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Fuzzikins from PlayMonster is a Craft and Playset in One! Kids Will Love Creating, Rinsing and Redesigning Their Pets Time and Time Again (Review) #PlayMonster

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Do you kids love to craft and color?  And, do they love playing around with cute animal figures?  If you answered "Yes" to these two questions, then you will want to know all about Fuzzikins from PlayMonster.  This is one of those two in one type gifts/toys that parents love gifting their kids, as their kids will not grow tired easily and quickly with them, after Christmas is over.

Before I share my personal thoughts and photos of my girls enjoying the different Fuzzikins products we were recently sent for review, I wanted to give a little background on this new toy line from PlayMonster...

What are Fuzzikins?:

A craft and playset in one!

"These flocked (fuzzy!) animal characters are white, like blank canvases, so children can use the included washable markers to color and create their very own animal friends! Then, they can rinse them to remove the marker and redesign them once they’re dry! 

Each kit is full of creative fun because Fuzzikins is a craft and a playset in one! Collect the fun sets featuring kitties, doggies and bunnies!"


As you can see with the video above, the Fuzzikins line is not just a cute animal figure set for kids to play around with.  

It is so much more, and will really get their creative side going as they color and add fun designs and markings to each of the cute fuzzy, kind of like a velvety feeling, figures, which also come with fun accessories like a sleeping bag and sleep mask that kids can also embellish with peel and stick stickers included. 

The larger Cottontail Cottage playset comes with a foldable book that turns into a playset scenes for kids to have even more fun acting out stories they make up with their cute and cuddly fuzzy cottontail bunnies (3 included and range from small, medium and large in size).  

There is also a cute camping van that you purchase, that adds to the playtime fun of the Fuzzikins line, and also offers a place for your kids to store their Fuzzikins and bring them out and about to play and enjoy.

Thanks to the kind folks at PlayMonster, they sent along their Fuzzikins Dozy Dogs, Cozy Cats, Camper Van and Cottontail Cottage for my girls and I to enjoy.  

My girls were all smiles when they opened up the box and saw all the fun Fuzzikins products inside.  They had seen a commercial for this new color and play with toy line, as well as watched other blogger kids review them, and had Fuzzikins at the top of their wish lists for Santa.  What they loved and thought was so cool about the Fuzzikins is that you can color the fuzzy figures to make them your own unique pet, and then you can wash them under water and the washable marker comes off, so that you can personalize them over and over again.  

They couldn't wait to get the Fuzzikins out of their boxes, so that they could start coloring and adding their own personalized touches to their figures.  With three to a set, that makes for a great family gift to give siblings, as they can share the Fuzzikins.  If you don't think they will share, the sets are cheap enough that you can buy them their own Fuzzikins sets to enjoy.  My girls started out sharing the Fuzzikins, as they got a lot with the four different sets we were sent. But, as playtime went on and they got hooked on this fun toy, they ended up going to the store to buy more so that they would each have their own. :-)

I really love how everything is included with the Fuzzikins sets, including the washable markers.  Even though my girls wished there were more marker colors to choose from, or that they could pick up add on sets to go with their playsets, that didn't stop them from having a blast playing with the different Fuzzikins sets from PlayMonster.  

They liked how the Dozy Dogs and Cozy Cats came with little sleeping bags and sleeping masks that they could add stickers to.  

When my girls aren't playing with their Fuzzikins, they always make a point at night to put their Fuzzikins dogs and cats into their sleeping bags with their sleepy masks on, so that they can go to bed, too!  They leave them on the top of their bookcases, so that they can keep an eye on them while they are laying in bed, thinking about the fun stories they will act out the next day with their adorable Fuzzikins figures, and the different ways they will color and personalize these cute pets.

I could go on and on about how much fun my girls have been having playing with the different Fuzzikins sets sent to us from the folks at PlayMonster.  But, as you can tell by looking at the calendar, Christmas and the holidays are fast approaching, and not waiting for us this year.  So, now is the time the head to your favorite local toy retailer and pick up a couple Fuzzikins sets to wrap and leave under the tree for your kids. You can also find the different Fuzzikins sets online at Amazon.  I know this, as I ordered a few more Fuzzikins sets for my girls to give their friends for Christmas.  They had a few of their friends over the other day, and that is all they played with for a few hours.  And, when their moms came to get them, they couldn't stop talking about and showing off the cute Fuzzikins they designed and personalized, and how they want to get Fuzzikins for themselves, to enjoy at home, like my girls have been.  The Fuzzikins line is definitely one gift that will keep kids of all ages busy long after you take down the holiday decorations.  With the ability to wash off the marker marks and start with a fresh slate with these adorable figures, as well as the fun accessories and playset scene that comes with the Cottontail Cottage set, kids will look forward to playing with Fuzzikins for hours on end, time and time again.

You can learn more about the Fuzzikins toy line from PlayMonster by visiting Then, get ready to see just how creative your kids get in personalizing their Fuzzikins pets, and the imaginative stories they will come up with as they play and interact with them and the playset scenes and accessories.  I love seeing my girls use their imaginations and really get into their playtime with the Fuzzikins sets....and, I know your kids will be the same way!

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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