Friday, November 8, 2019

TasselRue Offers Fun, Vibrant Jewelry That Sparks Joy -- Perfect for Her This Holiday Season - Review + #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

TasselRue is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. We marry together style and technology in colorful and contemporary ways  as we handcraft each piece.

I am so excited to introduce you to TasselRue and their line of contemporary graphic jewelry. Don't worry if the name, TasselRue doesn't sound familiar, this online store only opened a few weeks again -- just in time for the holiday season.  After reaching out to the owner at TasselRue, who is also a mom, I was sent their "Turtle Power" sea turtle necklace to review.  

Adorable watercolor sea turtles done in hues of turquoise and green swim along on a peach background. Definitely for the person who thinks turtles are the best!  Buy now!

They also sent along another one for me to review, so be sure to read on until the end to learn how you can enter to win this beautiful necklace for yourself, or gift to someone special this holiday season or just because.

While there are so many jewelry sites online, this is the first one I have found that offers contemporary graphic jewelry, all while "marrying together style and innovation" to create this first of its kind jewelry line.  Here is more about TasselRue along with some of their necklaces that caught my eye and that I would love to add with the "Turtle Power" sea turtle necklace I was sent to review. 

"TasselRue is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry, and it’s more than the first contemporary graphic jewelry.. it’s literally a dream come true. It’s the culmination of the basic and yet most powerful phrase, “Never, never, never give up.” by Winston Churchill.

Shannon | Owner of TasselRue

TasselRue was born in a small bonus room in Shannon Mitchell’s house called the Green Room. Amongst the ribbons, paints, stamps, chalks, and a flower petal or two, she began to realize her love of bright colors and patterns could be translated into some of the most unique jewelry ever seen.

Live Bold  Live Bright  Live With Color 

Your TasselRue necklace is made in the USA with the utmost care. Using the highest quality materials, we strive to create a meaningful experience from the moment you open the box.

With a crazy big dream in mind and no idea how to actually execute it, she set out to make it happen and the TasselRue journey began. Instead of basking in the warmth of a mix of yes’s and no’s, she was slammed with a lot of no’s right from the start. She started to hear no’s so much she figured the word yes didn’t exist in the English language anymore! Except the no’s didn’t stop her."  And, thus TasselRue was born, and now fans can buy this affordable jewelry for themselves, and to gift to family and friends, who love unique and one of a kind jewelry.

Here are just a handful of the TasselRue necklaces available for purchase through the website. Each and every necklace is made here in the USA and hangs of a sterling silver chain.  You have the option of choosing between 16" + 2" Extender or 18" + 2" Extender with each necklace, to go with your 1.2" x .7" graphic stone pendant.

Don't these graphic jewelry necklaces look stunning?  I really like them, and love how they are simple looking, but still have a look of elegance.  You can wear these necklaces with a casual look or pair with a dressy black dress - all while turning heads and having people stop and ask you about the necklace, and to take a closer look.  :-)  What is so great about these TasselRue necklaces is that they retail between $35-$42, depending on size and patterns -- making them an affordable gift idea this holiday season, or to buy and gift to someone celebrating a fall/winter birthday.

As mentioned above, I was sent the "Turtle Power" sea turtle necklace for review, and love it!  I had to hide it from my girls as I knew they would want it for themselves. 

The necklace came in the black box shown above, and inside the box was the cute pink satchel bag for you to place your necklace in for easy storage, as well as a cloth to wipe the pendant if it ever becomes dirty.  I couldn't help but smile as I lifted off the lid to the box to exposure the beautiful TasselRue "Turtle Power" necklace inside.  

I have never seen a necklace like this and love how the stone pendant is smooth to the touch and pairs so well with the sterling silver chain.  I couldn't wait to put it on and show it off to family and friends.  Everyone loved my new "Turtle Power" necklace, and couldn't believe that it only cost $36 ($38 if you choose the 18" + 2" Extender chain).  Whichever chain you choose, they will both let the graphic stone pendant hang in a lovely way around your neck.  I got so many compliment about my new TasselRue necklace, with many people asking where they could get one, and what other designs were available.  I was quick to show off the new TasselRue website, which is easy to navigate, and placing an order is a breeze. 

I could go on and on about this cute sea turtle necklace, but why not head on over to and browse their current offering.  The hard part will be choosing which stone pendant necklace to go with as they are all so beautiful.  But, like I said, these necklaces are so affordable that you can buy a few if you find yourself not being able to narrow down your wish list, and not worry about breaking the bank.  With the holidays fast approaching, TasselRue necklaces would make for a great gift ideas for the special lady in your life, including tweens and teens.  I know what I will be getting my two girls -- their very own "Turtle Power" necklace, and the "Girl Power" one for them to wear with pride. :-)

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As mentioned above, TasselRue sent along another "Turtle Power" necklace for me to offer as a giveaway.  I am really excited for this giveaway, as I am loving this necklace, and know you will, too!  To enter this giveaway, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.