Sunday, December 8, 2019

Just in Time for the Holidays and Gift Giving -- JAKKS Pacific Introduces a New Poseable Minnie Mouse Figure Toy Line Exclusively at and in Walmart Stores (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Friday night we came home to a box waiting for us at the door. I am winding down my holiday reviews for my gift guide, so wasn't expecting anything else in the mail, nor had I any deliveries set to arrive that day.  So, we took the box in the house, as as soon as I opened the box, tons of Minnie Mouse stickers fell out of the box.  

While I would have loved to have done the unboxing video myself, as soon as the girls saw that it was all about Minnie Mouse, they called dibs on it. :-)  Don't you love when that happens.  I was able to grab a quick photo of the girls posing with the box, which they let me keep...nice of them, right?!...while they kept all the goodies inside...

Wondering what was inside this Minnie Mouse box?  Here is the video the girls did for me to show what they got. 

See how excited they were when they opened the box?  I was trying to let out a squeal of excitement while filming them, as I had recently seen these at our nearby Walmart toy, and was planning to go back and pick some of them up for my girls, and even one for myself, as I still love collecting all things Mickey and Minnie Mouse related.

As you can see with the unboxing video above, JAKKS Pacific just released this new Minnie Mouse line, available exclusively at Walmart stores and at  

Included with this new Minnie Mouse toy line are the following three poseable Disney Minnie Mouse figures:

  • Floral Festival
  • Oh So Chic
  • Sweet Latte
In addition to the above these poseable figures, there is also another Disney Minnie Mouse poseable figure, which is limited edition, and is called Glamour Gala.

If the Glamour Gala Special Edition poseable figure from JAKKS Pacific wasn't enough, fans of both Mickey and Minnie will definitely want to get their hands on the Minnie & Mickey Movie Night poseable pair of figures, which also include some pretty cool accessories to dress up these adorable new toys from JAKKS Pacific, including sunglasses, a purse for Minnie, a box of popcorn and even a root beer with two straws for them to share.

My girls were so excited to get these new JAKKS Pacific toys, and had no idea that these were available. So, that made for a more memorable unboxing for them, as they were seeing them for the very first time.  Like I said, we received this Minnie Mouse surprise box on Friday from JAKKS Pacific, and the girls have been busy all weekend playing with each and every one of them.  I was hoping they would leave the Special Edition Minnie in the box to collect, but they both agreed that she looked too glamorous to leave in the box, and needed to be taken out and played with. :-)  Once she was out of the box, I had to agree with the girls.  She really was pretty, and the sparkle in her gown and headband crown made her look more fancy, and ready for a ball.  

I ended up getting down on the floor in the living room this afternoon to play with the girls and their new Minnie Mouse poseable figures from JAKKS Pacific.  After seeing them have so much fun with them, I wanted time to enjoy them, too, and see how the pose.  These new poseable Minnie Mouse toys really are a sight to see. You can tell that a lot of time went into crafting this new toy line, as can be seen with the detailing to their faces, and the accessories they pair with each doll.

Now that my girls know about this new exclusive to Walmart Minnie Mouse line from JAKKS Pacific, they asked to write an additional quick note to Santa for me to send, as they wanted to request the two other poseable dolls that weren't included with our box of goodies sent by JAKKS Pacific.  Savannah really want the Oh So Chic Minnie, while Bella wants the Floral Festive one which has Minnie sporting denim jean shorts and carrying a Minnie Mouse backpack. :-)  The girls ended up splitting up the Minnie & Mickey Movie Night pair, but are hoping that Santa will bring them another set so that they can reunite these lovebirds, and each have their own set to play with and enjoy.

I could go on and and on about just how cool these new poseable Minnie Mouse figures are from JAKKS Pacific. But, instead, I wanted to give you time to run to your nearby Walmart store, or visit to get your hands on these new toys, which hit store shelves back on November 30th.  Fans young and old would love these new poseable Minnie figures, and have a blast playing with them, or posing them and leaving them on a shelf to admire, along with their growing Minnie Mouse collection.  I plan to buy myself one of these Minnie Mouse figures when I help Santa fulfill my girls' wish list requests.  I know they will not be sharing their recent gift from JAKKS Pacific with me...and, I can't blame them, as I would want to keep them all for myself, too!

Head on over to JAKKS Pacific to learn more about this new poseable Minnie Mouse toy line exclusive to Walmart, as well as their other products, all which would make for great last minute gifts ideas.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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