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Check Out the Hot New Valentine's Day Lineup from Bulls i Toy! (Review)

Disclosure: I  was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for a honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  In addition to picking up something for your sweetheart, will you be surprising your kids, too, with a little something?  If you are, and you looking for non-candy items to give them, why not consider picking up an assortment of blind bags and surprise toys from bulls-i-toys.  If you have kids, then you know that blind bags are all the rage with them.  My girls save up their allowance money just so I can take them to the store and they can stop up on the cool new surprise toys, many of which are from Bulls i Toy.

Even though Valentine's Day is considered a holiday for couples in love, more and more families are using this holiday to remind their kids just how much they love them.  My husband and I, even though we like time apart from the girls, love when holidays like Valentine's Day roll around so that we can enjoy a nice night out at one of our favorite restaurants, and enjoy a meal as a family, while we catch up on life and all the happenings in our kids' life.  This is usually the time the girls share all about new hobbies they have found, what they have been up to with friends, and what goals they may be working on.  Even though they don't expect us to give them little goodies/surprises, it is a nice way to start Valentine's Day, with them smiling as they wake to a bag of goodies and a single red rose that my husband gets for them.

Because Valentine's Day isn't a big holiday like Christmas, and most of us are still probably paying off our purchases from the holidays, I don't go crazy with presents.  I know that in another month or so they will be getting loads of candy from Easter egg huts and baskets the Bunny will be dropping off.  So, this is the perfect time for a card, their rose from Daddy, and a handful of blind bags and little toys.  And, that is where Bulls i Toy comes in as they offer fun and creative collectibles for kids of all ages, to enjoy.  And, their new line up of blind bags and surprise toys doesn't disappoint.  Here are just a few of the new Bulls i Toy collectibles you can find at your favorite local retailer....

L.O.L Surprise!

"Two times the surprises equal double the fun with LOL Mini Bows! With 24 bows to collect, the packs are divided in two -- one bow for you, and one bow to share with your BFF! Now you and your bestie will have the hottest hairdos this Valentine's Day! MSRP: $4.99"

Poo Pet's Series Squish 'Ums!

"What's better than giving the gift of chocolate on Valentine's Day?  Put a twist on the old tradition with these all new chocolate scented Squish 'Ums Poo Pet! Crack your friends up with these 16 super soft, slow-rising squishies, and keep your eye out for the rare magical unicorns -- bombs away! MSRP: $4.99"

JoJo Siwa Sequin Pillow Keychains

"JoJo Siwa Sequin Pillow Keychains are the best way to add extra Siwanator flare to your personal style!  They are crazy cute and reversible so it's like getting 2 keychains in one!  Clip it to your keyring, purse, backpack, or hang it in your room! Give the gift of style this Valentine's Day! MSRP: $5.99"

Hello Kitty Cutie Beans by Fiesta 

"Show your Valentine how much you care by gifting them with Cutie Beans from Hello Kitty!  Each adorable plush friend comes with its own clip case. 

Attach to your keyring, purse, backpack, and more!  Kids will want to collect them all! MSRP: $5.99"

Gudetama Cutie Beans by Fiesta

Have you met Gudetama?  He's a grumpy egg, cracked too early on the wrong side of the 

He might live by the moto of "I can't," but you can collect all 9 bean-filled, mini plush figures in their blind clip cases and gift them to your special someone this Valentine's Day! MSRP: $5.99"


The kind folks at Bulls i Toy sent along a sampling of the above mentioned collectibles for my girls to help me review.  I wish I had the camera ready when they opened the box and saw it was full to the brim with all these different blind/surprise bags.  After they were done screaming and running and jumping around, they went into "angel" mode and were ready to do anything to help me out, just so that they could earn these cool new goodies. :-)  

It is funny how you can dangle a toy in front of a child and their behavior changes.  Come on, you can't tell me you haven't bribed your child with a toy or small gift to get them to potty train, do their homework, pick up their room, play nice with their siblings, etc.?  You know that this is the only way to have things get done on occasions, and what better way to reward them with these cool new collectibles, which will not break the bank, and don't have any candy to make them go bonkers. 

My girls are huge fans of JoJo Siwa and Hello Kitty, so they were super excited to open up these blind bags.  I had taken a few videos of the girls doing an unveiling, but when I went back to look at them to add them to my blog post, it was hard to make out what they were saying, as either one or both of my girls were screaming and talking a mile a minute, as they were just so excited to see what they got, and then excited to find out that it was "rare" or "ultra rare".  You would have thought by all their screaming that they won the lottery. But, I guess this is the equivalent for kids -- scoring an amazing collectible toy like the ones Bulls i Toy offers. :-)

Here are some photos I was able to capture of the girls with their new Bulls i Toy collectibles.  They really liked each and every thing sent to them, including the Gudatama "meh" grumpy eggs and the slow rising Squish 'ums poo pets.  

As you can imagine, after opening all their goodies, they had to go to their wallets and count how much money they had, as they wanted to get more.  My youngest really wants to get the rare magical unicorn Squish 'Ums poo pet (after seeing her oldest sister get one), while my oldest can't get enough of the Hello Kitty Cutie Beans by Fiesta. 

 She wants to collect all 9 assorted Hello Kitty & Friends  mini collectible bean filled plush clip on toys.  I think the highlight of all the unveiling was the girls sniffing the Squish 'Ums poo pets to see if they really smelled like chocolate, and then giggling...

So, if you are looking for some cute little gifts to surprise your child(ren) with this Valentine's Day, that doesn't include chocolate or other candy, why not consider picking up a handful of these fun collectible toys from Bulls i Toy?  My girls haven't stopped playing with all these cute collectibles since they opened them, and continue to ask me to bring them to the store so that they can get more.

You can learn more about the above mentioned new lineup from Bulls i Toy just in time for Valentine's Day by heading over to  And, while you are out shopping, why not grab a few more to stash away for their Easter baskets. You know your kids, like mine, can't get enough of these collectibles, and will love getting more for Easter. :-)

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Disclosure: I  was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for a honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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