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Sweeten Up Back To School With Radz! (Review) #Radz #RadzCandy

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

With school back in session and parents putting together their kids' lunch bags/totes, why not consider making it fun and adding a little surprise for your kids to find when they open their bags?  Even though my girls are homeschooled, they still have lunch and snack time at a few outside classes during the week, so they need to bring a packed lunch tote with them.  The other day I surprised both girls by packing a few fun Radz Foamz and Twistz toys in their lunch totes for them to find.  I packed a few in each tote so that they could share these goodies with their friends.  

I couldn't wait until I picked up my girls to hear what they thought of their surprises, and to see what they got in each Radz blind bag.  As soon as my girls got to the car, the first thing out of their mouths, was "Thanks, Mom! -- We loved our note and surprises!."  Then, they showed off what they received, and told me the surprises their friends got, as they shared them with them, too!  Many of their friends at their classes had never seen Radz Foamz and Twistz toys before, so they, too, were excited to see what was inside the blind bag packages.  My girls shared about the different characters bags available for kids to collect including The Secret Life of Pets 2, Spongebob Squarepants, Squishies, Teen Titans Go, Paw Patrol, Pikmi Pops, Harry Potter, Unicorns, and Smooshy Mushy to name just some of the many Radz Foamz and Twistz to collect.  You can check out all the Radz World products by visiting

Below is some information on a handful of the super fun and new Radz Foamz and Twistz that are available now at Walmart stores nationwide...

Unicorn Foamz

"We all need a little magic in our lives! Squeezable, sweet and special these Unicorn Foamz are the sweetest accessory around! 
Unicorn Twistz

Rumour has it that Unicorn Twistz have the power to make any day feel magical! So whether you’ve got the back to school blues or just feeling down, these Unicorn Twistz are just the thing to bring a little sweetness to your day!

Paw Patrol Radz

You never know when that sweet tooth will hit! Bring your Paw Patrol Radz wherever you go in case you need a little rescuing! With 6 to collect you’ll never be without your favorite Paw Patrol Radz!

Paw Patrol Twistz

PAW Patrol is on a roll! And so is Radz ;) Your favorite Paw Patrol characters now in Twistz! You can stash em in your backpack or lunch box because these Mighty Pups are ready to GO GO GO! 

Pikmi Pops Radz

What do you get when you combine Pikmi Pops and Radz? The sweetest must have collectible in town! Pop your Pikmi Pops Radz into your pocket, purse or pack for the perfect treat. 

Smooshy Mushy Radz

Coming to you cuter than ever from Smooshyville and Radz! What’s better than a sweet treat inside a sweet treat? Take em everywhere you go from class to soccer practice to home! 

Smooshy Mushy 4in1
It’s a spectacular day for Smooshy Mushy Fanz! Nothing will sweeten up your day like the Smooshy Mushy 4in1! with four special surprises inside and even more fun to collect! What’s more exciting than our Smooshy Mushy 4in1! 

Secret Life of Pets Twistz

We know The Secret Life of Pets 2 movie hit a few months ago and you’re probably missing your fave Secret Life of Pets characters and dying to complete that collection so we’ve got you covered."

*All products mentioned above are available at Walmart

Don't these look cute, and fun surprise toys that your kids will love collecting?  My girls really love getting Radz World toys in the mail, and trying to collect the different characters.  And, now they are asking me to add more to their lunch totes, as they loved receiving these unexpected surprises at lunch time.  And, their friends were even more excited when my girls shared a package with them.  

In addition to the Radz Foamz and Twistsz I sent with my girls in their lunch totes the other day, the kind folks at Radz World sent us a big box filled with an assortment of their popular and new foamz and twistz to enjoy.  As you can imagine, my girls had a blast helping me with unboxing videos and posing with all their different character candy dispensers and toys they received from Radz.  It was like Christmas come early, and my girls really had a blast tearing into each package to see what they got. The duplicates they received they either traded with one another, or brought to their next homeschool class to give to their friends, so that they could start collecting the different Radz World toys.

Here are some photos I took of my girls and their Radz World loot they unboxed the other day.  Here you will see the types of character foamz and twistz your kids will find, along with the tasty candy, posters, stickers, etc. that come in the different packages.

So, with school back in session, why not hit the toy aisle the next time you are at Walmart buying lunch and snack supplies for weekly school lunch, and pick up a few Radz World toys to add to your kids' lunch totes.  A small note and a Radz toy will make their day, and have them excited to get home to thank you, and show you what they received. :-)


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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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