Friday, November 8, 2019

You Don't Have to Be a Kid to Enjoy These Bath Toys -- The Classic Monster Spooky Toobers Make a Great Stocking Stuffer for All Ages! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All view shared are mine and mine alone.

Think back to your childhood?  When you had tub time, what did you used to play with in the tub? In addition to filling the tub with cap loads of Mr. Bubble, I would always throw a few of the rubber duckies in the tub to play with.  But, over time my mom would have to throw out the duckies as the water would get stuck inside the plastic and mold would start to grow.  I don't know how many rubber duckies I went through as a kid.  I do remember though when my mom said "no more" to buying replacement ones.  That was a sad day, as it was always fun to play with the duckies in the tub.  

It wasn't until I got older and moved out that I got another rubber ducky.  But, instead of playing with it in the bath tub, I put it on my office desk as a decoration.  Isn't it funny how a childhood bath toy can turn into a desk decoration years later?  :-)  This rubber ducky was always a favorite of my colleagues to grab and play with when they stopped at my desk to talk.  They thought it was a great idea to put childhood toys like a rubber ducky on their desk to play with them they are *cough* bored, have writer's block, or just need a stress reliever.  It was a sad day when I left the corporate world and packed up my desk including my rubber ducky.  I left work to battle cancer, and am proud to say I won that battle.  But, during this stressful time in my life, the box I brought home from work found itself packed away.  I only stumbled upon when my husband and I were packing up our condo to move to our new house we had purchased.  I ended up finding the rubber ducky in the box and gave it to neighbor's kid to enjoy in the bath.  I wasn't working any longer, so that our neighbor's son would enjoy it more as a bath toy.

Now fast forward to today, and I am back to having bath toys on my office desk.  Inside of being in the corporate world, I get to work from home a blogger, while raising and homeschooling my girls.  Instead of co-workers coming to my desk to play with my toys set up, now my girls come to play with them.  A new addition to my office desk that is getting a lot of play time lately is the Classic Monster Collection Spooky Toobers from Not Another Rubber Ducky!  

The Classic Monster Collection is the first series of collectible bath toys features 4 lovable monsters crafted in pvc which is free of Phthalate, BPA and Lead. 

Just like the name suggests, these are not your average yellow rubber ducky. Instead, they are super cool monsters that are full of detail and will delight both kids and adults.  I am in my 40's and love my Wolfie, Drac, Frankie and Mummy bath toys, and they look great on my desk..that is when my girls are not grabbing them to play in the tub, or tote around the house.  

My youngest daughter brought Frankie the other day to an outside homeschool class to show off, and the kids thought the bath toy was so cool.  They couldn't get over all the detail of this bath toy, and all agreed this bath toy is much more fun than your average yellow rubber ducky.  That night, I had a bunch of moms reaching out to me online about the bath toys and asking where they could get one, as their kids were asking for them and adding to their wish lists for Santa.  After I shared the link, they came back and told me how they liked these unique bath toys, and would love to get sets of the monster collection for their kids, their husbands and even themselves.  Who knew that a bath toy could make for a great gift idea for every member of the family.  And, for those say Halloween or spooky movies are their favorites, they will go crazy for the Classic Monster Collection from Not Another Rubber Ducky!  

At only $14.99 per bath toy, you'll want to add all four bath toys to your shopping cart so that you can own the entire Classic Monster Collection.  You can gift a bath toy to each of your children in their stockings, or give them each a complete set. I know with my girls, they are already asking Santa for their own complete set as they can't choose just one of the monsters, as they are all so cool and a must own.

These Spooky Toobers bath toys are a great gift idea for kids and adults this holiday season. They would also make for a great Secret Santa or Exchange gift. And, once the gift recipient sets their eyes on their new monster bath toy, they will be amazed at the fine details of each, right down to the creases on Drac's feet and the furry body of Wolfie.  Jonathan Paine , the creator of these unique monster bath toys is truly an amazing sculptor, and that is seen with each of these Spooky Toobers.   

"The toys are produced with safety in mind and are free of Phthalate, Lead and BPA as well as being sealed and weighted, so they remain mold free and always float upright!"

And, you ready for the best part about these bath toys...they are mold-free, so you don't have to be the mom who throws out their child's favorite bath toy because of mold.  My girls will not have to experience that sad day like I did as a child when my mom threw out my rubber ducky. :-)  

So, as you can see the Classic Monster Collection from Not Another Rubber Ducky! is one gift that can be enjoyed for years to come in the tub or admired on your office desk.


About the Creator:


Jonathan Paine is a Digital Character Sculptor, Character Modeler and Toymaker. You’ve seen his work in the Oscar Winning Pixar films THE INCREDIBLES, RATATOUILLE and UP.
Our first series of collectible bath toys features 4 lovable monsters that make bath-time fun and give you peace of mind because they are crafted in pvc which is free of Phthalate, BPA and Lead. Each toy is sealed, and weighted, so the toys float upright!
Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All view shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. These are such cute pictures! Classic Monster Collection from Not Another Rubber Ducky seems like so much fun for all.