Friday, November 15, 2019

The New Motion-Controlled Handheld Rubik's Tilt is a Must Have for Rubik's Cube Fans of All Ages This Holiday Season! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Ready to feel old?  Did you know this year marks the 45th anniversary of the iconic Rubik's Cube?  

When I found this out, I sure felt old, as this was one of the first gifts I remember finding in my stocking from Santa as a kid.  I remember this as my two brothers and I all game the same Rubik's cube, and we would have our mom mix up it up, and then race each other to see who could do it faster.  Even with all the twisting and turning, we could never seem to figure it out.  But, this turned out to be toy that we continued to pick up and play with, as we were always determined to solve it, especially years later after seeing people compete in Rubik's cube contests, and saw how within seconds they were able to twist, turn, and miraculously get it back to solid colors across the cube. It was like magic, and we found ourselves wondering if we could be this good, too. While we weren't hoping for speed like them, we did hope that we could finally solve it.  Eventually, we all got our Rubik's cube solved...but, then we got cocky and mixed up the colors again, thinking we could solve..and, go figure, it was messed up for a long while later.  But, that never stopped us from carrying it around or picking it up when we were bored or needing to keep our hands busy. And, now 45 years later, people still will pick up a Rubik's cube and give it a try.  Well, if you are looking for a fun new way to enjoy this iconic game, do I have the Rubik's for you to solve -- introducing the new Rubik's Tilt, which is a new partnership between Rubik's brand and Super Impulse USA, LLC.


"Perfect for holiday lists this year, Super Impulse has partnered with Rubik’s Brand to introduce RUBIK’S TILT - a new and exciting, handheld electronic video game controlled by motion. This innovative, handheld electronic plays an electronic screen version of Rubik’s, but is controlled by movement! Tilt in the direction you want to turn the cube - tilt left, right, forward and backward to control rows and full sides. Features include sound, various skill levels, and a timer for speed-cubing!"

Now, I know what you are saying, we have our phones now and can play all different kinds of knock off Rubik's game on it.  Yes, you can, but if you grew up in the 80's like I did, then you know much fun those old hand held games were, before they introduced the Gameboy.  I used to love getting these handheld games as gifts, as I would stuff them in my backpack and play them on the bus with my friends, pull out at recess when we were stuck inside due to rain, or just needed something to keep me busy. 

Rubik’s Tilt, for ages 8 and up and retails on Amazon for only $24.99.

When you see the new Rubik's Tilt game you will find yourself thinking back to the fun you had with those handheld games in the past, and want to get your hands on this new Rubik's handheld game, which is controlled by motion.  It will take a few minutes to figure out the button and motion combinations to play the game, but once you get comfortable with them, you are off and running, and will not want to put this game down.  I found myself opting for this handheld game over using my phone. 

"Added features include speed timer, sound control, Three levels of play, and hints - to help you learn the moves to solve the puzzle!"

I have only had the Rubik's Tilt for a few days, and am hooked on this motion controlled handheld game.  This is truly one of those games you don't think you need, but once you try it, you don't want to put it down.  And, it is small enough to fit in your pocket, stash in your office drawer, or throw in your handbag, to keep you and your kids busy while out and about.  My girls have been having a blast with this handheld game, as they were big into Rubik's cube thanks to Santa these past few years. He surprised them with the different versions of Rubik's games, and they fell in love with it, just like I did as a kid. And, now they like competing against each other and themselves, to see how quickly, if at all, they can solve this new challenging handheld game. 

With the holidays fast approaching, the new Rubik's Tilt, which you can purchase through Amazon, is one of those must have gifts for 2019.  It would also make for a great game to leave out on your coffee table for friends and family to pick up and play when they come to visit.  They will have a hard time putting it down, and will want to get their own Rubik's Tilt to bring this new handheld gaming experience home with them.  So, be sure to tell people where you got the game, so that they can buy it for themselves. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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