Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What Better Way to Say "I Love You" Than with a Popped Passion Popcorn Cake This Valentine's Day! OMG, They Taste Amazing!!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are you a popcorn lover, or know someone who is?  If you love popcorn like my family does, then you have to know about Popped Passion.  A recently launched company from a friend and fellow mom entrepreneur, Maria Bailey, she offers a line of handmade popcorn cakes that are to die for.  

Last week, I came home after a long day out with the girls and found one of her Popped Passion popcorn cakes waiting for me on my doorstep.  I knew she was sending a sample for me to try with my family, but with the craziness of life, I totally forgot about it, until I saw the box.  Even though it was late, and we had just finished dinner on the road, after driving to and fro to the girls' homeschool classes, I thought this was just the right treat to have to unwind, and it sure was!

I am lucky I got in a few photos of the cake before we all dug in, because as soon as we started to eat it, we couldn't stop. It was that good!  

I had requested Swedish fish and chocolate (how could I not, being a chocolate lover), and left the rest up to Maria to surprise me.  

And, boy did she impress me with her talents yet again, as this popcorn cake was almost too good to eat...but, how can you resist this popcorn treat.

Back when I was a kid, I used to sneak a bite of my Dad's stash of popcorn balls he would be given at the holidays.  Even though we tried multiple times to make our own popcorn balls, they never came out right.  Either the popcorn would get all soggy or go stale, or we added too much marshmallow that it was too sweet to eat.  But, after reading the label of one of my Dad's popcorn balls, I was surprised of all the artificial ingredients added -- I guess that all these unrecognizable ingredients is what gives them that extra long shelf life and sweet tooth fix.  Knowing that these weren't good for you, my Dad stopped eating them.  But, whenever holidays rolled around, he would always bring up his love for popcorn balls, which went back to his own childhood.  

So, when Maria reached out about her Popped Passion Popcorn Cakes, I jumped at the opportunity to try one out for myself.  I was curious to see how they tasted, and if this could be just what we have been looking for all these years, to surprise my dad with.  While these popcorn cakes are covered with sweets and drizzle, they aren't overly sweet like you would expect by looking at it.  Yes, you taste the candies (which you can customize based on your personal likes), but the popcorn, which is freshly popped and oh so fluffy, is the true standout.  I couldn't get over how the popcorn tasted fresh and wasn't weighted down by the add-ins and drizzle.  And, once you take a bit, it really is hard to stop, as you will crave this delicious snack, which is perfect for sharing.  It reminded me of monkey bread I used to make a long time ago and serve at gatherings, in that you people can just come and grab a piece here and there, and each piece is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

More about Popped Passion Popcorn Cakes:

"Everyone loves to eat popcorn. But we know most of us eat it differently. Some are passionate about adding chocolate and others are passionate about adding chewy candy. Our passion is to create new ways for popcorn lovers to enjoy THEIR favorite snack THEIR way. Popped Passion is the first company to offer customized Popcorn Cakes- and we aren’t talking about tasteless, little round rice like cakes. Popped Passion Popcorn Cakes slice like a cake, chew like a rice krispie treat and taste delicious like popcorn! "

My mouth is watering just thinking about the Popped Passion Popcorn Cake we were recently sent.  Like I said, it was gone in a blink of an eye, and left us all with smiles on our faces, and wondering when we would have another.  

Popped Passion offers a wonderful selection of popcorn cakes for special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day, Anniversary's, etc, as well as can be customized for sporting events and sports fans.  Here are just some of the popcorn cakes you can purchase and have shipped to you, or your family and friends.  If you have kids away at college, this would make a fun care package surprise for the to share with their roommates or dorm friends.

Are you planning a trip to Disney this year, and haven't told the kids yet?  Why not pick up the Disney Inspired Popped Passion Popcorn cake and surprise them this was...

"What a better way to reveal a surprise trip to the happiest place on Earth than a Disney inspired popcorn cake. Our Disney bound popcorn cake made with freshly popped popcorn tossed in marshmallow filling and tossed with Disney themed colored candy. Select from chewy candies or chocolate treats in the note section of your order. Our Disney inspired cakes are topped with white drizzle and coordinated color sprinkles. A beautiful Disney bow makes the cake pretty enough to be a centerpiece on your table before you savory the flavor with friends and family."

They even offer a 3-month subscription program that delivers the fun of Popcorn Cakes in 3 fun flavors- Chocolate Lover, Chewy Candy Lover and Peanut Butter Lover Popcorn Cakes, all for only $40!

OMG!!! I have got to have! :-)

I, for, one, could go for a Popcorn Passion popcorn cake every month. It would be like a little unexpected surprise at the door each month. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I will definitely have to sign up for this subscription program, and may even send to my parents, as they will love this unexpected treat, too!

You can learn all about the different popcorn cakes available, all of which you can customize based on your candy likes, by visiting Popped Passion today. And, with Valentine's Day fast approaching, you will definitely want to get your order in for their heart-shaped popcorn cake to surprise your family or sweetheart with.

I am planning to pick up another popcorn cake, as the sample we sent was gone with 24 hours, to surprise my family with, as we celebrate Valentine's Day with a family dinner and then movie night. Instead of a bowl of popcorn, I will be bringing out one of these delicious tasting popcorn cakes for everyone to enjoy. Mmm!

Look at these cute mini popcorn cakes -- they would make great party parties, or individual movie night treats for your family!

You know you want to try, what are you waiting for...head on over to to get your order in today!

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. These look absolutely delicious! I like that you get the mini cakes, as well.