Friday, June 28, 2019

Some Rewarding Job Roles and Careers That Give Back To Society

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We all think about a few things when we seek the job that we want to put our time to. With so many different industries, sectors and types of positions available, how do we know we will get the full package? Job identity, prospects, productivity and best of all, the impact your role or business has on society or even the world. There is feeling you get when you help someone who needs it most, regardless of the length you to help, it gives you a personal sense of satisfaction. To do this with your career and your business, well it's completely admirable and should get well-deserved respect. Here are a few roles that can have a positive impact on anyone's society.

Special Education Teacher

If your personality has got character and is patient, able to motivate students, and show empathy with an understanding of special needs and accepting that everyone has differences etc, then this career path may provide you a lifetime of fulfillment and allows security in education for all!

Senior Life Enrichment Coordinator

How do you find working with adults in their golden years? Are you energetic, creative, wise beyond your years? Could you see yourself each day putting smiles on the faces of senior citizens whilst supporting them to enjoy their later life? Then this may be the job for you. 


Ever growing as the elderly generation are becoming; with life expectancy increasing each year, this in-demand career path offers you a diverse scope of opportunities to give back to society as you’ll have a huge responsibility to help others day in and day out. Though it is not for the squeamish! Caregivers jobs and nurses generally have some duties within this position may include mending breaks and wounds, administering medication, and collaborating with other associates professionally in a medical environment. 

Adoption Case Manager

Children are one of the most vulnerable categories of people in the world. With the cost of living constantly rising due to inflation and corruption, lower working class families taking more and more strain to make ends meet, who also suffers? Children are often overlooked for many “grown-up” made mistakes and problems but are often not of a capacity to survive alone in the world. When children smile, do you smile? So this job may bring you along with a big smile that may ache your cheeks for weeks. With thousands of children across the continent in need of a permanent home, you’ll have the opportunity to help some of them with your efforts by finding loving homes and loving substitute families so that they can be back in a loving family environment.

Human Rights Advocate

With war, famine and corruption wreaking havoc across the globe with more and more censorship as the struggle for some, for equality and discrimination rage on, human rights advocates or activists are at the forefront of working towards basic human rights for all and in this position, you’re reactionary but political narrative may help give voice to those that may otherwise have not been heard. Why not make a difference in the lives of people worldwide or even in your own city?

Emergency Service Responders (Paramedics, Police Officer, Firefighter)

This is for the people that really want to protect all human life every day. If some serious giving back is your passion then these types of careers, such as a police officer, firefighter or paramedic will be more than just a job. It’s a lifestyle, day in day out heroes. You may literally be part of professional fast acting teams saving lives, protecting others and providing care in a way that could last a lifetime.

Do you have a job or career that has benefits that society? Or are you looking to start a career change and are looking for options? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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