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Goliath Games Has You Covered This Summer with Their Fun Outdoor Products That the Whole Family Will Have Fun Playing! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


If you have plans to be outside this upcoming 4th of July long holiday weekend, and are looking for some fun outdoor toys and games that the whole family will enjoy playing with, look no further than Goliath Games.  Usually I share reviews of board games from Goliath, but they also offer fun outdoor products and games, that I wanted to make sure you were aware of, especially now that summer is finally here.

Recently, the folks at Goliath sent along a sampling of some of their popular outdoor products for my family to enjoy, and we have been having so much fun enjoying the nice weather outside, as well as being together and playing some really fun games.  Check out the products that Goliath sent, that would make for a fun upcoming 4th of July weekend with your family and friends, as well as to enjoy all summer long...

"Playing a game of flag football has never been so E-Z with Goliath’s E-Z Grip Flag Football set! The flag is attached right to the ball, allowing you to transform your backyard into a full-fledged flag football game. The set includes a full-sized E-Z Grip® Football with a Velcro® attached flag that rips from the ball to end each down. The E-Z Grip surface of the football allows for E-Z spiral passes, kicks, and catches. The ball and flag are soft, durable, and waterproof for active play that is perfect for any weather."

  • The E-Z way to enjoy a game of flag football with friends!
  • Make catches more easily with the E-Z grip surface
  • Waterproof, durable materials
  • Includes a 2-part tearaway flag that detaches when pulled
  • Recommended for ages 7 and up
My Thoughts:

If you are a football loving family, or like competitive sports outdoors, then you will definitely want to check out the E-Z Grip Football, which has the flag attached directly to the ball, for easy tear away and re-attachment.  Prior to receiving this flag football from Goliath my girls had never played football. But, they have a handful of friends who do play and they have been asking to learn how to play.  I was looking for a football that would be easy to grip for them, and not as hard as standard footballs, as I didn't want them getting hurt if the ball was chucked at their face.

I have to say that I was really impressed with this flag football.  Both my husband and I have played recreation flag football over the years, so we have had experience with other footballs and flags you usually put in your waistband for others to grab.  I really liked how this football had the 2-part tearaway for the flag, and how it is easy to detach when in play.  Having this football be waterproof was also great in case it lands in the pool, or gets left out in the rain.

Overall, we have been having a blast playing flag football as a family, and the girls have even recruited neighborhood friends to play after dinner most nights with this E-Z Grip flag football from Goliath. The kids all agree that they love how this football is easy to grasp to throw, as well as to catch.  They are not fans of the slippery footballs, and usually opt of of playing football if slick balls are used. With the holiday weekend fast approaching, and a backyard cookout planned with family and friends, I can't wait to introduce a friendly game of flag football with everyone.

Buy now from Amazon or Target

(Also available in varying sizes, designs and colors including 
Phlat Ball ZeroFlyt, Phlat Ball Jr. and Phlat Ball Jr. Swirl)

"Throw a disc, catch a ball! Phlat Ball™ V3 is a unique sports toy that transforms from a flying disc to a catchable ball! 


Squeeze down to set the time-delay mechanism and watch as it pops into a ball in midair. It packs flat so it’s easy to slip into a bag for on-the-go travel!"

  • Ultra-flexible design
  • Easy to transport
  • Assorted colors
  • Variable-release suction feature adds a surprise element to the game
  • Transitions from 9-inch disc to 6-inch ball
  • For 1 or more players, ages 5 and up.
My Thoughts:

I was sent the Phlat Ball v3 as well as a Phlat Ball Jr. to review, and my girls absolutely love them. They had seen the YouTube video I shared above, as well as commercials on television for these Phlat Ball toys recently, and asked if we could get them, so that they could play in the backyard, and at nearby parks when they meet up with friends for play dates.  At only $12.99 at Target right now, the Phlat Ball v3 is a great investment, that will not break the bank, but will provide hours and hours of fun all summer long with your kids.  Heck, you will find yourself wanting to get in on a game of catch with this super fun ball, that has a time-delayed pop up feature, making it more fun than just throwing around a ball. 

Like I said, this ball as a time-delayed pop up feature, so you never know while throwing the ball around when it will pop up into a ball.  It starts out flat and is thrown like a Frisbee or disc, and then in the air it will open up into a round ball.  In addition to the fun game ideas included with the Phlat Ball v3, my girls have been having fun making up their games using the Phlat ball.  They have even been using it in water, as it is waterproof, and have some really fun water games they made up that utilize this ball and a basketball hoop.  What is so fun about this disc shaped ball to pop up ball is that the timed release is random, so it is different each and every time, making playing with the Phlat Ball V3 and Phlat Ball Jr. fun and a unique experience each and every time you play with it. 

And, storing the Phlat Ball is easy, as it folds up flat and can slide into a dufflebag, beach bag, etc.  So, you can take your Phlat Ball anywhere and everywhere you go this summer, and for years to come.  If you are looking for a must have outdoor product/toy for this summer, then I highly recommend the Phlat Ball V3 (as it is bigger than the other smaller Phlat Balls).  It is one ball, both kids and adults will love playing catch and fun outdoor games with.

The flexible freestyle Pogo that lets you move like never before! Enjoy fun, freestyle performance including jumps and spins on pavement and grass! 

The Flexible Freestyle Pogo!

Unlike conventional pogo sticks or pogo balls, the Zoingo Boingo Pogo® features a rugged stretchable cord connected to a custom grip handle at one end and a sure-grip foot platform and durable bouncing ball at the other that gives you awesome control and maneuverability. 

With all the benefits of a portable trampoline, fitness classes are using the newly redesigned Zoingo Boingo Pogo for balance, stamina and core strength! 

Zoingo Boingo Pogo… More Boing, More Bounce, More Fun! Includes Inflation Pin, Inflation Guide and 3-Step Instructions for quick and easy assembly."
My Thoughts:

This is not our first pogo stick, but it is the first one that my girls really took to and love.  Unlike other pogo sticks, this one has an elastic Zoingo cord, which lets you stretch it to your height and your moves.  In addition to the elastic cord, this pogo board also has a sure-grip footpad which adds traction to the footing area, and helps younger and beginners stay on the board longer.  There is also a raised edge on the side of the footpad which lets you rest your foot before you are ready to jump. I really like this feature, as it lets you stay on the board, without struggling to keep it tilted and your feet on the board, while you prepare to get your pogo jumping on.

Like I said, my girls have tried other pogo boards/sticks over the years, but is the first one that they really liked, as they found themselves jumping up and down with ease, and also getting a good jump off the ground, thanks tot he tough Boingo ball.  Once kids are comfortable with the basics of jumping up and down and staying on the board, then they can move on to more freestyle moves, which make this product even more fun.  My girls love practicing all the different freestyle moves that are included on the back of the packaging, including the bounce and bend move and spinning move where they twist their shoulders and hips while in the air.

I am always looking for fun outdoor products that I can incorporate into the girls' physical fitness, and this Zoingo Boingo is not only fun to use, but gets the girls' heart pumping and they build up a sweat each and every time they gran the Zoingo Boingo and start bouncing.  Seeing just how much fun my girls were having with the Zoingo Boingo, I ended up buying a second one so that they each had one to play with, and not wait to take turns.  The balls are available in a variety of colors including orange, yellow, green and pink, which makes it easy for kids to know which is theirs if you have more than one Zoingo Boingo in the house.  Having two Zoingo Boingo freestyle pogos, the girls are able to have competitions between each other and friends, to see who can jump the longest, the highest and do the coolest freestyle moves, which they love judging. :-)  

We have only had the Zoingo Boingo pogos for a short time, but they have become must play with toys when the girls head outdoors to enjoy the nice summer weather.  I love how these pogos are durable and will grow with the girls thanks to the elastic cord.  It is perfect for kids ages 8+ and up to 143 lbs., and can be used on the pavement, as well as grassy areas.


Don't they products from Goliath look like fun?  They really are, and have been providing hours of endless fun for my girls, and my family as a whole.  I have even found myself getting on the Zoingo Boingo to show my girls moves I learned as a kid with the pogo I had.  I am so thankful to the folks at Goliath for sending samples of these fun outdoor products, to share with my family. And, I can't wait for family and friends to come visit this summer, and have fun with these Goliath products, too.  I know that once they check out the Phlat Ball, E-Z Flag Football and Zoingo Boingo, they will want to pick them up for their family, so that they can continue the outdoor fun at their house during the summer, and for years to come.

You can learn all about these Goliath products, as well as other great outdoor products available by visiting  And, while there be sure to check out their wonderful selection of board games, for indoor summer fun when you find your family stuck inside on a rainy day, or away on a camping trip.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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