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Perfect for the Back-to-School Season - "Ancient Romans and Their Neighbors" Teaches Kids About Early Civilizations Through Fun Activities (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Even though my girls haven't done the activities in this book, I have been spending the past couple of weeks going through this book, and pulling together supplies needed to complete the different hands on activities, so that we can do during our upcoming school year.  Now that the girls up getting up there in grade -- they start back to school tomorrow, in fifth grade -- we will be studying more in-depth US and World History and Geography, and books like this one will be key in teaching about the different historical time periods, in a fun and engaging way.  I am always on the hunt for hands on activity books like this as my oldest is not a fan of history.  My youngest, on the other hand, is a huge history buff, and hopes to one day become a history teacher.  She could sit and learn about historical figures, wars, and major events in history all day if we were to study it. But, tell my oldest that we are doing history or geography, and I get the eye roll from her, and lots of sighs.  

But, after reading through this book and seeing all the different activities included like the following, I know my oldest will have a blast learning and doing all the hands on activities surrounding Ancient Romans and their neighbors...
  • Create an Etruscan Brooch
  • Create a Celtic Necklace called a torque
  • Learn common Latin phrases
  • Learn to write like an ancient Roman
  • Experiment in the kitchen with recipe for puls punica, a classic Carthaginian baked good made with grains, ricotta and honey
  • Build an edible Gallic wall out of rice krispie treats and Italian biscotti
  • Make butter
  • Make perfume

Oh, how I wish there were books like this around when I was younger, as it would have made learning about history and influential early empires that much more enjoyable.  I was like my oldest in that I wasn't a fan of history or geography.  I hated memorizing dates and locations, and historical facts, as it was always tedious and boring.  But, if there were fun hands on activities like making a Gallic wall out of rice krispie treats or making jewelry similar to that time period and location, would have made learning that much more fun, and something I would want to sit for.

I have been using these hands-on learning activity books from Chicago Review Press with my girls since we started homeschooling five years ago, and have found myself learning right alongside my girls.  I have fun completing the different hands-on activities with them, and see my girls get excited about what they are learning, and being able to explain what they learned before showing off the crafts, snacks, etc. that they make with each lesson, to their Daddy when he arrives home from work.  And, when we are out at meetups with other homeschooling friends, I usually hear my girls telling their friends about things they have learned, and how they got to do fun hands-on activities, too.  So many times I have had to share all about these books to their parents as their kids go back and ask why they can't learn about things that my girls have studied, or do fun crafts and activities like them.  And, once these homeschool families pick up the books and incorporate into their studies, they always come back and thank me for turning them onto such a great resource and learning tool.  If you homeschool and are looking to try out new learning resources that offer hands-on activities to make learning more enjoyable, then you will want to check out this and all the other books available from Chicago Review Press.

About this book:

"Ancient Romans and Their Neighbors delves into the history and lifestyle of the Romans, Etruscans, Celts and Carthaginians. From the author of Michelangelo for Kids, this entertaining, historical activity book for middle grade readers provides an inside look at life in Rome and its neighboring empires by examining the government, artistic pursuits, religious beliefs, writing and traditional meals of each civilization. More than just a comparison of ancient cultures, this book includes a breadth of projects to give readers an interactive learning experience. From learning how to build an edible Gallic wall to creating a secret language like the Etruscans and making perfume like the Carthaginians, readers will have endless inspiration to explore ancient times.

An educational resource packed with timeless fun for young history buffs, Ancient Romans and Their Neighbors examines the daily life and culture of some of the world’s most influential early empires."

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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