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Radz Twistz and Foamz Candy + Dispenser Collectible Toys Make the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Kids of All Ages! (Review) #radzbrands #CandyDispenser

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

When it come to holiday shopping, do you start with stocking stuffer fillers first, or leave them to the very end?  For me, I love to start with the fillers, as it makes it feel like I am accomplishing a little early in the season -- usually near the end of October when Christmas stuff starts arriving in stores.  Then, I will continue to grab a few things here and there to add to my family's stockings right up until a couple weeks before Santa's arrival, as I usually stumble across cute and fun things that I think would make for great stocking stuffers.  

This year, though, I was able to get my stocking stuffer fillers out of the way early, thanks to sampling of Radz Twistz and Foamz candy + dispensers, including their new Radz Winter Foamz line I was sent to review.  If you follow my blog, then you probably recall me sharing all about Radz Foamz and Twistz candy dispensers and collectible toys around the different holidays and back to school season.  Radz World is good about releasing new product lines to their candy + dispenser toys, and this year they added the super fun Winter Foamz.  Last year, their winter/holiday line featured twistable and interchangeable tops and bottoms to their candy dispenser toys. But, this year it is all about the foamz, and my girls especially, are loving them!  I shared a couple of the samples I was sent with my girls, and saw how excited they got with these toy collectibles, that I knew I had to buy more, to stash away and fill their stockings with on Christmas Eve.

What I love about Radz and their candy dispensers is that their dispensers depict some of my girls' favorite characters from hit shows and movies including Spongebob Squarepants, Animal Jam, Paw Patrol and Trolls.  

Not only are these blind bag/surprise toys, but they also contain a few goodies including the candy dispenser. Usually their bags are a 3 in 1 blind bag, which includes a mini poster for kids to hang in their rooms and a bag of candy to fill their candy dispensers with.

Like I mentioned, I was recently sent a sampling of Radz World's newest Winter Foamz line, as well as some of their current popular Twistz and Foamz 3 in 1 Candy + Dispenser collectible toys for my girls to help me review, and for me to feature as great stocking stuffer ideas.  My girls are always up for helping reviewing Radz Foamz and Twistz toys as they love the cute dispenser, and the candy is tasty! :-)

The first Radz World 3 in 1 Candy + Dispenser we looked at was the Paw Patrol line which includes Chase, Marshall and Skye to collect.  

My oldest daughter has been a fan of this Nick animated series since it aired years ago.  There was a time where she wouldn't leave the house without dressing head to toe in Paw Patrol gear, and toting around a few of her Paw Patrol figures.  While she is slowing moving past this phase, she still loves grabbing anything and everything Paw Patrol to add to her collection. So, she was all smiles when she saw the Radz Paw Patrol Candy + Dispenser.  

The girls could tell which Paw Patrol character they got as the package was see-through.  

She liked how you can can twist their hats off to fill the dispenser with the exclusive flavored candy included.  Then, to dispense the candy, you slide the hat back to make the pup's tongue to stick out, exposing the candy for your kids to grab. 

Both of my girls giggled the first time they tried about this candy dispenser.  They thought it was neat to have the Paw Patrol pup stick its tongue out with a candy.  And, the candy tasted great, too! Like other Radz World candy dispensers, this Paw Patrol line also comes with a clip so kids can add it to their backpacks, lunch totes, or hang in their room. I ended up picking up a chain to hang in my girls' room, as they have so many Radz Foamz and Twistz collectible toys, and they love to display, so by attaching to the chain, they can hang and admire their growing Radz World collectibles. 

There are 100's to collect, so it is nice to have a designated spot to display them, so they don't wind up on the floor or missing in action.

In addition to the Paw Patrol Radz Candy + Dispenser,  I was also sent the Radz Foamz Smooshy Mushy Besties for my girls to enjoy. We received these candy dispensers over the summer, but these new packs helped my girls grow their current Smooshy Mushy Besties Radz collection. Unlike the Paw Patrol candy dispenser, which has the candy dispensing from the pup's tongue, this particular Radz dispenser has kids open the bottom tab to get the candy out.  

Fans of foam/squishy toys, will love the Smooshy Mushy Besties.  You can collect cuties like Fritzy Frie, Bella Blueberry Macaron, Samira Smore, Rozy Raspberry Donut or Suki Strawberry Cake. They are all so cute, and even come with a mini collectible poster for kids to hang in their rooms.

We were also sent a few of the Radz Twistz Spongebob Squarepants Candy + Dispenser blind bags to review and enjoy. My youngest daughter is a cute fans of Spongebob, and was all smiles when she saw the Radz Twistz Spongebob Squarepants candy dispensers in the box for her to enjoy.  To add the candy, kids twist off the top of the dispenser.  You can also switch things up and mix and match the tops for the Twistz Spongebob Squarepants candy dispensers, too!.  My girls love the Radz Twistz line of candy dispensers just for this one feature, as they like to see how the different characters would look with different heads on the bottoms.  They always giggle when they are mixing and matching the tops. :-)  In addition to the candy and dispenser, there is also a mini poster included in the bag, too!  Kids can collect Spongebob, Spongebob Limited Edition, Squidward, Patrick, Patrick Limited Edition and a secret character.  

As mentioned about, the folks at Radz World added a super cute Radz Winter Foamz line featuring Snowy the Snowman, Doug the Tree, Santa Clause and Rudy the Reindeer.  These cute foamz candy dispenser come in a fun packaging that allows you to hang them from the Christmas tree like an ornament.  Parents and grandparents can fill their tree with these holiday Radz Foamz candy dispensers for their kids to find on Christmas morning. Or, switch things up and skip the candy canes this year, and fill the tree with these festive and fun foamz collectibles instead.  When the kids open the package, they can then use the keychain to attach these holiday-themed Foamz to their bags, backpacks, etc.  With this particular dispenser, kids retrieve the candy from the bottom of the foamz dispenser.  My girls had fun adding these winter foamz to our tree as ornaments, and want to pick up more so that they can gift to their friends and add to their friends' gifts.

I could go on and on about how much fun Radz candy dispensers and surprise toys are.  But, instead, why not check out their website to see all the different candy treats your child can collect.  Just be warned...there are 100's to collect, and many have interchanging tops.  But, that is what makes collecting Radz candy dispensers so much fun.  There are so many to choose from and collect, your kids will love collecting and trading them with siblings and friends, just like my girls do.  And, they sure do dress up a backpack with the clip on candy dispensers.  You can learn all about the Radz product offering by visiting www.RADZWORLD.COM.

To learn about these and other fun Radz collectibles product offering, head on over to And, be on the lookout as you do your holiday shopping for Radz Twistz and Foamz candy + dispenser collectible toys, as they are available at popular retailers including Target, Five Below, Hobby Lobby, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Party City, Amazon, Gabriel Brothers and more! 

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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