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Kids Will Love Traveling Back in Time with Colton's Time Machine Books from Rebecca Massey -- #3 in the Series is Now Available! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

(Also available in hardcover)

I really enjoyed this long weekend with my girls, as it gave us time to attend the local agricultural fairs, as well as get in some snuggle time reading through a stack full of books recently sent my way.  One book that stood out to my youngest daughter was "Colton's Time Machine: Book 3: Jefferson, Adams and Franklin," by Rebecca Massey.  What caught my daughter's eye were the three historical figures on the cover, as well as a yellow dragon.  My daughter loves dragons and history, so having both in one book was a win-win for her.  Out of all the books we were sent, she asked to have me read this one first. :-)

Here is more about this new release, which is #3 in the new series from Rebecca Massey, who is also the author of the popular Colton's Pocket Dragon series books, which both of my girls have enjoyed reading.

About this book:

"As Colton was going to sit down, he looked at the map on the wall.  "That's it! I'm going to visit Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams from our first visit, when we sat in on the making of the 'Declaration of Independence.'" He sat down in the chair, picked up the history book, and flipped through the pages until he found 'Thomas Jefferson. He read his biography then said, "We have a lot in common, he's an inventor like me." Then, he turned some more pages until he found John Adams. "Lets see: Adams was a farmer, lawyer and he spent several years in France. I bet he has some freat stories to tell us." Then,he turned the page to Benjamin Franklin, who was another inventory and few a kite in an electrical storm. Colton got up and went over to the map on the wall. he traded the green pins for red ones and put green ones on Charlottesville, Virginia, for Thomas Jefferson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for John Adams, and another on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for Benjamin Franklin. Then he left the tree house and went into his house for the night."


As the above mentions, this is a book featuring Jefferson, Adams and Franklin, all key historical figures in US History.  The books is written especially for kids, in such a way that makes learning about historical figures and events in time fun.  My oldest is not a fan of history, but found herself loving this book.  She was amazed by the last page at how much she enjoyed the book, and how she didn't want it to end.  I loved hearing both of my girls talk about these three historical figures and all they learned, as they went on a fun-filled adventure with Colton in his time machine.  Both of my girls wished a time machine trip was possible, as they would love to travel back in time just like Colton did in this book to meet these interesting people in history.

If you follow my blog, then you know that I homeschool my girls.  I was excited to learn about this new book series from Rebecca Massey, and was eager to check out her newest #3 book release.  I wanted to see if this could be a great addition to our homeschooling, and am happy to say, it is!  I can't wait to pick up the previous two books in the series, and will definitely be keeping an eye out for the upcoming #4-6 releases, as I know my girls will love sitting to read more about the fascinating people Colton meets on his time machine journeys.

If your kids love history, or like feeling like they are going on a fun-filled adventure and learning new things when you sit to read them a book, then you will definitely want to check out this and other other "Colton's Time Machine" books from Rebecca Massey.  My girls didn't want me to stop reading, and were lingering on  the pages, taking in the colorful illustrations that helped bring Colton's time travel adventures to life.  I highly recommend this series to other homeschool families who are looking for a great supplement to their history learning.  This is one series kids of all ages will enjoy listening and reading time and time again.  I know, as we ended up reading this book three times since receiving last week, and my girls are hoping we read it again this week, as part of our homeschooling, before they do more research to learn more about Jefferson, Adams and Franklin.


More about the Author:

I grew up in Beaver City, Nebraska a small town in the Midwest. In 80's I moved to Gilbert, Arizona.  With our busy lives, I had forgotten what it was like to have that youthful imagination until a few years ago, a special little boy entered our lives and changed all of that. Together we would sit for hours making up imaginary stories with adventurous characters. His was fascinated as the stories evolved, adding a little something of his own imagination to each. So I decided to turn the stories into a  children’s book.

Colton's Pocket Dragon books are a continuing series of children’s short stories about a little boy that finds an egg that hatches revealing a dragon with special powers. They fly off on exciting adventures, in search of one Colton’s favorite animals or places, where they encounter all kinds of creatures to fight along the way. Colton’s main goal on each adventure is to save his new found friend from the monsters; where he has to create weapons from anything he finds along the way, to aid in the return of his new dragon to "Dragon Land." 

I hope to instill the excitement of imagination in young readers, as well as the adults sharing in these fun filled, adventurous stories with endearing characters as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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