Monday, June 11, 2018

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide: SIA is the Perfect Gift to Give the Scotch Whisky Fan in Your Life (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

SIA Scotch Whisky

When it comes to birthdays and holidays like Father's Day and Christmas, I like surprising my husband with liquor as part of his gifts.  He is not a huge alcohol drinker, but likes when I make him mixed drinks.  I used to be a waitress in college and learned from the bartender how to make a variety of mixed drinks.  I use what I remember as well as recipes I pick up off of liquor sites I know my husband likes their products, and serve up to my husband as a night cap or drink to pair with dinner.  My husband, after doing a liquor sampling last year with friends found he likes whisky.  Knowing this, I am always on the lookout for whisky for him to try.  

Recently, I was searching online for award winning Scotch Whisky and stumbled upon SIA.  

"SIA is a new and delicious 96-point award-winning Scotch Whisky created specifically to appeal to a modern palate.  This product of Scotland is a blend of Speyside, Highland and Islay malt and grain whiskies.    

"The striking amber color of clover honey, SIA awakens the nose with citrus and spice and opens the palate with a hint of smoky vanilla. The finish is long, smooth and refreshing with hints of hazelnut and toffee. "

You can enjoy SIA sipped neat, on the rocks or mixed in a curious cocktail.  SIA is "not your grandfather's Scotch.""

When I saw this Scotch Whisky, I knew my husband would love it, as he likes whiskies that have a vanilla, honey, and hint of smoke taste profile, and SIA has this along with tastes of caramel and citrus, making it truly an amazing Scotch Whisky.  Even if you aren't a avid Scotch Whisky drinker, you definitely have to try this as the taste profile is amazing, and will appeal to today's modern palate. Like they say, this isn't your grandfather's whiskey, which you may recall burned going down and you really couldn't taste the flavor profile as your mouth was on fire.  

I was sent a small nip bottle of SIA to try, and couldn't wait to share with my husband and see what he thought.  Because we weren't sent a large bottle (available in most major liquor stores for only $49/bottle), I ended up chilling it and letting him sip it from the nip bottle.  He smiled after the first sip and went back for another, so I knew that he was liking it.  He was nice enough to save me a few sips, so that I could taste it.  I fell in love with SIA and couldn't get over how great it was delicious.  And, you usually don't hear people saying that about Scotch Whiskey, as they are looking for the burn or strong liquor profile that comes with whisky.  But, this affordable award-winning Scotch Whisky was great, and the perfect treat before we sat down for dinner.

I will definitely be buying a full-size bottle of SIA to surprise my husband with for Father's Day, and will be sure we have it on hand in the whisky cabinet to share with family and friends who come to visit and ask for a whisky.  We know that when they try SIA they will be instant fans like we were.  

To learn more about this new and delicious 96-Point Award-winning Scotch Whisky visit (Instagram: @SiaScotch).  You can find a full list of bars, restaurants and stores that carry SIA Scotch Whisky by visiting  And, if you like to try new drink recipes then be sure to check out the "drinks" tab on the SIA website.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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