls would log on after not being on a for a day or two, the first thing they would do is look at the certificates they earned, as well as see the different rewards they have accumulated over the course of the game. Then, they would chit chat with one another about what they had and which level they were on, before quieting down and delving right into the games, which they thought were fun (even though they were learning and at times getting a little extra help on subjects they may be struggling with).

Like with other LeapFrog apps, there is a parent section where you can go in and check your child's status and see how they are doing.  You can even manage your account and your children's profile (up to 5 kids can be registered to this app with one active subscription).  A cool feature that I really liked and that comes in handy when we are about and about is how many of the activities and games can be played without Wi-Fi access.  So, the girls can bring the fun of this app on the go and I don't have to worry about an Internet connection.  This feature has saved me when we are in the car in traffic or at a doctor's appointment and I need to keep the girls entertained.

With over 1500 activities which include games, puzzles, sing along videos and music and even art, your child will get a well-rounded educational experience when you download and sign up for a subscription to the new LeapFrog Academy. Both of my girls found the content of this app challenging and fun, and as they progressed through the different worlds and levels, the difficulty in activities was seen, which got my girls even more excited as they liked the challenge.

I could go on and on about how great this app is, but if you have a child between the ages of 3-6 and are looking for just the right app that will help learn fundamental subjects for preschool and beyond, then you will want to check out this app today. I am so happy we had an opportunity to try it out firsthand, and whenever I am with friends or family, or at a playgroup meeting, i can't help but rave about this app when parents ask for suggestions on fun games and app for kids.  LeapFrog never disappoints with their educational content and this new app is one of my favorites. And, I know when you download and start using it with your  little ones, you will see why I love it so much, as you will too!.


Subscription Details:

Upon downloading the app, subscribe and activate your free trial. Cancel any time from your iTunes account.
• While the app is free to download, a subscription is required to access the program
• FREE 1 Month trial starts after you sign up for the subscription
• Subscription fee of $7.99/month will be charged on the first day following the 1 Month trial and will be charged to your iTunes account
• Subscription is automatically renewed at the end of each billing period unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period
• Subscription can be managed at any time via your iTunes account
• If you have any questions, visit

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary subscription to the service from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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