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Nikola Tesla for Kids Celebrates the Inventor's Legacy While Teaching Children Science (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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In addition to the "Great American Artists for Kids" book I just reviewed, the kind folks at IPG and Chicago Review Press also sent along their new August release, Nikola Tesla for Kids. This book is just like the artists book in that it introduces kids of all ages to a famous person, in this case Nikola Tesla, and then includes hands on activities to take their learning about him to the next level.

Kids are introduced to Tesla and different scientific concepts through 21 fun hands on experiments and activities.  As I mentioned previously, my girls really enjoy these hands on learning books, and love when they see me pulling out these books to use as part of our homeschooling.  As far Nikola Tesla, the girls only knew of him from previous books we used to talk about the scientific method and great inventions.  But, we never did an in-depth of Tesla until now.  

My girls had a blast making their own water wheel, creating an electromagnet and even making their own fluorescent slime.  In addition, they also turned a soda bottle into a submarine which they played with in the tub, before moving onto designing and making their own flying machine.  All the hands on activities were easy to do, but offered so much in terms of science and STEM learning.  My girls were upset when we reached the end of the book and were done with all the activities, as they were hoping for more things to make and play with.  I told the girls that we could go back and do some of their favorite activities again, now that they understood the scientific concepts behind each.  And, come the new school year, we will be exploring Nikola Tesla further, thanks to this book sparking an interest in Tesla's life and achievements.

You can learn more about this recent August release from Chicago Review Press by visiting  If you homeschool, I highly recommend this and other fun hands-on learning books from this publisher.  We have been using these books in our schooling for years, and the girls seem to gain so much knowledge through the hands on learning and activities each book offers, compared to basic textbook learning.

About the book:

"A complete history of the mastermind, Nikola Tesla for Kids helps young readers understand the greatness of Tesla while learning various scientific concepts through experiments and activities. Tesla’s life was marked by several achievements—his AC polyphase system and his contributions to electrical engineering forever changed the world—but often his ideas were too advanced for society to welcome. Despite disagreements with employers, rivalries with other scientists and personal struggles, Tesla’s eccentricity and imagination never failed to shine through. From the author of Marie Curie for Kids, this book offers 21 fun activities for children to explore science and history through the lens of Tesla’s inventions such as: making a soda bottle submarine, designing a flying machine and building an electric current. In addition, Nikola Tesla for Kids provides resources for readers to learn more about Tesla’s life and STEM careers.

A great asset to any curriculum, Nikola Tesla for Kids highlights Tesla’s accomplishments and is an essential read for young aspiring engineers and scientists."

144 PAGES, 11 X 8.5
TRADE PAPER, $16.99 (CA $22.99) (US $16.99)
ISBN 9780912777214


About the Author:

Amy M. O'Quinn is a former teacher and the author of Marie Curie for Kids. She is also a freelance educational writer who has contributed to Jack and Jill, Learning Through History, Guideposts for Kids, Highlights for Children, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and Homeschooling Today. 

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. My Grandson would love this book! He might be just a little to young now,but he is a fast learner and loves to build things!!