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Another Great Year Kicking Off Summer at Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT -- My Readers Can Save $5 Off Each Ticket -- Get Yours Now! #LakeCompounce (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Lake Compounce Logo

Lake Compounce, New England’s Premier Family Theme and Waterpark, is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America, celebrating its 174 season in 2019. 

Home to the number one wooden roller coaster in the world, Boulder Dash, and the largest water park in Connecticut!

This past Monday, my husband and I surprised our girls with our annual visit to Lake Compounce, in Bristol, CT. 

For the past four years, we have taken them to celebrate the end of their school year, and as a way to kick of summer.  

Walking into the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America

This year was even more special as the girls are both taller, and able to ride more rides, than in years past -- some even on their own.  

Walking into the Kiddie Section of the park with the girls, to start our day! :-)

Savannah's first amusement ride was this caterpillar ride 5 years, it was nice that she rode it one last time for us. :-)

While it was a little bittersweet to see that they have grown and were able to advance beyond the kiddie rides area, it was also nice to see the girls try out new rides and show just how fearless they are, especially on the Wave Swinger , which I would never have been able to do at their age, or even today.

Fearless Bella...first time on the ride...which turned out to be her favorite ride in the whole park!

Thankfully the rain held off for the day, just leaving an overcast sky, which was perfect as it made for a cooler day at the amusement park -- but, still not cool enough that the girls didn't want to spend the afternoon at the Crocodile Cove waterpark area. :-)  

Not only were the girls able to ride more rides this year, but they also lasted longer in the park, than in years past -- 6.5 hours to be exact.  And, if it wasn't for the park closing at 8PM, they would have stayed longer! :-)

There's even a dinosaur walk through area for fans of dinosaurs -- offers great picture ops right next to life-size dinosaur figures!

We started our day doing the rides, as I thought it would easier having the girls in dry clothes for the rides.  But, I totally forgot how wet you get on the Saw Mill Plunge, which they roll three times in a row, and came off each and every time soaking wet. But, they loved it, and could have kept riding this ride if I let them.  

I had to remind them that there were so many other fun rides to ride, and also that we had to head on over to the water rides in the Crocodile Cove area of the park.  

Each year, when we visit Lake Compounce, I go on the Zoomer's Gas n' Go ride, which has you traveling back in time to the 1950's, as you hop behind the wheel of an antique Corvettes.  

The first year we visited Lake Compounce with the girls, I drove my oldest in the car.  But, following that visit, I have rode shotgun, and she has taken the wheel, laying on the horn and smiling right up until the very end of the ride.  It was only fitting that as we were getting ready to head to Lake Compounce Monday AM, that  the following video popped up on my Facebook page.  

As I watched the video, before sharing on my Facebook feed, I couldn't help but tear up seeing how little my daughter was, and knowing that in a few short weeks she will be turning 9.  

So. when we arrived at Lake Compounce later in the morning, I knew I had to capture another video of her driving me in the antique Corvette for nostalgia purposes, and so that I could show her just how big she has gotten, as she doesn't realize that she is growing up, not just in height and age, but also how she is changing in a beautiful young lady. :-)

Savannah behind the wheel this year :-)

Here is the video I took of her driving me around the Zoomer's Gas n' Go ride.  Just like with all the previous years, she lays on the horn, and stops to wave to people driving along the track.  :-)

My youngest daughter humored me and sat for the Daniel Tiger live show, as I reminded her that this used to be her favorite show growing up.  

We used to sit and snuggle on the couch each morning and watch Daniel and Katerina Kittycat on PBS Kids, and sing along to all the catchy songs. 

It was nice sitting and watching Daniel and Katerina take the stage, and sing and dance along with the girl performer (who had an amazing voice and really connected with the audience and had the little ones dancing and singing along).

Savannah posed with the Katerina cutout, but wouldn't sit for the show...she was too cool I guess :-)

There was so much to do on the amusement rides part of Lake Compounce -- both for little ones and older kids and adults.  You can check out all the rides here, with height requirements and thrill factor here:  In addition to the rides, Lake Compounce also offers fun carnival style games like the hammer strike game, knocking over bottles, making a basketball hoop shot, and so much more.  So, if you and your kids love these types of games, where you can win plush toys, etc., then you will love the assortment of carnival style games offered here. 

If you get hungry, there are different stands, food carts and restaurants all throughout the park. You can browse the family-friendly restaurants and snack stops here:  Think pizza, chicken tenders and fries, and burgers, along with fried dough, funnel cake, ice cream, Rita's slush, Dunkin' Donuts and  so much more. 

I am getting hungry just thinking about all the places we saw, and the food we ate during our visit. :-)

Once we were done riding the rides we headed over to Crocodile Cove.  

We rented a regular sized locker (which held our oversized beach tote filled with clothes, towels, etc.) for only $14.00.  

When you return your key at the end, you are given $4 back as a return, or you can choose to get $6 gaming bucks, which is a great deal!  The sun kept peaking out of the clouds throughout our time in the water park, which was nice.   

I got to sit and relax in the lounge chairs that fill the water park area for visitors to relax with, while my husband and girls rode the different water slides, played in the wave pool area, before heading over to the Clipper Cove area, that has an oversized Pirate ship, and a giant 300-gallon water bucket, water cannons and slides, for kids and adults to enjoy and cool off with.  

 This was the lazy river ride the girls kept going on

This is the wave pool area

Beyond the wave pool area, is a 3-4ft swim area that is continually monitored by lifeguards

My girls loved the Clipper Cove area, and spent over an hour just in that area, before asking to return back to the rides section of the park to ride a few of their favorite rides before leaving the park for the day.

There is a large bath house, where the restrooms, showers and changing rooms are located, right outside of the Crocodile Cove exit, so you can walk from the water park area to your locker to grab your clothes, and then head into the changing area.  I loved this, as everything was right there, and you didn't have to lug stuff with you, or wait in long lines waiting to change.  With little ones, it is nice to have this convenience.  

After 3 hours in Crocodile Cove the girls were done... but, still have a little energy for a few more amusement rides :-)

After riding a few more rides, we decided it was time to call it a day. The park was about to close, and we had an hour and half drive back home. We walked through the gift shop to get to the entrance.  On our way out, the girls grabbed a Ty Beanie Boo to remind them of their annual visit to Lake Compounce.  
Thanks for another great visit to Lake Compounce...

See you next year! :-)

And, as we pulled out of the parking lot, I turned back to ask the girls in the backseat what their favorite ride was...but, they couldn't answer as they had passed out! I guess they loved everything as it tuckered them out, and that is hard to do!  I thought they would wake up when we got home and be up all night, but they were still all tired from a busy and fun day, that they changed into their pajamas and went right up to their bedrooms and fell asleep.  They even slept in the next morning, before waking and talking my ear off about how much fun they had at Lake Compounce this year, and how they hope we can return for the annual Holiday Lights event during the winter months.  I had to agree with them, that this was our best year yet at Lake Compounce, and that I couldn't wait to go back either.  What a great way to kick off the summer, and already being able to make some great memories that we will carry with us.  

With summer finally here and kids out of school for the next couple months, why not consider planning a trip to Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT. I saw cars from MA, CT, RI, NH, NY, and even NJ in the parking lot, so people drive from all over New England and the Tri-State area to visit this amusement park, which is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America and is celebrating 174 season this year!  Amazing, right!  Once you visit Lake Compounce, if you haven't already, you will see why my family and so many others make a visit to this amusement park an annual tradition.  And, for those who are close enough to take advantage of the benefits of a summer pass, this is a great place to spend the summer with the whole family.  They currently have a special 3-park pass you can purchase that gets you into Lake Compounce, Storyland in Glen, NH and Water Country in Portsmouth, NH.  This is a great deal, and three great amusement parks that New England residents love visiting each year, including my family.  You can learn more about the season pass, 3-park pass, and daily park admission by visiting And, continue reading to learn how you can save $5 off each admission ticket during the summer 2019 season...Enjoy! And, have a great day at Lake Compounce with your family!!!!

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    Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


    1. I love when a theme park has a water park to it as well. Sometimes its just too hot to ride all the rides all day.

    2. This looks like a super fun amusement park! There are some very entertaining rides and the Daniel Tiger live show would be an instant favorite with my younger grandchildren.