Friday, June 28, 2019

Personal Touches That Will Make Your Wedding Extra-Special

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

If you are looking for ways to make your wedding day extra-special, you have come to the right place! Of course, every wedding is unique, but for a truly magical celebration, it is the extra little finishing touches which make all the difference.

Adding personal touches when planning your wedding doesn’t need to mean a significant increase in costs, it is possible to factor these into your existing budget without blowing it. The special thing about personal touches is that they are more about putting thought into your wedding planning, than simply splashing the cash. To give your wedding that additional something to make it even more special all you need to do is to be a little creative.

By Invite Only

Get your extra-special wedding theme off to a great start with some personalized wedding invitations. For a truly personal look, you could even create the invites yourself. If you love crafting and being creative, why not buy some card stock and set to work? Or you could learn a new skill by mastering calligraphy and beautifully writing out your invitations by hand. If you prefer technology to hands-on creativity, then why not create your invites using an online graphic design program?

Capture the Moment

Special days mean special memories, so it’s important to have your wedding photographed so that years from now you can look back on your day. So that you don’t miss anything about your day, why not go old school and leave disposable cameras on each table at your reception, that way your guests can photograph each other.

Favorable Favors

Wedding favors are an excellent opportunity to add special touches to your day. You could create your own wedding favors for a unique gift for your guests. From little packs of seeds printed with your names and wedding date to handmade wine glass charms, making a little extra effort for your favors doesn’t need to be expensive. Items that can be reused at home, and are practical, as well as beautiful, are always a great idea for favors that guests will treasure.

For the younger guests at your wedding, why not provide them with an activity book, that way they not only get a lovely gift, it will also keep them entertained during the reception too.

Entertain Me

There’s nothing like live music to get the party started, so why not pick the best wedding bands from Alive Network for your evening celebration? Before your big day, you could ask your guests for their favorite songs and then see if the group are able to cover them, that way there will be music that everyone will love, and your guests will adore the fact that you put in so much effort to include them.

You may also want to consider something extra to keep the kids occupied too, why not treat them to a magician or other children’s entertainer, so that they can have fun and make their own special memories of your big day.

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