Thursday, February 7, 2019

Give the Gift of Hala Tree Coffee This Valentine's Day -- Your Sweetheart Will Wake Each Morning to Enjoy a Cup of 100% Certified Organic Kona Coffee and Think of You!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Have you ever been to Hawaii?  I have not been, but have had friends and family visit, and they always bring back food from the island for me.  But, I have never tried coffee from Hawaii until recently, when the kind folks at Hala Tree Coffee in Kona, Hawaii sent along their popular Kona Honey Coffee for me to review.

Hala Tree Coffee contacted me to share about their 100% Kona Coffee, which is also certified organic, as they thought it would make a great addition to my Valentine's Day Gift Guide.  And, you know sure does, especially with the different gift sets they offer on their site, including the "Coffee Honey for Your Honey", which I was sent to sample.  

Not only did I receive a bag of this honey coffee, but it also came with a beautiful dried Kona Rose and personalized message "From Kona with Love."  I have reviewed coffee over the years, but never have I have been a dried Kona rose, or personalized message as part of the packaging.  Both were a nice touch, and paired well with the amazing tasting Honey Coffee

In addition to the "Coffee Honey for Your Honey, "Hala Tree Coffee also has these other great products which also make for a great Valentine's Day gift idea for that special coffee lover in your life...

Maybe you have been to HI for your honeymoon or a special vacation, and want to relieve these memories...or, maybe like me, you have it on your bucket list to go one day, and love sampling food products from other states...either way, ordering 100% Kona Coffee is a great way to enjoy Kona from the comfort of your own home, especially during the cold winter months when it only seems like a hot drink like coffee can warm your bones, and give you that extra push to start your day.

Like I said, I was sent their Kona Honey Coffee and have been enjoying it each and every morning with my husband.  It is unlike other coffees that I have tried, as it is sweeter and less acidic, as a result of the handpicked coffee beans being pulped and not washed or fermented after picking.  They mention on their website that they have dark roast coffee that tastes likes chocolate.  I will definitely be buying a bag of this to try as I am a chocoholic and love all things chocolate.  So, being able to have coffee in the AM and having it taste like chocolate is a win win -- it will give me the pick me up I need in the AM, as well as satisfy my sweet tooth. :-)  

Back to the Honey Coffee, you can brew this any way you like.  I like getting whole bean coffee and grinding the beans with each cup I make, as it gives it a fresher taste over ground coffee.  In addition to the sweeter taste, I was also able to pick up on the following tasting notes:  black currant, sweet spice, dark chocolate and cedar.  Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about this coffee and how good it tastes.  usually I only drink one cup of coffee in the AM, but there have been a few occasions this past week I had another mid-day, not because I was looking for the caffeine kick, but because I was craving this amazing tasting coffee. 

Now, whenever my husband asks me what I want for a birthday or holiday gift, I will be keeping Kona Coffee from Hala Tree Coffee on my radar/list.  They have some lovely coffee gift baskets that I was eyeing the other day for Mother's Day for my mom...maybe I will print off and ask my husband to get me one, so that I don't run out of this great tasting organic coffee from Hawaii.  If you have always wanted to try certified organic Kona coffee, or love coffee in general and are looking to try Honey Coffee, then you will want to head on over to the Hala Tree Coffee website to browse their coffee product selection, all of which would make for a great Valentine's Day gift idea, and all of which can be shipped directly to your door, or to that special someone in your life, who would love waking up to enjoy a hot cup of Kona coffee each morning, and think of you.  

And, remember when you buy either the "Coffee Honey for Your Honey" or their "Coffee Baskets", you will also be sent a beautiful dried Kona rose, as well as personalized message, "From Kona with Love" to enjoy or give to that special someone. 

I have the dried Kona rose on my counter in the kitchen and look at it each morning I am sipping my honey coffee, just thinking about how one day hopefully soon I will get to travel to Hawaii, and check it off my bucket list. But, in the meantime, I am happy that I can order more Kona coffee to enjoy.  Each cup is like a little treat each morning, and makes these cold winter mornings more bearable, as I have something to look forward to -- a hot cup of this sweet coffee.  Cheers!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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