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The Best Travel Tools of 2019

The 7 Best Travel Tools of 2019

When it comes to travel, I am not a fan of heavy carrier bags. I like packing lightweight gadgets than pulling tons of gadgets in the name of looking for convenience away from home. 
Well, I don’t mean that I don’t pack gadgets. I do, but I pack only the very essential gadgets I consider necessary. Besides my smartphone, which is a given for just every traveler, I ensure that I include in my packing list other tools to facilitate my stay abroad. 
With so many travel tools out there, it’s becoming almost hard for travelers to know which ones are really essential. Sadly, most of them end up carrying every tool they come across. 
Yes, you can score your dream vacation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, which is pretty a tranquil spot for a couple in love or family getaway, but you need some tools to add onto your comfort. We’ve come up with a list of essential tools for travelers, most of which we can vouch for. Here are travel 7 gadgets of 2019 that deserve inclusion in your carry-on.

1. Universal (All-in-One) Plug Adapter
I remember how I used to get a different adapter whenever I was planning for a trip. Then I was amazed when all over a sudden all in one adapter started appearing in the market. I then tried to use one in while on a trip. It was the best experience ever!
While the first universal adapters had some issues (didn’t match the shape that you found in the guidebooks, others were poorly made or came apart after a few days’ use), today's universal adapters have tried to address lots of such issues. 
Today’s universal plug adapters come with sufficient options that you will never be out of luck, and they easily boot up easily for your convenience while traveling. 

2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Airplanes sometimes tend to have lots of noise, either from friends chatting or some outside noise. This makes it hard for you to catch some sleep. That’s why I personally consider the noise-canceling headphones probably the best travel investment for my trips. These types of headphones shut out the general din of the aircraft so I can relax easily without getting awoken by crying babies. They also serve as a signal to nearby passengers that I'm not in for socializing! 
Although these types of headphones are not cheaply acquired, they can afford you some peace of mind while traveling.

3. Portable Phone Charger
I personally can’t do without a phone charger given my social media usage passion. A portable charger makes it possible for me to stay online and catch up with friends and family while I’m abroad. 
Especially for business trips, you will at least need to stay connected with your clients, suppliers or colleagues. I try to find out the reviews of these gadgets before purchasing—there are many contrabands and substandard items out there. Some tend to fail pretty quickly and can ruin your trips greatly, so get yourself the one that’s probably worth the money.
4. Weatherproof Phone Case

You see, when traveling, many are times you come head-on with bad weather. Many of my friends who travel frequently agree that they have once or twice encountered crazy Mother Nature abroad, something which almost spoiled their trip. In such cases, your smartphone tends to the most at risk of spoilage. These weatherproof gadgets help to preserve your smartphone while regardless of climatic conditions.
For hard-core travelers like me, I recommend high-quality weatherproof phone cases, most of which are affordably priced. 

5. Portable Hard Drive/Wireless Router

For some travelers, this tool can really help. Portable hard drive/ wireless router allows travelers to convert a wired connection into a secure wireless network, which they, in turn, connect to multiple devices or better yet, provide backup storage.  
I know most of the travelers rely so much on restaurant Wi-Fi. Cool, but what happens when the hotel Wi-Fi is weak and your traveling party, including yourself, can’t get online? That’s when this portable gadget comes in handy. 
Well, these tools are lightweight and compact for easy transportation. If this level of tech is your cup of tea, then you got to include travel routers in your carry on.

6. Smart Suitcase
Well, the idea of suitcases came back in the days, but nowadays, smart suitcases is another thing altogether. Just imagine being able to check on your smartphone right where you’re traveling bag is, checking its weight, and whether it has been opened. Quite amazing! As if that’s not enough, my most recent smart suitcase came with a USB charging device.  
Today’s suitcases also come with tracking devices which you can put into your luggage. Tracking a traveling bad is soon becoming every traveler's routine.  

7. Foot-rest

For those suffering from foot pain but can’t get enough of travel, a portable footrest during a long flight is a must-have tool. These tools are designed to ensure your comfort during those long-haul travel that mostly puts you in an uncomfortable position. 
Traveller’s footrest is designed in a compact and portable manner, and can naturally massage different pressure points on your feet. They also come with an adjustable height feature so as to adjust it according to your comfort demands. 

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