Sunday, August 25, 2019

Back to School Must Haves -- #10 -- Save $$ While Getting All Your Last Minute School Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and More at Justice - Shop in Store and Online + Free Returns! (Review) #livejustice

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Brr, it is cold outside.  It is liked we blinked and summer is over, and fall is upon us.  Have the temperatures dipped where you are?  We have been trying to hold onto the final days of summer, and enjoy them with the girls, as we know once school starts everyone will be busy, running here, there and everywhere.  If you follow my blog regularly, then you have probably read in a number of my posts how I switched things up this summer and gave the girls the summer off from homeschooling.  Usually we homeschool year round, and will take a couple weeks off during Christmas time and in the winter, and be finished with our school year by the end of March/April, before moving on to the next grade.  This fall the girls will be continuing on with fifth grade work.  My youngest will be 8 in November, and my oldest just turned 9 in July.  Even though those ages are still on the young side, boy have they grown up and matured in such a short amount of time.  Looking at baby photos of the girls recently, it is hard to remember back to when they were that small, and relied on my husband and I for everything.  Nowadays, they want more and more Independence and wanting to do things on their own.  Just today, my youngest wanted to cook her on eggs on the stove for breakfast as she didn't like how her Daddy made them.  It is so a blink of an eye they are all grown up.  That is why I decided to give them this summer off, so that we could cherish and enjoy quality time together, without school work or classes looming over our heads.  It was nice waking and seeing where the day, and doing unplanned day trips.  So many great memories were made, and a few new "firsts" were done by the girls, which were also reminders that they are no longer little and are starting to be able to do things on their own.

One thing the girls wanted to have a say in this year, unlike in years past was picking out all their Back to School supplies.  Even though they are homeschool, that doesn't mean they don't need new clothes for fall.  They have classes outside the house, and social meetups like all the other kids, and have been getting new school clothes, a backpack, shoes, etc. every year, at the end of the summer, like most other kids. But, this year, whenever we went to a store, or browsed online retailers, the girls were there to voice their thoughts on things I was showing them, or coming to me with armfuls of clothes they liked and wanted to try on. As I watched the girls parade through the stores and model the outfits they pieced together, I was reminded yet again that time doesn't stand still, even though many of us wish it would, especially with our kids.  But, as I watched my girls I couldn't help but also smile as I could see that they were growing into young women, and I was proud of them.  

When it comes to stores to shop at, my girls are picky.  Gone are the days I could come home with clothes for them to wear for the fall and winter.  My girls, though they rarely agree on things together, are able to agree on one things...where to shop for clothes, room decor, accessories, etc.  And, that store is Justice!  If you have young girls, tween and teens, then you are probably aware of Justice.  I first started shopping their a few years ago when I passed by the store with my girls at the holidays.  They saw the cute Pet Shop plush animals in the window and wanted to go in and check it out.  From the moment we walked into the store, it was like the store lit up and magical noises played.  Not really, but my girls knew they were walking into a store meant for them. And, ever since then, Justice has been our go to store for clothes and everything else my girls could ever need or want.  Even at Christmas, they will spend hours looking through the Justice online store at the jewelry, bath and body products, room decor, toys, and clothing, and put together a list for Santa (AKA Mom) to buy them.  They know that the elves make the toys and don't shop at retail stores.  Nor do they make Justice products.  Whenever the girls see Justice stuff under the tree they know I was the one that bought it for them.  So, I need to make sure that I only buy enough stuff from Justice to fill half the tree, or I will give away the whole Santa thing. :-)

This year when Back to School shopping rolled around, my girls were quick to ask to check out the Justice website. They wanted to browse the new collections, which included camo, metallics, and denim lines.  That way when they went in store to check out clothes and grab armfuls to try on, they knew what to look for.  

There are also some clothes and products only available for purchase through the Justice online store, so we made note of those to buy online. And, if they didn't fit, we didn't need to worry, as Justice offers FREE returns.  And, if you sign up for the Club Justice Rewards program (which is FREE to join), which is a must for frequent Justice shoppers like us, you get FREE SHIPPING with order $50+.  You also earn points, which convert into money saving discounts -- Club Justice members get $10 reward for every 200 points.  You earn 1 point for every $1 spent, and 1.5 points when you use your Justice Credit Card. There are many other great perks of being a Club Justice member.. To learn more about this rewards program and sign up if aren't already a member, head on over to

This year, the folks at Justice reached out to see if I wanted to feature their Back to School Collection. I jumped at the opportunity as I knew my girls would love choosing a few products and posing for photos.  And, I didn't  have to worry about buying Justice clothes for them to wear while posing with items sent from Justice, as both of their wardrobes are made up of only Justice clothes.  This summer they even went with bathing suits from Justice, as well as sandals, to go along with their new summer Justice tank tops and shorts. :-)

I sat with the girls to browse the BTS Collection from Justice, and the girls were drawn to the hot new backpacks and lunch totes. They both love the sequined shirts from Justice, and were excited to see some of their stylish backpacks with this cool flip sequin feature.  After narrowing down their sample wish list, we decided to request two backpacks, a lunch tote, Pretty Kitty LED Watch and slip on sneakers.  And, within a few days of placing our sample request, our Justice order arrived at the door.  It is always like Christmas when my girls see the Justice packages arrive, and they couldn't wait to tear open the box and check out their new Back to School goodies, especially their backpacks.

Before I show you photos I took of the girls modeling their new Justice Back to School gear, I wanted to share some of the new school essentials available now at Justice stores (including online at  Check out some of the hottest trends for back to school for tweens girls, that will have your kids ready to head back to school in style....

Backpacks: Personalization is still all the rage at Justice with initial backpacks which feature the latest trends like flip sequins, metallics and animal prints. And each backpack has a coordinating lunch box to make the look complete. View the full line up HERE.
  • Hot Products

Camo: Check out the full line of Camo Gear HERE
  • Hot Products

Denim: Check out the full line of Denim Gear HERE
  • Hot Products

Accessories: Check out the full line of accessories from hair gear to shoes to jewelry and more HERE
  • Hot Products
    • Jewelry - activity trackers, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more HERE $2.90-$34.90
    • Shoes - glitter, sequins, metallics and more HERE $5.90-$39.90
    • Hair Accessories - scrunchies, bows, cord hair ties and more HERE $1.90-$19.90

Oh how I wish Justice stores were around when I was young, as I would definitely have shopped their for all my Back to School needs, as well as room makeovers. :-)  I can see why my girls go crazy whenever we step foot in a Justice store, as they carry all the hip and stylish clothes, accessories, etc. that any girl would go crazy for.  Shh, don't tell anyone but I have picked up a few shirts from their plus size line, so that I could not only match my girls, but also wear some fun animal print styles.  They have the cutest corgi and pug designs, I just had to get a few pieces for my own wardrobe. :-)  And, you know what, I get the most compliments on these clothes, from both women and girls.  The moms are quick to pick up on where I bought the shirts, and had no idea that they could fit into a plus size shirt (or even pants). :-)  

I could go on and on about have great Justice clothes and accessories are, but if you have a tween/teen daughter, or young daughter who have phased out of the little kid sections in stores and wants a more mature look, then you probably already know about and shop at Justice stores.  But, if you don't and you are loving the new Back to School collections I shared above, then you will want to head on over to to browse their clothes for your daughters, and also find a Justice store near you to shop at.  Be sure to check their daily deals/specials and sign up for special sales, offers, etc. to save on all your favorite Justice clothes, accessories, and more.   And, without further ado, here are the photos I took of my girls showing off their new Justice Back to School gear.  You can tell with the big smiles on their faces, that they LOVE their Justice stuff, and are ready to take on the new school year.

With summer winding down, now is the time to finish up your last minute Back to School shopping.  Justice is the place to shop for your tween/teen girl's needs. Once you shop Justice and see how happy your daughters are with their Justice clothing, you will know why my two girls LOVE Justice and will not shop anywhere else. Head on over to and shop their Back to School collection today.  You will be glad you did! :-)

Stay up-to-date on special offers, promotions, sales, and more by following Justice on their social channels below...

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. They have some cute stuff,I especially like those pink lunch totes,which my grand daughter would love!!

  2. Back to school or the first going to school shopping expense was crazy! I had no idea how much decent clothes are now for kids.