Thursday, February 7, 2019

Are You Letting Parenthood Get In The Way Of Personal Goals?

When becoming a parent, your children come first - however that doesn’t mean that you should stop doing things for your own personal gain entirely. Personal goals help us to lead more fulfilled lives. They can also be good for our children by inspiring them to take on their own personal goals.

Of course, chasing personal goals when you’re a parent isn’t easy – you may struggle to find the time to dedicate to these goals. As a result, you must learn how to juggle looking after your kids and chasing your aspirations. Here are just some of the most common personal goals, and how you can manage them whilst raising kids.

Mastering a new skill

Want to become fluent in a foreign language or learn to play an instrument at a decent level? Learning these kinds of skills can be a goal for many people and nowadays it’s easier than ever before thanks to the internet – there are YouTube tutorials, how-to blogs and apps that can teach you pretty much any skill. These are often easy to work around raising children rather than attending a class or lessons (although you could always get someone to babysit one hour a week). There may also be the option to learn a new skill with your kids such as doing group music lessons.

Getting an education

Want to go back to school and get some extra qualifications? There are now many courses available online such as this masters degree in literacy that can make pursuing an education easier when looking after kids – rather than having fixed lectures and seminars to attend, you can study from home in your own time. If you prefer face-to-face learning you could always hire a tutor to come round and teach you for an hour a week – it’s worth comparing rates online.

Landing that dream job

You don’t have to give up on your dream job just because you’re a parent. Some jobs may result in you spending less time with your kids – which could be something to weigh up – however an increasing amount of jobs are now introducing flexible hours or the opportunity to work from home. Being a parent could also give you valuable skills to put on your CV – here are just a few job skills that you can develop from being a parent.

Travelling the world

A lot of parents abandon travel goals when they have children, but there’s no reason why you can’t still travel with your kids. It will be more expensive and a lot more difficult, but it’s perfectly doable – there are many travelling families out there. Travelling with your kids could give them valuable experiences. If your kids are in school, you may be limited to travelling within school holiday time. If you’ve got infants, there’s no reason why you can’t travel for a few months.

Chasing a fitness goal

Parenthood also shouldn’t an obstacle when it comes to fitness goals. There are lots of forms of exercise that you can do with your kids from swimming to martial arts. Even if your kids are infants, you may be able to join baby aerobics classes or go on hikes with you baby in an infant carrier. You’ll inspire your kids to stay fit and they may even motivate you to work harder than you would alone.   

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