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Miranda and Maude is a Hilarious and Heartfelt New Chapter-Book Series for Kids from Emma Wunsch Worth Checking out! Books #1 and #2 are Available Now, with #3 Releasing Next Week (Sept. 10th) *Review

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

This summer was all about reading with my two girls, and finding new authors they want to follow and book series they want to collect and read all the books over and over again.  One new series and author that caught my oldest daughter's eye was "Miranda and Maude" books by Emma Wunsch.  This chapter book series for kids kicked off with book #1 releasing in February of this year, followed by #2, which my daughter had the opportunity to read last month, when a review copy was sent our way.  Book #2, "Miranda and Maude: Banana Pants!" released last month on August 13th, and was a welcome addition to this fun new series by Emma Wunsch.  

Prior to reading the second installment in the series, my daughter stumbled across the first book at the library, as it was recommended by a library patron.  After reading the young girl's review of the book, my daughter was intrigued and wanted to check out the book.  

In less than an hour and a half, my daughter had read the first book, "THE PRINCESS AND THE ABSOLUTELY NOT A PRINCESS (MIRANDA AND MAUDE #1) from cover to cover.  As soon as she was done, she raced downstairs to tell me all about it.  My daughter saw on the back cover of the book that the second book was coming out and asked if we could get it.  I was happy to inform her that the folks at Abrams Books were sending up a review copy, for her and her sister to help me review. A few weeks ago we received the second book, and just like with the first book, my daughter whipped out the book in record time.  She was so into the book, she couldn't put it down.  And, once she was done reading it, she passed it along to her sister so that she could read it, too, as she got her hooked on the Miranda and Maude books after talking her ear off about the first book earlier in the summer.  

Now that my girls are done reading the first two books from Emma Wunsch, they are eagerly awaiting the third release, which is set to hit store shelves on September 10th.  If you are looking for a new chapter book series to share with your kids about two best friends and some silly stories, then you will definitely want to check out the new Miranda and Maude series.  While you don't have to start at the first book to enjoy this new beginner chapter book series, if you want to get to know Miranda and Maude, it is recommended (by my girls) to read #1 first, and then advance to books 2 and 3.  My girls can't wait for Sept. 10th to get here, as they already pooled their allowance to pre-order the book from Amazon, so that they can continue their fun adventures and laugh out loud stories featuring two best friends, Miranda and Maude.

You can learn more about the Miranda and Maude chapter book series, as well as more about the author, Emma Wunsch, by visiting the author's website: emmawunsch.com.


More about Book #1:

"Princess Miranda does not want to go to school. She wants to shoe shop, plan parties, and decorate the castle.

Maude cannot wait for school. She loves rules and social justice and getting good grades. She also loves hard-boiled eggs, much to Miranda’s dismay. When a tense first week of school results in Maude getting excluded from the Royal Birthday Party, Maude decides she’s found her first fight for social justice: a birthday boycott.

This hilarious, heartfelt chapter-book series teaches empathy, and reminds us that your very best friend could be one desk away."

More about Book #2:

"Princess Miranda and Not-a-Princess Maude are total opposites and totally best friends! Fed up with nonstop testing, Miranda and Maude’s teacher makes a surprise announcement: They are going to put on a school play! And, the class decides, it will be called Banana Pants! School is finally a joy, and the project inspires the girls to fight for more positive change. Maude decides to wage a campaign against Styrofoam lunch trays, and she thinks she has the perfect powerful ally in Miranda. But, much to Maude’s frustration, Miranda would rather focus on her own good cause: love! The girls can’t seem to see eye to eye, and in pursuing their good causes separately, they go way too far, resulting in the friendship’s first-ever fight."

More about Book #3:

"The girls and boys of 3B aren’t getting along. It starts with a game of tag and ends with a tug of war. In between, there are sneak attacks, a girls-only newspaper, a doughnut filled with cheese, and one stolen Frizzle chicken. Maude gets lots of opportunities to protest, but in the end, it’s Miranda who learns to stand up for what she believes in."


About the Author:

Emma Wunsch is the author of the Miranda and Maude chapter book series and The Movie Version, a young adult novel. She lives in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Visit her online at emmawunsch.com.

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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