Thursday, June 27, 2019

Daddy Day Out Ideas With The Kids

There’s nothing more special than spending time as a family when the school and working days are done. Whether it’s all together, or perhaps a day for one parent to have quality time with the kids (and the other to take a break)! When it’s Dad’s turn for the kid’s day-out, or perhaps for some kid-friendly Father’s Day activities, here come some big ideas to fill your Dad boots!

Dad’s Picnic 

Whatever age your kids may be there’s generally something about them that doesn’t tend to change with time- and that’s a love of food! Having a picnic is the perfect day out for all the family to enjoy together. Choose your favorite park or woodland area, grab the picnic mat and buy some delicious treats to take along. If the weather permits, spending quality time outside is a really worthwhile leisure activity; nature has long been praised for its health benefits to allow us to relax, unwind and gain an endorphin boost. You’ll also have the opportunity here to play some sports or games together, so don’t forget to bring your bats and balls, Frisbees or skipping ropes. 

Water Park 

This is a great one if Dad is a big kid at heart, water parks can be a super fun-filled event for family days out. You’ll get some exercise, laugh a lot and maybe even conquer some fears with some of those slides that give even the bravest a run for their money!
If you’re not so close to a water park, hitting the pool can work just as well for a great day of leisure. Bring some pool toys with you and make a real day of it!

Cooking Fun 

If you’re more of a homebody and enjoy doing activities around the house just as much, why not have a cooking day with your kids. They will love playing grown-up with you, and you’ll all be sure to have lots of (perhaps messy) fun and get creative. Why not try simple cakes, pizza, or decorating cookies? Playing at chefs is something your kids will love, plus you’ll be opening up the possibility of teaching them new things. 

Bike Rides 

Hop on a bike and make it a family day, if you live close to some good bicycle paths or open spaces of green you can really get exploring. You can teach your kids that there’s a lot of fun to be had away from the digital world of TV and computer games too! 


Arts and crafts as a family can be a very therapeutic way to spend time together. From origami to painting, or sewing simple felt items (with Dad’s help). You can easily source craft items cheaply, and the price tag does not represent what a good time you shall have! You can even make each other gifts to celebrate Father’s Day. Gifts for dad come in many gorgeous forms that you don't have to make yourself if you're not sold on this idea!

However you opt for spending time with your kids, you’ll surely cherish times that are something a little different and will stick in your memory. 

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  1. Great ideas! I think any kid would love the water park and bike rides. I used to go on all afternoon bike rides with my dad.